Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Report 3-2

Another week has gone by and another truck has deposited its gold into my ever expanding coffers. It has truly been an interesting week as far as sales go. Though my profession numbers are still somewhat in line with previous weeks, the rates at which they have come in has been wildly different. As I mentioned before, it has become too much of a hassle to keep track of my spending so I'm just going to skip that part and only put in my total sales and current gold total. But before I get into all that, first here are the numbers.

Income per dedicated banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 22,500g

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 20,000g

Smithing and enchanting: 41,000g

Glyphs: 13,000g

Total weekly sales: 96,500g
Total gold: 424,000g

Meh I'll have cap number two this afternoon... close enough dammit!

Detailed Recap

Glyphs have been really picking up, so much so that I had to buy another bank tab worth of herbs to mill. Good thing that the prices are still extra low as usual (10g per stack). However campers are becoming a problem again as you'll read in tomorrow's post.

Enchanting has been exploding in sales to the point that it is literally impossible for me to have enough abyss crystals. I went through 3 full stacks in just a single night a few times. The same has been true for all the other enchanting mats that it's forcing me to keep up the saronite shuffle. I may consider starting to sell off the mats as is if the prices continue to go up.

Still selling vendor bought pets like hot cakes! I got rid of 3 sets of the ones bought in dalaran for 40g which sold for triple that. The ones I picked up in the netherstorm are hanging around the 20g area, still great profit for only flying out there once every two weeks.

I've had almost zero income from leather working due to material shortages.

Rare gems have been also slowing down due to 24 hour camping, so this market is about to plummet thanks to yours truly. The epic gems however are selling constantly as the demand is still there with emblem gear letting the M&S faceroll ICC more each reset. The interesting about the gem market this week is that every other day was a lack of sales then an explosion of selling out all of it. In fact, even last Tuesday I barely sold any which is unusual, but sold a ton on Monday and Saturday. Very interesting.

Tailoring is still very solid selling every single bag I craft the day it was made. Epic spellthreads are still going at a rate of 4-6 per day at 100% profit. The rare threads are actually worth making now due to the dropping price of eternals and spider silk. This is because of the orb -> eternal exchange coming up, but as for why silk is lowering I honestly don't know, but I'm stocking up on it as you can guess.

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  1. Wow that's a lot of gold there!

    Rare gems on my server are just weird, a lot of the rares sell just above vendor price, and most of the cuts never sell at all due to constant camping like you said. I basically now only sell my Ruby gems, and use the sky safires for the meta.

    I'm curious, what you are going to do to the market?

  2. ...And by meta, I ment for the Alchemy daily transmute

  3. I'll be letting all the gem prices go down to very little, same with inscription so that it's no longer worth the time to camp the AH. Once the campers stop I'll slowly let prices return to normal.