Friday, March 12, 2010

More hidden goodies

Shortish post today about some more hidden goodies I've come across with jewel crafting. If you've done the saronite shuffle before I'm sure most of you have just turned the common gems into enchanting mats or just sold them as is. The same with x-muting saronite to titanium bars...stop it! JC leveling rings do sell albeit slowly, but the higher level ones are selling rather quickly for me along with some common cut gems believe it or not.

What I've been making lately are:
-Runed mana band
-Bloodsun necklace
-Emerald chocker
-Sky sapphire amulet
-Cut bloodstones of all kinds
-Ring of earthen might

The necks let you have a decent piece there while saving your emblems for tier and not replacing another green spot, and the tank ring is one of very few options for a fresh 80.

The bloodstones you can buy for as cheap as 1g per and I sell them cut for up to 10g each and perfect cuts for 15 a piece. Rather nice profit margins isn't it? The best part is since almost everybody either sells them raw or turns them into DE fodder there's no competition and you can just post them for 48 hours and ignore it.

The same goes for the rare quality jewelery since when you first hit 80 they're decent pieces, especially since they have gem sockets and can be put on at 78. Titanium bars being priced what they are doesn't make a huge amount of profit with the transmute even when specced so if you have a ton of saronite like me put it to good use!

Especially useful when buying over 9000 stacks of saronite ore you prospect and find blue/green rare gems which sell slow for small profit you can turn them into gear and make serious money from it. This little business also takes zero extra effort and allows you to post and collect only once every two days, can't beat that.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. How is it that Bloodstones and Chalcedony and such are of such low cost on your server? On mine they're quite high due to the JC'ing dailies.

  2. Well chalcedony is your expected 8-12g a piece, the same with dark jades. But all the other common gems rarely go over 2g each. It's not because of having ton of farmers that's for sure. The only major farmers on my server are all herbalists.