Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taking Stok

NOTE: I'm not 100% totally back yet so this will be the last post until after new years, officially on January 3. I'm taking a short vacation to spend time with family and any time I spend on game between now and then will be playing my wolfy or leveling up. Lastly I've added a detailed about entry to the blog which I posted before this which you can find over yonder --->

I've officially gotten the game reinstalled and while sorting out addons, I'm taking a look at what stokpiles I have left over. Holy shit do I have a lot of junk that's nigh worthless now. Or at least worthless to me, teehee. I'm sure things like titansteel and such are basically vendor food but I'll try to AH them regardless. But I still have a ton of saronite bars, common gems and the sort that I'm certain that a leveling JC or BS will be in need of. There's also my old stokpiles or TBC mats for random markets that I mucking about with. So I listed my primals on the AH for a significant undercut and sold off all of them for 8-20g each. Not bad for a moment's work.

I also have a good amount of vanilla mats so I can get right into making twink enchant scrolls which is cool. Then there's the mass of NR mats that I have no idea what I'm going to do with, I'll most likely just sell them as is unless I find some NR level enchants that are still worthwhile. I've done some reading on EJ about enchants and so far the only one that's still viable that I've found is stamina to bracers. If you have any tips on that subject I'd be delighted if you'd share.

There is however an ass ton of excess tanking gear, possibly even a METRIC ass ton. Amazing right? Well my pally had a shit load of extra gear cuz I'm just hardcore like that and my warrior and DK had their fair share. There was also all of the pvp gear and WG crap. A good amount of it was DE'd but the bulk of it had to either be vendored or plain dropped.

After all of the winter cleaning was taken care of I wound up with a few stacks of abyss crystals and over 2,000g in vendor junk. Now THAT is amazing. Or pathetic. Ya know, however you wanna look at it.

Sadly there are still several stacks of epic uncut gems of assorted colors with the main man Stokpile having at least 30 cut. That and loads of abyss crystals which I doubt I can move at all. Now I'm not officially officially back into the AH game as I still have loads of cleaning and sorting to do and I still wanna take my time enjoying my DK again. BUT that doesn't mean that I won't be sharing good deals and ideas when I come across them.

Why do I mention that?

Well the moment I walked Stokpile to the auctioneer I found my first horde of morons that wanted to give away their money. While clearing out all of my epic gems I noticed the vendor value of them cut was 9g. While sorting through the pages on the AH I found almost a hundred raw epics selling for 5-7g each. Raw they vendor for 6. Ahem, please excuse me while I laugh myself silly. So right off the bat I made 1008g from the AH and I haven't been back for an hour. Oh this is going to be fun. The same thing went for rare gems as well, listed on the AH for below vendor price and WELL below the vendor price of cut gems.

Naturally I recommend you doing this on your server while the silliness is out there still. Look for any WotlK gems or just add them to your snatch list and vendor yourself mad. So there's your AH giggle of the day!

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  1. You could make use of abyss crystals via shattering them to infinite dusts and greater coscmic essences. Combine these mats into berserking enchant scrolls (still selling well 250g-350g depending on server) or sell ID & GCE in AH for much larger profit than plain abyss crystals.

  2. @ Snakeoil
    Hey thanks for the tip on abyss shatters, I'd completely forgotten about that! I definitely give berserking scrolls a shot. People might be using them on cata weapons while prices come down on the newer ones I suppose. And if it's a loss, then it's still better than dropping them.