Friday, December 24, 2010

Le grand retour

Short version first. Starting to play the AH and wow again so I'll be posting regularly after new years day.


Hello all, Stokpile here. Writing this post to let everyone know that I am soon to return to the wow scene and the AH. And with that comes my blogging about making the wow gold. I am going to continue my efforts to Yoda the poor and the misguided in ways of becoming well dressed and acquiring all things shiny. As the holiday season is here I decided to get myself the present of getting back into something I love to do: ruling the auction house.

Some of you may be old readers, some may just be looking for a few tips on how to weigh yourself down with gold. So please, allow me to introduce myself once again. If you remember who I am feel free to just skip ahead to The Plan.

My name is Stokpile, AH extraordinaire, the well dressed and lover of all things shiny. During the height of my AH playing there was not a single market, small or large, where I was not listing half of the supply. Be it cut gems, crafted gear, enchant scrolls, etc. I buy, craft, and sell everything. It took me less than 2 months from starting the AH game to reach the gold cap. Once i hit the first cap I blew about 50k on useless gear to pimp out my banker. Several months later I had broke the million gold marker and was still going strong.

After achieving every goal I had in the AH, cleared all of hard mode Ulduar and got my drake (only the third group on the server to get at 80) I decided to spend a ton of gold and retire. I hired one of the top guilds to take me and a friend through all of ICC 25 to the tune of 800,000 gold. Yes I spent that much to be carried when I CBA to find a decent raid guild anymore. I held my own at a solid 10k+ dps and when all was said and done, I still have just under a million gold left over.

Yes, I have almost a million gold AFTER dropping 800k on an ICC run.

Shortly before leaving the game, I started a project where I created a single toon of the opposite faction with the intent of proving that you can get rich all by yourself with zero help. I called this project "From the Ground Up" which you can read all about in the archives. In two months I had purchased epic gear, epic gems, and top level enchants, epic. In the span of two months I had bought all of that and still had 50k in hard currency along with a significant share of the glyph and enchanting markets. All by myself with no support from a single person and the only help I had from my main enterprise was a set of heirloom gear.

By doing this I have proved that you do not need good luck, awesome timing, support, or an already existing market share or large bank account. Be smart, be thorough, and be patient.

Suffice to say, I am good at what I do and (in my opinion at least) also good at sharing my knowledge in such a way that anybody can understand.

The Plan.

Since the game has changed so drastically and, so I've heard at least, CC is actually being used in dungeons again I am quite excited to be playing again. And of course a goblin like me cannot stay from the AH forever. I'll officially be writing about my exploits in a weeks time (once I have my account reactivated and sorted out) but until then I'll be going over the start up phases of business.

So the initial few posts will be about (re)starting up a business to encompass every market in the auction house. I may or may not be changing servers so watch out! For everyone that is looking to get back into the AH game but feels so far out of touch keep reading and I'll put you on the right path. I'll be covering all of the obvious essentials such as addons, methods, routines, and so forth.

So who are these initial few posts going to be for? Everyone of course. There's so many subtleties to the AH game that any info is useful to you no matter what level you're playing at. But more specifically, if you are doing well and want to really get into it head long, you'll be in for some good tips and "how to" info. If you're coming back from a break after WotLK like I am and want to start up making money again, you're in the same boat as I am.

Here's the short version of what to expect. Daily posts on starting up a full enterprise AH business, addon reviews of what works, how to use addons and a daily routine that I recommend, markets to get into/avoid, updated list of all that I sell, daily tidbits or full posts on gold making tips, and of course more business reports.

I'm looking forward to getting back into writing about the AH game and taking my DK chica through the new content in a more casual pace and hearing from all of you fine readers out there about your own AH exploits. So until then...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Welcome back yeehaa. Old reader here, bookmarked again :)

  2. Hej,
    I'm happy to see you back in the game Stokpile =)
    I hope you will write your posts in the same quality as ever.

  3. You'd just stopped when I was hitting my first cap so I missed all the action last time around. Looking forward to following your exploits this time. : ) WB

  4. Glad you are back - sure missed your posts (please don't move to my realm, I have things just as I like them; no more goblins needed!)


  5. Thanks all for the welcomes! Like I said in the entry above, don't expect consistent posts for about a week while I get my account situated and the like (still haven't gotten cata installed heh).

    @ Anons
    Cookies to you for being so quick to notice an update. Everyone loves cookies!

    @ Mogul
    Well it'll definitely be interesting as I'm going to be re-learning a decent amount of the markets so you'll get to see how I force my way into some real time. I hope you enjoy!

    @ Santos
    Depending on how things work out I'm likely to stay on Ysera as I'd have to drop down like $80 on server transfers or something to move my crafters and pimped out banker. He may be a level 11, but he wears 50k+ of gear and bears the original name so yeah.

    Besides stuff doesn't get REALLY interesting until a strong competitor shows up like me >:D

  6. Great to have you back! I'm glad I didn't remove your blog from my feed reader. Looking forward to your posts!