Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So it's time for servers to come up and I'm a giddy little banker excited to make a profit off of orbs and other goodies and try out the new subtlety rogue spec (like uber excited) and I find this waiting in my email:

Account Action: 72 Hour Suspension
Reason for Action: Terms of Use Violation -- Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy

This suspension happened because one or more characters on the account were identified exchanging, or contributing to the exchange of, in-game property (items or gold) for "real-world" currency. This exchange process negatively impacts the World of Warcraft game environment by detracting from the value of the in-game economy.

...so on and so on. Apparently the campers got a bit pissy and decided to report me for money trading and since I do rake in a large sum of money (probably 10x more than the average mining bot) it would be very easy for blizz to say "sure we'll suspend them so they can't undercut you anymore you poor poor darling, we're all halpfool frendly ppl here! How dare they sell gems while you are trying to sell them as well, don't worry the boogy man won't hurt your imaginary pixels anymore." I highly doubt that just now blizz decided my account needs to be flagged for "investigation" when I've been pulling in this much gold for a while now as you can tell from my many previous posts.

Why would somebody get this upset at me over this? Simple, you've all heard the expression before, you've all joked about the morons that base their IRL self worth on it: the almighty E-peen. Their thinking is that person is "hurting" me and so they therefore MUST be doing something unfair to cheat since I'm doing the same thing as them! This means that they're not one of the "nice frendly ppls" so whatever actions I take against them are justified. How can this be? I mean it isn't real, I'm not taking anything from them nor am I harassing them in any way.

Even though they've harassed me in trade, mail, and whispers, many times I refuse to argue with them (or even respond) and attempt to enlighten them how they are incorrect. If I choose to argue with them, they will only lower me to their level of ignorance and beat me due to far greater experience in that area. By the way if you're wondering what this language translates into, suffice to say it's Chinese and is a vulgar comment about my mother, a sexual act, and a questioning of my intellect. Feel free to google it if you want the slang meaning translated a bit further.

Yelling in Org.
Hate mail.

Obviously to be in the position I am, I'm not the type of person who helps out the poor lost soul that just needs a few thousand to get their 6th epic mount. Or help the sad unlucky fellow who just has to have a motorcycle. However these are somehow considered to be "wrong" or "uncool" actions even though it's only wrong when it wrongs them. Is there a solution to the social mongoloids that roam this planet with the intent of leeching off of the productive members of society and plaguing our world? As a matter of fact, there is!

Lucky for me I managed to get my account activated again after two hours (half of which were spent on hold)so I was able to capitalize on the last few hours of the BUYBUYBUY frenzy that is patch day. I'll post more about it tomorrow, but for the mean time I'm still far too annoyed at the "shoot first ask questions later" bit. Proper post coming tomorrow, promise... /angryface

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  1. Can't believe that Blizzard would suspend you that easily without at least considering the logs. I mean a simple look at your income / expenditure per day would show that your simply someone who plays the AH. The only thing that I could think of is a ripple effect where you buy your ore/herbs from a chinese farmer but even then that's a stretch as you are doing nothing wrong.

  2. @leigh
    I believe it. Far too many of the people working for Blizz are lazy/incompetent.

    Grabted this was a long time ago, but nothing has changed with a few million more customers. I quit wow for most of BC because I had my account hacked. My 60 rogue was cleaned out, even mounts/bags/hearthstone were gone. I had a server second on getting the best epic 1H mace (The Persuader (required BOP mats, etc)). In response (2 weeks later) Blizz gave me a full set of greens, with only 1 weapon which was a Dagger of Fiery Wrath (+fire damage). Perfect for a rogue.