Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Campers and greed

Today is an important post on the mentality of an AH player and a camper. Read it, think on it, read it again. Then ask yourself if you are a player or a camper.

I've noticed that I seem to have pissed off quite a few people as I am now being camped religiously. It doesn't matter what time I post, there is always at least one person watching their friends list like a hawk.Waiting... just waiting, for me to log so they can undercut me again. Am I upset? Am I annoyed? Not at all, in fact I can't help but laugh each time that it happens. I have had such an impact on these people and I have aggravated them to the point that they are spending the entire day it seems keeping an eye out for me. The best part is... I'm still making a ton of gold each and every day with less than half the time and effort of them.

So it's back to my old deep undercutting style: glyphs are now 8g each at all times and gems are soon to be only selling for a handful of gold over material cost. As soon as the enchanting scroll campers start spending more time waiting for me than they do playing the game I'll trash those prices too.

The thing to keep in mind that people who camp your auctions cannot grasp is that it has never been about the money. If I wasn't capped I still wouldn't care about how much I'm losing because of this. It's all about the fun of it, it's the entertainment I get from playing the AH and selling lots of different things.

I enjoy my 15 a month by finding good deals and seeing a lot of my auctions sell like any "business tycoon" type of game. They seem to enjoy spending their time by dropping what they happen to be doing when a name greys out and then reposting everything they own. Hey whatever makes you happy.

If the campers could understand that this is fun for the AH player, they would be able to hit the gold cap as well. The one thing that sets serious AH players apart from people that sit and spam cancel/post is that one is greedy and the other is entertained. AH players have fun and are happy weather they win or lose, the greedy are only happy when they sell everything and you sell nothing. And if you're the greedy type, you'll get very upset when you stop making thousand upon thousands a day from a single market. You'll stop taking risks because a few of them didn't work out and then cost yourself many chances to make far more.

You cannot get gold capped without taking these chances, this is a simple fact. I wouldn't be gold capped by now if I didn't take the chance on inscription, I wouldn't have my second one if I didn't take the HUGE risk of enchanting. I went into it because it was interesting, exciting, it was different! I had no clue how much money it could make, and I didn't care because it was so fun.

If all I cared about was money, I wouldn't have continued with the enchanting market which as you can tell from my business reports, is quite the money maker. I would've stopped because I wasn't making oodles of gold and lost a few grand in my first week. I might not have continued with glyphs once sales started slowing down. I wouldn't be pushing on with JC through gem shortages since it's not making me a truck load of cash. But I still do all those things and sometimes they don't make me a lot, but they're always fun. And fun is the only purpose, this is a game after all. People tend to forget that time to time.

When money is the only thing you're after, that is when you have a problem and need to take a serious look at yourself and what you're doing.

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  1. Heh, wonderfull post. Oh the good old moron campers.