Friday, March 5, 2010

Soon to quit

I've decided that I'm going to be hanging up the shield of my tank as of today and am 90% done with WoW. I'll be completely done and canceling my account once I reach the 1 million gold marker. The game just isn't fun for me anymore and why would you play a game that isn't fun? I won't bore you with my QQ about the game and why I think it's gone so far downhill, but I will say this. The biggest thing it has going for it (raiding) has turned from a challenge of team work and execution into just another grind for the social players to do.

I do however still enjoy to work the AH, but I can't do that forever of course. So I've decided instead of my goal being a third gold cap, I'll just go for the big time and hit a million. A little bit more than that and it would be 5 gold caps. What will I do with my gold once I get there? Who knows. I highly doubt I'll give it all away since I'm completely against that, but I know a few people that wouldn't completely waste the money so I just might. I won't be playing anymore so there's no point in buying anything or just letting it sit in a database. Regardless, I have a few very silly ideas in mind.

What about Cataclysm? Unless blizzard completely scraps what they've done with wrath and 90% of every raid, I won't be coming back. But in the mean time, most of my gaming will be spent playing Demon Souls, Mag, and Heavy Rain. Now that I won't be raiding or getting gems for my gear, my profits will slightly increase. And since I won't be playing as much, I can be far more aggressive in my AH game. So you can expect that sort of style of AHing in the time to come.

Also so that there's no confusion, this does not mean that the time I would normally be spending on raiding and my own fun will NOT be spent camping the AH. I have never done that nor will I ever. And in addition to that, the lack of in game expenses will not have a dramatic impact on my profits. I said slight and that's all it will be, maybe another 600 a week on average at the most.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, I've always liked reading this blog, it's helped me along in my meager gold making ways.:p

    I'm glad you're not quiting right away, so I can leech some more secrets from you, but I understand why you are, I've burned out and quit before; it just happens, I wish you good luck in what you do with all that new free time.

  2. Thank you much for reading and I'm glad that I've helped a few people in my time writing. As I've said ebfore there's only so much I can tell, the rest everybody needs to just figure out on their own.

    I just hope that I've provided the few readers that I have a good starting point and helped them get some good money made from the tips I have written.

    Now back to holding my hopes up for Guild Wars 2 and concocting massive schemes for what to do whe I hit a million, mwahahaha!