Thursday, March 4, 2010


Certain milestones tell you that you've reached a high point in your AH playing. These are important because they give you some extra inspiration to keep pressing on and to keep heading towards your goal. It's a reminder that you are always moving forward and you have reached a significant point. If you're working the AH only for the money, they won't have much meaning to you, but f you're doing it for the fun of it all like me, they matter quite a bit. It also serves as a reminder that even though you're not perfect and made some bad decisions and took a few losses here and there, you're still doing things right and heading the correct direction.

Some milestones to keep an eye out for are when you have 1,000 glyphs on auction. You have an entire bank tab filled with mats you need daily. Your first angry hate mail saying you don't know what you're doing. I get these a lot and even had people trash talking me in trade chat which made me laugh hard as I undercut them even more. Another milestone is of course having certain amounts of gold, be it the first time you broke 10k, 100, 214, etc. Or having the stock to post one of every weapon enchant out there is another good one.

These are important things to keep in mind at all times because it gives you a direction to go. Without direction, our goals can seem too far off to continue perusing them. Even when you know intellectually that you are still going on, without that small boost, or tiny reminder that you're doing well, you can lose faith sometimes. So long as you always keep the end in mind you can enjoy the present journey so much more which is what this is all about.

I have no need for gold, I don't need to buy gear, I have all I need for gems and enchants, but I still want more. Why? Because this is FUN for me. It's no different than collecting baseball cards, you want more because... MOAR! It's fun to see how much you have and it's reassuring to know that anything you might ever need to buy you can get without the slightest worry. And so I enjoy myself on my way to a million.

The other important factor of milestones in the AH game is they let you know when you've succeeded a certain amount that it's safer for you to branch out and to take bigger risks than before. If you end up taking a loss, it won't hurt as badly as before since you reached a certain point already. Once you become one of the 3 main sellers of glyphs and you lose a lot of money on enchanting, guess what? You're still solid in your 1k per day listing of glyphs. So you can use certain milestones as a sort of check point. It's scary getting into a new market for a while but once you can realize that "hey I have every valuable weapon enchant up and still selling" you can then start with all the armor enchants with confidence. And confidence is very important.

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