Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Report 3-16

Important note up front here. In case you don't read my business reports, I would suggest that you do. It is far more than me just saying "hey look at me I'm rich bitch!" You will get a good idea of how markets are changing and can relate that to your server. Also under the detailed recap at the bottom you will always find a few pieces of very useful information. Usually just an "oh by the way" form that wouldn't qualify an entire post, but important none the less.

500k mark has officially been broken! Half way to my goal which makes me a happy banker. More fun situations this week as usual, but of course bottom lines come first.

Income per banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 47,000

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 19,500

Smithing and enchanting: 37,000

Glyphs: 7,000

Total weekly sales: 110,500
Total gold: 519,000

Screen shot can be found here.

Detailed Recap
Epic gems have been slowly decreasing over time and took a huge dive towards the end of the week. Reds are still steady at 200g+ sales while all the others have dropped by 50g leaving me with a tiny profit margin on some. All of this is of course is due to my dealings with the campers. Regardless, it's still about normal over all profits for this market as I'm able to move a lot more gems than anybody else. That's partly because of my massive stockpiling and my close attention to my purchase prices. My threshold for mix colored gems is now 130 with a min sale of 140, but that doesn't mean that I never get a gem for 100g or sell that gem for 250g. For every gem I make 5g profit on I sell two for 100g profit.

Leather working has made a slight come back in supply and I am back to selling armor kits as my primary focus for 50g a piece. Sure I can still sell profession bags for 80g but the profit margins are better with the armor kits and sell just as often which makes them a better choice to craft. Oddly enough though, artic furs and the related products are within 10% of the price of leather.

Glyphs have been a solid 1k per day with a few people buying out my cheaper ones. I don't mind since I'm making a profit still and they're putting in much more effort picking up and relisting a few hundred glyphs than I am with my normal business of craft and post (without the extra step they take). The idea here is the standard time/profit. So long as I'm making good profit without extra time put in that is all that matters and is very important to keep in mind with the glyph trade.

I managed to hit a huge night with enchanting selling 4 goose scrolls for 550g a piece along with a few old world ones as well. I said it last week and I'll say it again, denial of service works like a charm. Every time when somebody wants mighty intellect to weapon or agility to 2h. I just make sure that I have one on auction and wait. The only problem is with spellpower due to the rarity of finding golden pearls. Sometimes they sell for 150g which people will pay, but that makes it a bit iffy considering you can still buy them for 50 another day just like the competition. You never want to get stuck with a loss because you were too anxious for a profit.

I have actually been making a good amount on JC leveling gear and cut bloodstones. I mentioned this last week, but it has contributed to over 600g profit to my bank since then so it's worth another small mention.

As a final note, I can't help but be curious, how are raw materials looking on your server? Are you just as supplied as ever? Things running out? Prices going way up or down? I understand my situation because almost nobody farms seriously, only what they need "for free" and dailys for income. But I can't believe every server is in such a huge swing of supply and lack of it.

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  1. On my server raw mats have been running dry. I can never find a good price for Greater Cosmic Essences or Righteous Orbs anymore. Righteous Orbs are going for 50g on up which I refuse to pay. I've had to raise my threshold already from 15g each to 20g. Along with that, I've raised the price for Crusader scrolls, which have steadily stayed around the price I reset it to.

    As for dealing with the Greater Cosmic Essence shortage, I've been buying up all Eternal Earth 4g and under, sending them to my JC and mass crafting Stoneguard Bands to DE. I end up with way more Infinite Dust than I need, so I'll probably never have to restock those before this expansion ends.

    Following your tips (mostly just JC and Enchanting, as my other maxed professions are mining and engineering), I managed to reach 44k recently. It's the most I've ever had which is quite nice. I found a chopper on the AH for a bit less than what the mats cost, so I'm going to try to see if I can flip it for a few thousand gold profit. At worst, I've got a brand new bike for my paladin for less than material cost!

    I love reading your blog so I hope it takes you a while to reach your goal before you quit! =P

  2. Materials on my server have wildly variable prices as well. WILDLY.

    Lately they've been extremely high, I assume because of Warden 2.0. In fact, I hope you would make a new post about how Warden 2.0 has affected farming on your server.