Thursday, October 21, 2010

You can do everything

One of the major things that makes GW 2 interesting to anybody that loves to play MMO's is that there is no tank/healer/dps roles in the game. At least not in the traditional sense. You will have control, damage, and support. This leads to a very "controlled chaos" feel that was great in the first. This also means that there's many more options for different types of gear to get and enhancements for them. And naturally, since I'm writing about it now, affords us more opportunities for making the moneys.

If you want to for example be a tank you'll change a few pieces of gear, weapons, and maybe skills, and that gives you more abilities to control the enemy. Things like snares, damage reduction, etc. This also means that different set bonuses will be good, different weapon upgrades will be wanted as well. So from that we can assume that almost everything will have a value. And not just a value, but a consistent rate of sales. Granted tanks are always hard to find, but with the ease of transition would make it more likely to find people that will help with the control aspect.

Think of this as a sort of triple spec for everybody. And we all know how much money that brought in for the responsible goblin. So that in mind, it seems that trying to diversify your markets early will be a good move since there will be so many niche markets. And with so many, it will be difficult to conqueror them all, especially all at once.

This also means that in addition to doing dungeons for challenge and fun, people will be wanting to get more gear sets for their different "specs" which will then reduce the price on a number of dungeon drops. So that's worth keeping in mind.

With so much to sell it'll be hard to keep track of what has value and who it sells to and so forth. Basically this once again goes back to doing your homework and trying to find your own way to keep track of everything that you have and how to go about selling it all off. For me I write this blog to organize my thoughts and kept an excel spreadsheet for the more complicated things like enchanting and ToC epics. It will be especially difficult at the beginning as there probably won't be an all encompassing database like wowhead to easily find out what comes from what and from where.

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