Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cashing in your tokens

So we just found out how the dungeon loot reward system is going to work. When you complete a dungeon it will reward you with a token similar to the class tokens in war craft. However there is no danger of getting 500 of the class that isn't in the group and you being SoL as they will always drop for the classes that are present. This means several things. If you can clear X dungeons to get a token for each slot, you can get geared up very fast thus negating (mostly) the need of crafted gear. However this does not mean that there will not be a market for it.

Different level ranges will have different balancing for all of the dungeons, which you will have access to a new one every 10th level with many more at 80. So there's the 10 level range that you'll have to go through before you can get new dungeon gear which means the market will still be present. And it also depends on just how practical it is to do dungeons. In war craft, almost nobody does instances while leveling. But when the game is new, people will flock to them and quickly figure out which are worth doing, if any. Once again, this specific market won't truly come into fruition until people get closer to the level cap and start to raise a family of alts.

Now let me make another wow analogy that should make you think to your yourself "Wooooo! Shiney!!!!"

Remember when each patch changed the emblems so that you could get previous tier level gear? And how each time this happened the demand for gear enhancements like gems and enchants sky rocketed for a week? Remember how you couldn't possible stokpile enough raw epic gems to sell for 200g a piece? Well with so many class specific tokens being given to you for each dungeon means that there's going to be a near constant gear supply with each passing 10 levels and for every single alt that gets made for some time.

Since the game is new many of the dungeons won't lose their appeal for some time, even the more annoying ones which are always present. That being said, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that gear enhancements are going to be the go to money maker for the first few months of the game and possibly even longer. It all depends on how many there are and how many you can make that are cost effective.

As usual, the best money makers are the ones that are in demand the most. And with a new set of gear just waiting for you every 10 levels all the way up to 80 (where you'll be getting even more gear) and the fact that certain items add set bonuses for each one you have equipped... damn! That means that each time you replace your gear you need another set of X items to get the set bonus back. Perhaps there will even be different Crests that give different set bonuses? That would mean even MOAR! It's very much like a different enchanting profession for each type of armor. And you all know the amazing profits I made with my enchanting racket...

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