Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Report 3-9

Yet another week has come and gone, time sure does fly. Prices have been up and down every day so it's been hard to keep a stock of almost anything and even more difficult to predict when is a good day to sell for more than my bottom line threshold. There has also been almost zero leather to be found so that market is essentially done as far as I'm concerned. Here's the numbers.

Income per banker:

Smithing and enchanting - 46,000

Rare gems and misc. - 17,000

Glyphs - 9,000

Epic gems and vendor pets - 61,000

Tailoring - 6,000 (estimated)

Total weekly income: 139,000
Current gold total: 470,000

Detailed Recap:

Enchanting, smithing, and tailoring have been rolling along quite nicely as per usual so nothing special to note on those professions really. I began to start selling a few more armor enchants though, specifically tuskarr's vitality, intellect to shield, crusher, and greater assault to boots.

Glyphs have been selling loads as usual but due to campers my max price has been capped at 8g per glyph for most of this week and I only raised it to 10g two days ago. Since I crashed the glyph prices, with many up for 40g a piece, I haven't seen any of the campers bothering to log on their glyph bankers. So now that I am once again the dominant force in the inscription racket I MIGHT raise the prices up to 20g by the end of next week.

Can't say for sure because it is very nice to not have to worry about being spam undercut. For a couple days they started trying to buy out all of my 3g glyphs to relist for more so I just started crafting new glyphs every day instead of every other day to take care of that. They stopped trying to buy me out immediately after. I've also started to craft 10 of every DK glyph instead of 5 since I've been constantly selling out of them and am having to craft at least another 7 of each every day so I recommend you try to do the same if you have the ink stock for it.

With tailoring I've sold 30 epic spell threads for anywhere from 150g to 235g along with countless nether/frost bags. I still do all my buying from that toon so the 6k figure is a best guess assuming on average 180g per spellthread and a few hundred total from bags and rare threads.

Epic gems! The prices have started to fall daily thanks to my price battle with a 24 hour camper so even though you see a large number of income, I'll be honest and tell you that it's only about 15k profit at the most. My goal hasn't been to make money, but rather to ensure that they are not. Even if that means me taking a large loss some days. That's just the kind of ass I can be with campers. Hopefully they'll realize that camping is a waste of time and do something more productive with their life rather than waiting for me to log on and off. It happens every time I change toons from my gem banker, under 10 minutes and they log on to check their auctions. I only post below my threshold if they have that specific gem on auction otherwise I still stand by it.

Rare gems have had the same issue that I've started buying the gems my competition has cut waiting for prices to go back up. So far I've sold almost all of them minus a few bright rubies and a handful of orange gems. All in all I've been having some fun AH PvP with this market.

Last thing of note is that all LW goods, including arctic fur, have gone down to within 5-10g of the material cost so I'll only be making a very small amount on this market with profession bags. Hope you're doing better with it than I am in this market.

Thanks for stopping by!

EDIT: I'll be posting a screen when i hit the 500k mark.

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