Sunday, March 28, 2010

Take a chance

EDIT: I just sold the titanium razorplate that I had crafted for 3,500g less than 24 hours after crafting (perhaps lucky as hell?). After material cost and AH cut (175g which made me cry a little) it got me a hefty 1125g profit! That's one success, now to finish the leveling kit.

I've always said that you need to take many chances and many high risks in the AH game to get far. So I'm taking a few more this week to give you a more current example of how they can turn out. Though mostly I'm doing them for the entertainment value, something new, something fresh, and a semi educational experience. I am putting together a leveling kit for one and the other is crafting and selling epic i245 gear since I got some patterns from a ToC 25 pug. The pug actually went well amazingly enough. We pulled within 15 minutes of filling up, one short everything easily, and I even got my DK a bunch of upgrades including death's choice!

So I turned a bunch of frost orbs into crusaders as that was most cost effective, had titansteel smelted for me, and made the epic gear from all of that and posted it for a potential 1500g profit. Here's to hoping! All of that cost me about 2k to gather and not sell so that's a rather huge investment into a single sale, not the sort of thing your average AH player can afford to take a loss on, but I'm putting my money where my keyboard is so to speak. Normally a few thousand gold investment is reserved for breaking into a whole new market and not just a single item like I'm doing, but I'm very curious to how quickly it sells or if it does at all.

As to the leveling kit, I've spent about 2k or so thus far and expect the total cost once it's complete to be around 3.5-4k or there about. I plan to sell it for 5k all at once since it is a huge inventory I'll have to move and will be taking up a ton of space in the mean time, but doesn't take a huge amount of extra effort. Regardless, even if I wasn't rich, if I saw one of these being sold when I was going to level that profession, I'd totally buy it. Hell I'd likely spend 2k more than material cost just to avoid the hassle of it all. All I need now is a good sales pitch for it to spam in trade, so if any of you have a clever idea by all means let me know!

Other chances I have taken recently were buying up all the materials on AH for the newly BoE engineering pets before patch day so people wouldn't want to be bothered with a heart of fire for 50g and figuring out wtf fused wiring is. I made a good 300g or so from reselling the heart of fires and engineering made materials for up to 50g a piece with the material cost I paid for them to begin with was around 5g. I'm sure that it was also rather influential in many sales for these cheap pets getting sold for hundreds of gold.

So over the course of this week I'll be updating when something happens with the crafted epics and leveling kit, but in the mean time I still need a bunch more old world mats and a good pitch to sell it with.

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  1. Diggin' the blog's name change!

    As for ideas around the leveling kit... the most efficient way of doing it (in my eyes) would have to be through a guild bank tab or two- I would just make a new rank (the lowest, default when invited) that can only see and only touch that 1 tab. Take the money up front and then invite them and let them have-at-it.

    There is potential for people not wanting to pay up front, so you can always let them see what's in the bank tab before they touch it (set withdrawals to 0 or whatever) and once they have paid you then give them 100000 withdrawals on the tab.

    Beats trading them all the mats 6 at a time, definitely. Also, even if the mats exceed the space of 1 bank tab you can easily just put low level materials in the tab first, and as the buyer takes them out, replace them with the higher level materials.

    Your Pitch?

    /2 Selling ALL the materials to level in 1 go! Skip farming, skip the AH, this is your 1 stop shop for 1-450 all at once
    /2 Sick of your current professions? Need to drop a gathering profession in order to raid but don't want to farm all the mats ahead of time? Buy my all inclusive leveling kit!

    You just need to decide if you'd rather explain how its going to work in the pitch-macro and deal with the naysayers directly in trade, or leave out the details and deal with 1 gagillion tells asking "sup d00d? how is u maek kitz?"

    Best of luck with the leveling kit! I'm excited to see how it goes... what profession is it for anyways (if you don't mind me asking). I can't remember if it was talked about in an earlier post.

  2. The name change is after my banker which was the original title of the blog, but was taken apparently. So I just updated the header and that oddly enough did the trick.

    The type of leveling kit is being kept a secret until it either sells or gets auctioned in pieces. That's because some of my competitors read here and I don't want them jacking up the price to draw out the process forever.

    I likely will make it withdrawn from the guild bank. Just have to be VERY careful though.

  3. Gotcha, keeping it secret makes total sense.