Sunday, March 7, 2010


Throughout my writing of this blog I've told you to do many different things to make gold. I've given tips and suggestions on things to do for a bit of extra coin or to just help you save some. However I haven't exactly you NOT to do something, so that's just what I'm going to do today.

It's easy to get into a collector's mentality while playing the AH. By that I mean you can get more into just having lots of stuff for the sake of having stuff. It can be fun after all to say that you have 50 stacks of abyss crystals, I have over 9000 inks or a bank tab full of saronite. Stop that! You are no longer making money, you are spending it for the fun of spending it and that's a massive waste. And waste is the biggest road block to making money next to not spending it.

The problem with this is not only will you be spending far more than you make, but it's even counter productive in and of itself. It becomes another time sink instead of something challenging or otherwise interesting. You will eventually spend more time looking at the inventory icons then you will be getting more. There will be loads of time spent on shuffling it around, making room, organizing, etc etc. Because of that you're shooting yourself in your own silly foot.

The things that you're collecting are not real. They cannot be eaten or drank, you can't have sex with them or otherwise enjoy the company of these pixels. And I highly doubt you can enjoy the artistic and creative merit of a Da Vinci or Picasso the same way as a digital inventory icon. So long as you have the intent of use, then collecting is perfectly fine. It will allow you to sell it and make more gold since it takes money to make money.

How can you turn this into money? First you can just not do it. Second is to take advantage of the people that do. If you're just not comfortable with "taking advantage of" then you just say it the way all the helpful friendly ppl do: you're offering a service, somebody has a want and you provide the means to fulfill that want... for a price. Things like this can be pets or basic materials, the hard part is identifying somebody that's collecting something for no use.

Collecting abyss crystals is a waste, and waste is a thief. Don't let it empty your pockets.

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