Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Patch sales

Even though I managed to get my suspension lifted in about two hours, I missed the most important sales period of patch day...the first two hours. Regardless I still managed to make over 10k in that single day! This warrants its own in depth post because I expect the same things to continue to sell well for the week if not longer. So I'll make this post like my business reports but by the markets for what has been selling like mad.

I sold 10 of each of the pet bombling and lil' smokey pets in almost no time for 200g each, which cost me a small 30g to make. Along with those, ALL vendor bought pets have been selling out. That includes the ones sold by Breanni in Dal and Dealer Rashaad in the netherstorm. This I wasn't expecting but I sure won't complain.

Epic gems:
I did a good thing stocking up on these as I made over 6k in sales from these in a single day. The price raw went from 130g on AH to 170g! And guess what types sold the best? PvP gems.. go figure. Most notable are sp/resil ametrine, 20 resil ambers, and agil/resil ametrines They sold so fast that I am now listing two at a time instead of one since that won't effect my profits from lost deposits.

Rare gems:
Not many sold since people -must- have all epic gems in their new pvp gear to show off while they're busy NOT doing PvP.

Another thing I guessed right was any spec related to any changes on skills and/or glyphs sold out. One thing I made a mistake on was not noticing the changes to the feral tree (namely mangle) so I missed out on a few hundred gold from that. But I still crafted a set of 10 glyphs relating to the spec and sold them all as well. I listed a total of 1850 glyphs and sold over 2k worth of them, that's double my average daily sales.

Every standard mutilate/combat glyph has been selling out along with anything that even LOOKS like subtlety may use. Also mage glyphs have been selling much more now that fire got a bunch of buffs (and is far more fun than arcane imo) so they will likely stay like that for a bit. Surprisingly enough, every single shaman spec glyph has sold a ton of as well along with hunters. Scary since those two classes seem to just never want glyphs period.

I'm not sure on the reasoning behind this, but I just could not keep epic spellthreads on the AH for the life of me! I have sold 12 of each for 250g each and up, I'm guessing that this is because of frozen orbs being worth quite a bit now that the competition couldn't afford to craft them or used the orbs for other things.

Frozen Orbs:
This now counts as its own market for the time being. The prices were going up and down from 30g to 50g, the same with eternal fires. I sold 8 fires for 55g and 6 orbs for the same while using the rest for more threads and filling up my stock of eternal life/fire. I expect these to continue to sell very well.

Specialty cloth:
I have sold over a stack of each type for 60g, much better than I was expecting profit wise. Frostweave bags, while constantly selling, won't give nearly the same profit as the cloth so I'll be focusing on making them with my imbued cloth from now on. Glacial bags I'm still not wanting to risk making because of the other 2 sources of bigger bags (FoS heroic and ony 10/25)

Is now only 10g above material cost if you base fires at 25g and shadows at 15g (which are double that on the AH) so I'm glad I didn't bother to max out mining on my lvl 68. So for the time being, unless your server is vastly different from mine, don't bother making this for a while. The prices will likely go up a while later once the initial flooding goes away possible up to the levels that specialty cloth is at currently. If it winds up being a steady 20ish gold profit per bar I might end up maxing my mining since it'll be worth the time then.

Buckles are, well, buckles...they sell awesome no matter what day it is. Enchanting though has sold many of the common armor enchants such as greater assault boots, ice walker, super stats, and powerful stats. I must have sold a few dozen total and emptied my abyss crystal stock on just powerful stats making over 100g profit per sale. If you have an enchanter at least make this scroll and take advantage.

Ok I think that pretty much covers it. Again, expect these sales to continue at this rate for a bit longer making more profit than usual for the rest of the week, possibly longer. So to all the bankers out there get to work, you know what sells and where to focus.

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  1. Completely missed patch day with work but hoping to log on tonight and try make some gold :)

    How do you list your Glyphs if you don't mind me asking? Are you using the QA approach and undercutting someone by a certain amount? If you are what's your threshold and caps?

    The reason I ask is inscription has been the main source of my income and still is. I started with 3k and am up to 28k gold across all characters at the moment. It's only when I hit about 10k that I had a flexible enough balance to start looking beyond inscription. I invested heavily in saronite ore and made a killing on belt buckles (much <3 for that!) and titanium. My transmute alchemist is producing a gem a day and dabbling in the titanium bars and meta gems. Despite all that my main income is still inscription. This is my problem:

    I play on a high pop server with at least 3 people camping the AH for inscription. Also factor in the random inscription dump from people who are levelling the profession. Initially I went about it the Gevlon way with Auctioneer. Finding the real value of the market and posting (after a month of scanning). So I would post maybe 1000 glyphs and list them and one of two things would happen. Either I would sell very few (undercut) or my real market price would be low enough to be bought out. Most of my sales were 5-10g but the same glyphs were being relisted for 60-100g. Sales are sales though but the problem was the amount of time and crafting I had to do to maintain an inventory, it got too much in the end and I spent more time crafting/listing them playing the game. So I switched to the QA approach. Crafted 4 of each and listed them, went and done other stuff for a few hours and came back to find over 60% of my glyphs were undercut. On the positive side what I did sell far outweighed what I was making using the Gevlon aproach.

    My QA threshold is 3g a glpyh with a repost at 45g if the market conditions aren't met. I recently strictly enforced this because some competitors were listing glyphs at 100g+ leading to me wasting posting time for an inevitable undercut.

    With the reduced cost of making glpyhs and the time to mill reduced now I was considering going back to the Gevlon approach once I get a high enough inventory to maintain it. I posted all my glyphs for a max of 20g the other night to piss off the competition knowing I wouldn't be online for 2 days :D

  2. I use QA 3 for the bulk of all my auctions and only use auctioneer for the random things I make or pick up in the world. For my suggestions on inscription, never post a glyph over 30g (I have a max price of 20g). Also read my posts on How To Inscription and QA 3 set up which is written up for glyphs.

    But the short answer is my threshold is 3.5g min sales and 20g max sales. Once more competition shows up it's 8g per glyph for two weeks.

  3. Cheers for the reply and the links just what I was after :)

    Keep up the good work!