Thursday, March 18, 2010

Engineering pets

I decided to level up an old shammy alt of mine to get the engineering pet plans from gnomer which are becoming BoE in the patch. At first I was just planning to scalp the mats for a premium once they were all bought up. But in doing so I forgot an important lesson in the AH game: never limit your options! So I got the plans and decided to look into anything else I might be able to make some profit on with engineering. Sure you can make epic ammo, but with a 1500 entry fee along with a long time farming rep that is.

With stacks selling for 5g I'm not exactly considering that good money, at least not for the immense time it will take to make back the price of a primordial saronite. With that in mind I decided to look for some other things I could make along the liens of pets and I came across two, mechanical squirrels and toads. The plans for the squirrel can be bought for a measly 10g or less, but the toad is rather pricey. I got lucky and got the toad plans for 500g and have sold two so far long with a dozen squirrels. Believe me when I say the materials to make them are filthy cheap especially when compared to the price they sell for.

This is because 99% of all engineering plans need items made by engineers so to say "free with your mats" doesn't really work that well for most. Even looking to see that a squirrel takes a few copper bars and such to make one for 3g, people just CBA and want their toys NAO!!1!1 So I am more than happy to oblige a customer...that can pay the price of course.

Along with these two pets there are a few other things you can make for some fast money. Mithril casings are a common one since they're needed fro a quest in un'goro crater. And believe it or not, blasting powder and a few mid level explosives sell also to twinks. Long story short, don't limit yourself and always be willing to try something different and seemingly just might pay off.

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