Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big questions

Real quick, I stumbled on a great wow gold tip the other day that I feel obligated to share with you. Especially since I never mentioned it before, heh. Here it is, Courtesy of Cold's Gold Factory.

Since GW 2 is still in development, there are several big questions that need answers before much can be done in the planing of an empire. Of course not many of these things generally come to light in their completion until release or a moment before. So that leaves plenty of time to wonder and guess how one can go about amassing a digital fortune. So here are a few of the questions that I'm most concerned about in the mean time that I feel are the most important things an AH player should know when starting up. As always, it pays to do your homework.

1. What crafting professions will a character have access to? Will the total number be limited?

2. Will we have limited profession slots for gathering as well which restricts what we can gather? Or will it be what we'd expect and you can only gather specific nodes?

3. How easy will it be to learn each recipe for a crafting profession? Will there be rare drops? Will they start already known? Or will they be purchased with gold or other currency?

4. How much use will there be for them at all? Naturally there will be a few item upgrades such as crests, but will that be all? Will they mostly be cosmetic or will there be mid range or "starter" gear that can be made?

5. Pressence of consumables. We know that there will be mana potions, but will that be all? Will each profession be able to craft item upgrades? If so, will there be just the one per profession?

6. How will profession skill ups work? will there be any at all? Naturally there's a million ways that it can wind up, but if it's as simple as craft 50 items to get one skill up is also likely.

Once release day comes, these will be some of the first few questions I'll be looking for answers to. You cannot go far in the AH world unless you are aware of all the tools you and your competition have available. Always do your research into what's available to you and your homework on what's coming soon. It's also important to know so that you can start working on them sooner rather than later. If you start looking for materials that help you with your skill ups at level 1, you'll be much closer to max once you hit the level cap. Naturally once more answers come to light, I'll be writing up my thoughts on them.

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  1. I would like to be a little bit of a grammar nazi here. Professions refer to the classes of the game elementalist warrior necro Ect. The Crafting system may be a little bit different than what we have seen in WoW but,they have yet to reveal any information besides what gathering is like.

  2. Don't think the link to my site came through correctly as there is no working link.