Monday, March 29, 2010

Report 3-30

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. Fun story, I got my super expensive banker up to lvl 10. I did this because blizz doesn't store character data unless you at least reach that level. I did this just in case I lose my account (ie hacked) and lose something like 30k gold worth of worthless stuff.

All that being said, here's the weekly numbers and bottom lines.

Income per banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 64,000

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 17,000

Smithing and enchanting: 46,000

Glyphs: 13,000

Total weekly sales: 140,000
Total gold: 647,000

That makes gold cap number three!

Random thought, but here are a few statistics I've come up with about my AH playing I found interesting.

Every week I:
-Sell over 100,000 gold worth of items
-Spend 30,000 gold (minimum) every week on materials or flipped items
-Sell over 3,000 glyphs
-Get told "I'm doin' it wrong" (tm) at least once
-Consume over 1,000 infinite dust, 80 abyss crystals, 150 dream shards, 100 greater cosmic essences
-Provide enough gems to fully gem a dozen entire sets of gear with rare OR epics.
-Craft enough items to consume 20 stacks of saronite bars

Now if only I could track how many total auctions I create, sell, and buy each week. Now THAT is a number I'd like to see.

Detailed Recap
Wow rare gems sure have been in the sewers this week, barely any sales coming in from that market. This is likely due to the fact that epic gems are so wide spread people are willing to pay the extra 100g for that 4 spellpower that will totally make the difference between 2k dps and their goal of 12.5k dps. This same thing happened towards the end of TBC so I expect this trend to continue. If that's the case, I'll be paying less and less attention to this market as soon its profits may be too small for the effort.

I started this week off with 40 of each of the new enggy pets and have sold every last one of them, I even had to craft another 10 of each to stay stocked up. Frozen orbs seem to have leveled off at an average of 20-25g each which is also the normal-ish price for eternal fires/life and 1/6 the price of crusader orbs. I'm a little surprised that it leveled out so quickly. Regardless, this means I'll have to raise my threshold for all items that need frozen orbs to craft and can be a lot more loose with things that use eternals. If orb prices are low, I'll buy them to craft and sell the eternals as is. This has been working well with eternal fires as I've been regularly flipping them for a nice 15-25g profit each. I highly recommend trying this out as it's very simple to compare the price of fires and orbs.

Epic gems have been hard to keep in stock once again, especially purples. The prices are still higher than pre patch but you can see the signs that they're going down as the less popular ones are dropping quick while the more common ones are down by a few gold pieces. Hopefully I can move my whole stock while prices are still up top. Only 4 more stacks of epics left to sell.

For some reason belt buckles are selling at almost triple the normal rate, I've had to craft 5 stacks so far when normally I only need 2 stacks at most for an entire week! The same goes for weapon chains which 20 of them will last me some time but I've been selling a lot more this week. Perhaps people realize they're great for pvp with all the random BG's getting done. Anybody having a similar experience?

Other than that, everything else has been the same for the most part. Enchanting is still amazing when stocked with crystals (even started selling blade ward scrolls), LW is mostly out of supply, vendor pets still make me a killing. Also tailoring has still been selling off a ton of epic threads each day ever since the patch came so if you're able to, look into it and make a bit of extra coin.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You just made the double amount of gold I have right now... in a single week. I'm playing the AH casual, and I managed to get 70k after half a year, good enough for me... but still striving for more :)

  2. Seeing your numbers make me wonder how it will affect your realm when you hit a million. will prices on mats go lower while finished items rise in price.

    Would be fun to see a blog report on AH movements if you kept out of everything for a week.

    Oh btw. I'm not a competitor of yours suggesting it to get you off my market for a week hehe :)

    P.S. Been reading your blog for quite a while and really like it, inspired me to make more gold, I've just recently passed the 100k mark :)

  3. @ Witte
    Got to love patch day, that's why I made a such a large amount this week. For yourself, 70k is more than enough to last anybody till the enxt expansion so if you're happy where you're at congrats! If you want to keep getting more you definitely have the financial backing to go for far more.

    @ Grandil
    I'm also curious to see whatwill happen sinceI'm the biggest supplier of most markets. Though tbh, I doubt anything spectacular will go down. Regardless I'm very curious to see if any big market changes happen once I'm done so I'll be making a few posts on the aftermath so to speak. And congrats on hitting the 6 figure mark! Keep giong for more, you're almost to the cap!

  4. It's a shame more people don't read your blog. Your posts are so high quality and so detailed, but every time I look at the comments I rarely see more than 1 or 2.

    That being said, I'll miss you when you're gone. Seeing you pull in figures like the ones above is inspirational.

    One quick question. When you post your weekly sales, is that in revenue or profit? I noticed your massive weekly expenses up there, so I'm curious if all your reported weekly earnings are actually going toward your 1 million.

  5. @ Kireyna
    My weekly sales are just that, sales. I used to track my total profits, but that's a real pain to do considering how much I move around and tracking which banker bought what etc etc.

    What you can do to get an idea of my TOTAL profit, but not profit per market, is look at my total gold now and subtract that from the next week.

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