Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got farmers?

Short but good suggestion for everyone today. If you're mildly observant and a bit aggressive you've likely thought of this already, but just in case I wanted to make a post on the subject today.

With the random material shortages on my server I first had to go to trade chat for raw materials. However I cannot afford to stand in Org all day long before my sanity begins to slip even if I'm busy working and occasionally hitting a WTB macro. So what am I to do when I still need massive amounts of saronite or herbs? Hire a farmer.

Like any good business you need good employees to be successful. When I go to the AH to buy stuff I look at who is selling what. Any time I see somebody with a lot of something for sale I'll buy it all and send them an in game mail asking if they have more or if they want to cod their stuff to me. It has gotten me a ton of raw materials in the past and still does. So if you're in need of bulk supply give this a try.

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