Monday, March 22, 2010

Report 3-23

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting Blizz to get servers back up. This week like the many before it has had its ups and downs and has been a lot of fun. I'm also starting to put together a profession leveling kit! I'll give out the finer details on it once it either sells (success) or gets auctioned off in pieces (failed). Though I will say this about it: holy shit does it take up a lot of space! A lot meaning 162 inventory spots which is 5x 32 spot profession bags. As for now though, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Income per banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 26,000

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 16,000

Smithing and enchanting: 45,000

Glyphs: 8,000

Total weekly sales: 95,000
Total gold: 550,000

At the rate of 30-60k profit each week that translates into a new toon gold capped about every month. At this rate I expect to be retiring sometime in late June. I am most excited to hit the million marker which is far more worthy of an achievement than facerolling every "heroic" in northrend.

Detailed Recap
Once again prices on epic gems have been slowly decreasing, but this time it's only the prices for raw gems and not pre-cut ones. So while the income might not be as large, the profit is far better this way. Just last night I managed to pick up 3 stacks of epic gems for a mere 100g each or 2k a stack. With the average gem selling for 150g+ that's very nice compared to buy for 130 sell for 140. The campers have also seemed to find other things to occupy their time with aside from waiting for me to log on and off. While this indeed does increase my profits, it does lessen the amount of laughs I get while doing my business. Sad banker is sad.

Enchanting mats have been restocked finally even though I had to change my thresholds around a lot. Twink enchants seem to only sell during the weekend as I sold several 30sp and 22int enchants on sat/sun and only a single one during the week, curious as to why that is but still a good bit of info to point out. Mongoose however sells fairly often since it is (in my opinion) the best tanking enchant you can get. Good up-time makes it on average better than 26 agility and adds threat, dodge and armor, what more could a tank want? Also nobody wants to go through the process of getting keyed or using the "fall through the floor" glitch to get into a 70 raid in the middle of no where for the recipe. Me however, I know it's worth it so I took the time investment and am making a killing off of it.

Rare gems have been on a roller coaster, so when I see some gems cut for cheap I'll buy them up and resell later on. I bought a dozen 32ap gems for 25g and a few days later sold them off for 60-85 each. This is where it's important to be patient and remember that EVERYTHING has a price. So I don't worry when I buy ten of the same gem cut because I know that it will sell. That's not much different than just buying the gem raw because I know that I'll be needing to make another of that specific cut in the near future.

Tailoring has finally gotten stocked up so I have enough mats to craft another 80 nether bags along with a bunch of spider silk to last me another week or two. Which is good because having to always worry about your buying price and scavenging for materials is never fun. If it weren't for the fact that I only have 1-2 competitors it wouldn't be worth it. If that was not the case I honestly wouldn't bother.

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