Monday, December 27, 2010

Quick returning report

In my on going effort to provide tips on how to make money, here's a short recap of what I've done with my stokpile of NR materials and other assorted goodies. I'm sure you have some semi-useless stuff hanging around so the main purpose of this post is to give you an idea of what can still be sold for a decent profit and to reinforce another tip that always holds true. If you're not using/selling something, it's not making you any gold. So get cracking and clean out them alts!

Fused wiring - Sold all at 8g each
Titansteel - Sold most at 20g each
NR common gems - Sold all reds/blues at 1g each, cut and vendored the rest
Arctic fur - Sold a few at 34g each

Epic leg armors - Sold all at 65g each
Frost lotus - Sold all at 4g each
Northern spices - Sold all at 22g per stack
True silver bars - Sold all at 6g each

Eternals - Sold a few stacks from 60-100g each
Titanium bars - Sold most for 5g each
Khorium bars - Sold all at 55g each
Saronite bars - Sold all at 55g per stack

True silver ore - Sold all at 50g/stack
Dragonfin Fillet - Sold all 30g/stack
Assorted epics - Sold all plate at 100-200 each

Grand total profit from cleaning out the bank: 3,368g

Not bad for a days work I think, certainly better than letting it sit there like a pack rat or drop/vendor it all. I'm just about done with my addOns and figuring out just WTF I need to stokpile as far as old world stuff is concerned. So far it's looking like mongoose and spell power scrolls are still important. Getting my enchanter situated with bag space is going to be a pain for sure. They're going to be my first toon to level up and I still don't know of a good way to keep track of sold scrolls aside from manually checking the mail.

In addition to that there's also the ever present problem of bag space. While questing you're going to get a ton of useless junk to vendor and quest items and all my AH materials and scrolls and drops... yuck! So I'm not out of the deep end of bothersome work just yet, but getting close.

Lastly, thanks to snakeoil for their comment on selling berserker scrolls. Sold one moments after I listed it for 100g profit. Yes profit as in 100g more than what the mats cost when it was current. Fun times.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Stokpile is back!!! I find it hard to explain how excited I am that you are returning to wow and your old AH ways :) Your blog is by far the most helpful I have ever read and I mourned the day you quit the game. More than JMTC, Zoxy, Cold, or any of the other bloggers, you insipred me to get into the AH game. I look forward to reading every post, and once again, learning from my favorite writer and goblin.

  2. Few tips that might work in your server:

    Thundering Skyflare Diamond. I've been selling these beauties for 250g constantly, yes it's a wotlk content but it's steady seller because new Meta's don't have similar one. Or I don't know why but it's a gem :) Secondly very easy gold comes from converting 2 x Obsidian bars into Folded Obsidian (not steady seller) or 5 x Embersilk to Bolt of Embersilk. It usually costs 25g to make (5g per Embersilk) and you can sell the bolt for much higher profit (anything between 35g to 50g). It's a steady seller.

  3. @ Anon
    Wow, I'm blushing hehe thanks a lot! I do what I can to be practical and say more than just "go farm this, GL" like you get on jmtc or "here's a broad idea of how it works" from most others. Thanks for reading!

    @ Snakeoil
    I'll give them a shot, but from the last few days I've been seeing prices fluctuate a ton, so I may get into flipping more than crafting. Even though I'm usually not that great at it.

  4. Glad to see you back Stokpile, Best of luck to you.

    xoxo anaalius

  5. glad also to see you back at the game, I had 6 80s ally side in a casual guild, and by casual, i mean bad. old friends were now horde on another server, so i rerolled. herbalism and inscription... I made an entire level just herbing with the new xp from it, and having started level 1, no outside assist for anything, i began anew. the undead priest was rolled 2 days before the shattering, and was 74ish at cata release, i quit running dungeons, in NR, cause all that was left in the LFD was really bad players. since then i have played at one market and adjusted many addons. Auctioneer, just wont do a getall scan, i still have it installed, but i almost exclusively use the function of auctionator... glyphs, dont mess with them at all, i have made the majority of my proffits from the 346 relics that i can craft, and a few darkmoon decks. i have been turning over herbs by the thousands, into these items and a one week total was over 800,000 gold in the AH, with daily totals over 80K. Having never played at the AH at this level, its fun for now, but i play to raid, and my current guild is just not there atm. Decks are moving slow and a huge time sink to mill herbs, but, cards and relics are fun.. Mysterios fortune cards, often i can post them for a 100% profit, and sell em before i close the AH interface... easy money and they can move fast.
    Sticking to the 525 inscription recipies and not the ones that you can make leveling i have done pretty well, having made 8 DM decks and several more just looking for a card or 3...
    I am not sure, but i think it is bean counter in the auctioneer suite that is telling me what i have bought the average price and breaks it down further by the last 3 days and the last 7 days for purchases in the AH. great tool... i am about to drop herbalism as soon as i sell a couple more darkmoon decks, and move in to alchemy. already leveling archeology, for the vial of sands. as soon as the push for darkmoon decks and the ilvl 346 gear drys up, i will need contiuing income and plan on that being flasks. so elixir master it will be for this one. Alchemy cause i already know my servers herb economy pretty well, and the mats for flasks is a bit prohibitive for a lot of timid and entry level alchys. I used to and still do run Lil sparkys workshop, but its sorta broke as is does not know the results of milling herbs yet, so i made an excell spread sheet, milled thoushands of herbs to get an idea of what my returns would be. then put in the rest of the AH mats for the craftables i am playin in and know what it cost me to make an item, what 105% is and what it would cost for someone to buy the mats to have it crafted. Anyway thats my game atm, 2 months and about 200,000K in materials, but i am constantly turning over the gold to more herbs. Its a major time sink to mill herbs, but that is keeping a lot out of the market.

    Auctionator > auctioneer IMHO
    LSW - great addon, but broke atm not knowing milling results, excell spreadsheet ftw
    ?Beancounter? i think that has the history of item bought at cost purchased on average
    Sell darkmooon cards individually to get my stake in market, now holding em all and making decks
    sell Ilvl 346 relics and offhands, cause right now, they will help get you over the ilvl 329 heroic entry level (mosly relics, kitty relic sells slow, caster relic amazing turnover, and str dps... good)
    Sell the games gambling items, mysterious darkmoon cards
    waiting to see what happens come darkmoon week for the cards... fingers crossed

  6. I had six full guild bank tabs of a large assortment of materials. Enchanting mats, gems, ore, bars, cloth, rep items, herbs, eternals and other random crap. The other day I decided to kick the pack rat within and posted around 800 auctions, of which about half have sold, making about 40k in two days. It felt good to get rid of all that stuff that was just taking up space and not making me gold! I've also decided to do a fresh restart of my gold-making strategies for Cataclysm. New research, new spreadsheet.

    Maxed professions thus far: Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Alchemy (transmute spec). Next is working on my second Jewelcrafter, Leatherworker, Miner, and Blacksmith.

    So far this expansion I've just done some casual crafting/selling, just to get a feel for the market. Truegold has been profitable to transmute, especially when you proc five like I did the other day. Engineering pets still sell well, as well as the new JC cuts. Enchanting scrolls aren't worth it at the moment, at least not the new Cataclysm enchants, as everyone has been leveling it and dumping scrolls on the AH for less than the cost of mats. Vanilla, Mongoose, and some Wrath scrolls still sell at a profit. Wrath enchants are pretty good now because people are dumping their mats dirt cheap, while people are still buying the scrolls because some of the new enchants are ridiculously expensive or just non-existent.

    Once my 80's become 85's with their professions maxed and the patterns I want, I'll be leveling a druid and a mage, which will both have alchemy (possibly one being flask spec), with the druid also having Inscription and the mage with Tailoring. So much to do and gold to make!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Stok, and welcome back! :)

  7. @ Turbin
    Ah I always get jealous of people talking about insane profits for a new expansion as I've yet to have my real fun with that (joining cata a bit late). As for auctionator, I've never used it but always hear great things. I only use auctioneer for the tooltips that it gives and the 1 touch bid/buy things. It's simple features are what makes it good, but ZA is what I use for posting.

    @ Karot
    Merry Christmas to you too! Glad to hear you're kicking the pack rats out. Just be sure to check prices and not literally dump them on the AH. Everything has a price, just make sure you pick the highest price hehe. And good to know that you're doing your homework on the new markets and prices. Make sure you pay close attention and things are going up and down almost hourly.

  8. Yes in the early going of the expansion a lot of prices are changing so fast.

    I have discovered another addon that seems pretty useful through another gold Blog. The addon is called MySales ( I'm unsure if it'll work to its full potential if you're collecting mail super-fast with MailOpener/Postal, but I am going to test it out anyway. I think it'll be pretty useful for seeing at a glance what your best sellers are.

    I'm feeling really compelled to create a fresh goblin to be a new banker for me, though I'm not sure what class to make him or what wares he will specialize in posting. I just feel a goblin banker dressed in proper attire has been a long time coming!

  9. @ Karot
    That addon does seem pretty nifty. What I do is just have a certain banker for certain markets, but for people lacking the slots for that it may work out.

    As for the goblin, I recommend a hunter selling gems, LW goods, and assorted vendor goodies. That's what Stokpile does after all hehe.

  10. Yay Stokpile is back, it was because of your blog that I decided to enter the AH game. I hope one day to be a wow millionaire like you are. Any way, those mysterious fortune cards are crazy good sellers, I can't keep more than a couple stacks of those things stocked because they sell so fast, for like 50g each on my server and I sell 2-3 stacks a day easy, even at 150g each I've sold a couple of stacks.(plus truegold is always great, especially when one of my alchemist proc extra's, man those are great, and very nice if you have 3 max transmute spec alchemist)

  11. @ Hiru
    Glad you're happy I'm writing again! I'll be giving the fortune cards a shot once I build up a solid stokpile of inks and such. I just bought several bags full of herbs from NR to mill but the cata ones are still at 20g per herb, not per stack. Screw that noise.

    As for xmuting I'll get into it eventually but again, with prices being what they are it's a bad idea to be leveling alch right now for me.

  12. Wuhoo!! Good to see you back Stokpile. You're info was always pure TrueGold. As far as Inscription goes, I've been turning herbs in much the same way as in Wrath, ie. selling the Inferno Inks pretty much covers the majority of the expense of herb stacks, allowing me to sell Glyphs for just about anything I want and make profit. Also, in the add-ons corner one to watch for is TradeSkillMaster (not final release yet, but much of it does work now), it can be found over at CurseForge. Also the latest KTQ will work with LilSparky's GnomeWorks (my current fav) or Skillet.

  13. Glad to see you back at it. Found this blog after you quit and shortly before cata but I've read everything you have posted not only did it convince me to give the AH a try but also changed the way i look at items and my army of alts. Right now i have maxed JC and Alch(transmute spec) and working on BS and tailoring. If you haven't leveled your JC yet keep an out for the daily as 3 of them require gems which a lot of people toss on the ah for 12g-15g on my server which i buy to add to my stockpile and relist when the daily is out for 50g-100g and some days its been the same back to back with me the only person posting for most of the day. thanks for all the great post and WELCOME BACK!!!!!