Sunday, December 26, 2010

How do I make pewpew again?

Quick note of what you can get out of these posts detailing my return to the AH game. These steps that I'm taking (aside from learning how to play a dk/pally again) are the same steps one should take when entering new markets, joining a new server, or getting back into the game from a break like me.

I'm sure most of you have taken a break from the game at some point only to return and find that everything has changed so much. Well that's the spot that I'm in. Even though I love the AH game I know that's not all that I'll be doing so first thing's first; time to relearn how to death knight pewpew and pally tank again. The main purpose of this entry is to once more drive home the necessity of doing your homework and research the markets before diving into them. Granted I am quite well off, but that doesn't mean I can be reckless. 450k can bottom out rather quick with maxing out a ton of professions, buying epic gems and a large stokpile of new cata materials. Always be mindful of your spending!

Once again I'll be looking over at yonder links and start reading up on Maintankadin and EJ to get up to date on what's going on. Naturally all of my former addons are completely broken and, with all the changes to the AH interface, are probably going to stay broken. From what I can tell, totally automated auction posting is a thing of the past though it's not completely manual either. This means that a drastic change in my daily routine is in order. Of course I'll be giving a full write up on my daily "How to: Auction house" once it's mostly figured out.

After getting a good picture of what materials I have, toons and professions to level, I'll be on the hunt for addons to check out. First thing I'll be looking at is the new versions of auctioneer and QA. After that I'll be looking for a postal and mailOpener replacement to auto collect all of my mail.

However one thing that hasn't changed and never will is the people. Our lovely customers! Because of that, my standard MO isn't going to be altered at all. Undercut by 5g minimum no matter how cheap the items being sold are all the way up to 100g undercuts. Depending on how inflation goes this might increase of course.

The most I can gather from the glyph market is that the use of them all has changed in terms of which you SHOULD be using and which are just there for flavor or plain useless. AH wise they're basically the same as before just with higher material costs. Every new toon needs glyphs and needs a lot more now with there being 9 slots to fill and the ability to exchange all of them at any time. So more large class wide sales instead of just on a respec. In other words, you're still counting on quantity of sales and not quality. Roughly the same profit margins and same style of competition. one or two major sellers and the rest are casuals or leveling dumps.

Enchanting has more options than ever before with so much to craft and sell. From what I can tell some of the old vanilla enchants are popular as well. So my first step once everything gets turned on will be leveling my DK enchanter girl. I always say to never level without a gathering profession, but while questing enchanting counts because of the DE. That and I only have a single toon with a gathering profession (mining) which is my warrior who is just boring to play imo.

Suffice to say once I get all my addOn tech sorted out an account for all the raw materials i have to liquidate, I'll be doing market research. I'll first be looking over the4 general sale price of materials first and then seeing what I can currently make (if anything) to sell with them. Then I'll look into any market trends all while trying to identify my major competitors (if you're still there, I'm looking at you Mulegirl).

My main concern is about how much automation I can do as that was a large part of my success and laughs. There's nothing funnier than going afk for the day while smelting 500 saronite bars while your personal AH campers are waiting for you to log off. Ah those were some good times.

The first step when getting into the AH game is doing your research into everything you plan to deal with. And since I'm not one to do things half assed I'll be getting into every market I can find again so that means a lot of research and reading. But a little Yoda note though, nothing fulfilling ever comes easy.

As always any comments on recommended markets or addOns are completely welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Welcome back! You have been missed. I hope you stockpiled inks and/or glyps because the Blackfallow trade-in in Dalaran is not currently profitable with the high price herb market.

    Addons are doing their best to psuedo automate the AH but I miss rhe old days. I use Postal/Mailopener for the mailbox and Bankstack perbags/bank along with Sushisort for one click guild bank sorting. For the AH QA, Auctioneer, Auctionlite, Auctionator, and Buyall covers all my bases.

    Good luck!

  2. @ Crusard
    Thanks for the welcome! Considering that I stopped playing before the ICC zone buff was maxed I don't have much in the way of giant stokpiles. Mostly saronite and gems I believe, so it's going to be back to square 1 but with a large bank roll. Thanks for the heads up on addOns and the ink trade in bit.

  3. Welcome back! I've kept your blog in my Google Reader just in the off-chance that you'd be back. Merry Christmas to me! (And to you as well). ;)

    For AddOns, Postal/MailOpener still work well. Auctioneer is still up and running too, although I only like it now for the Snatch List. Posting random stuff is better with Auctionator. As far as QA3 goes, I think it's up and running under a different name, but I forget what that is. ZeroAuctions is basically a clone of it though, and is updated by someone else. There is a change to automated posted now, however, so you can't just go afk while it posts everything on your list. You have to confirm each one individually. So it can't be automated as much as it was before, but it's still better than posting each item one by one.

    Looking forward to more posts from you!