Sunday, March 21, 2010

But I only have 1,000 gold!

If you think you can't start working the auction house because you don't have a huge amount of start up cash then this post (and the ones to come) are just for you. This is part of a series giving a few specific pointers for people that are either just starting out or are already in the AH game but don't want to break into an entirely new market. So if you have a bit of spare change in your pockets then read on and use it to get a bit more!

I may have thousands of gold, but that doesn't mean I have forgotten what it can be like to start up or how it may seem impossible to do without several thousand to start with. I'm just going to assume that you have at least 1k gold to play around with just as a good number. Naturally it takes money to make money so if you don't have that much you will need to farm and grind for a bit to get some seed money to grow into much more.




Done farming yet? Ok good!

First lets see what kind of goodies 1k of loose gold can do for you (using my server's standard AH prices).

7 dread stones or ametrines

-Get those cut leaving a 20g tip if you intend to use the same person for future business. Post them up for 180g each after doing your homework on which sell the best with the lowest competition. After AH cut and tip you just made roughly 300g profit. Not bad for only 1k start up.

Ok maybe gems are in the gutter for your server (impossible but we'll go with it). Find the local black smith, with 1k you can buy:

40 eternal water (120g)
40 eternal shadow (400g)
40 eternal earth (200g)
160 saronite bars or 320 ore (240g)

Turn that into 40 belt buckles to sell over the course of 4-8 days at most. Voila! You just turned your 1,000g into 2,000g.

Maybe you find there's too much competition in those areas so you want to try enchanting. Since you're just starting out here we'll pretend that you have zero rep with any old world factions and CBA to go out get more rep. In that case go and buy yourself...

16 eternal earth (80g)
1 eternal water (3g)
14 dream shards (70g)
26 grater cosmics (364g)
116 infinite dust (120g)
4 titanium bar (60g)
10 abyss crystals (250g)
4 small brilliant shards (4g)
18 armor vellum (36g)
2 weapon vellum (6g)

Turn all of those materials into 2 scrolls of enchant...

greater speed
super stats
greater potency (1h weapon)
powerful stats
major stamina (bracers)
major health (pre-bc enchant from a trainer)

Using low end prices from my sales, all of that turns your 1k investment into about 1600g.

As you can see, although you need money to make more, you definitely don't need to be gold capped to get gold capped. Take this lesson to heart and realize that you can indeed break into any market with only a small bit of start up funding.

Thanks for stopping by!

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