Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here there shall be goblins? Speculations on Guild Wars 2 Economy.

Part 1

Aloha all! Been a while since we last spoke I know. I've mentioned several times in the past that once Guild Wars 2 is released I'll begin blogging about my gold making exploits in that game just as I have in the WoW world of things. Naturally my standard M.O. will not change, but the environment and market will be completely different. The game is roughly slated for release in 2011 with a beta starting soon so there's still some time to wait before the fun begins, but with arena net releasing new tid bits each day it seems there's plenty of room for speculation. Since anybody that's reading this is likely an up and coming wow AH player you may be wondering something...

How does this effect me?

Technically, it doesn't. At least not directly anyway. Like I've always said, it's more important to understand the WHY of making money than the WHAT. Anybody can follow a step by step guide book and do ok, but they'll never do great unless they understand why certain things are necessary. That's part of the reason I started my "From the ground up" project where I took a level 1 toon and leveled and skilled them up to a fortune with zero support or help in any way. Just me and my wits and got up to 50k gold in 8 weeks. While you may not be starting with nothing, you can still learn a lot from the process of building an empire so that's what this series of posts will be about.

Ok so you want to make a lot of gold to do lots of things with. Great! But that gold has to come from somewhere doesn't it? Today you get all of your gold from other players who get it from other players and so forth. But GW2 is a brand new game with just as new players. Not a single one will have loose cash to toss around. No epic lewts to buy upgrades for. Everybody will start at the same spot: broke as shit.

That's where the challange comes in. How does a goblin get people to part with their cash when they barely have enough to train their new skills for the first time? Today you get money from a friend or an alt or your main to bank roll any toon you create. But now with a whole new game and player base there is zero gold to flow around in the economy, so all you can do is lay out the ground work.

That means there is technically no market to make money in because there is no money to be made. Not in the large enterprise sense at least. That's what these few entries will be about. You may or not gain some fine financial insight from it, but it will still be a very interesting situation to think about I promise you that. Tomorrow I'll be going over the basics of what drives the GW economy and how to profit form it along with my personal thoughts on how it will shape up from what we know about it now. But until then...

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  1. Good to have you back

  2. Rawr! Ty much to both of ya. I'll be posting for a few more days on this topic and a few other assorted things relating to making the digital golds.

  3. I'll start my own blog when i get to 100k gold in WoW. I'm at 97k atm so i can start setting up a blog. I hope GW2 will be good and i'm looking forward to it but my main focus will still be cataclysm. Especially now they up the cap to 999,999 gold :)

  4. Thank you stokpile, your blog is the driving motivation for me to reach gold cap x10... I miss you dearly.