Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Changes and decisions

Once you reach certain milestones thing tend to change a lot. Your whole outlook has turned around from when you first started your journey. Making the wow gold is no different once you hit two million and as such I'm changing up my AH game, methods, and markets. That's what today's entry is all about, what I'm doing with the AH now that I have absolutely no reason to play on it outside of some extra kicks here and there. I'm sure I can buy literally anything and everything forever right now.

The first thing to change is my posting habits. I usually post everything I sell in 12 hour cycles starting at 11am server time and go from there. Now I'm only going to list gems once a day at some time in the evening, preferably before my guild starts raid invites. This is mainly because of the sheer amount of gems that I sell that clog the mail box with sales and expirations. Add on top of that the necessity of two cancel/post cycles this takes a while. So that is going to be the first thing I cut out.

After that is tailoring and enggy. These are going to be cut out entirely with the exception of motorcycles simply because it's too fun to see a 16k sale to resist. The enggy pets require a lot of material juggling that can get hectic at times and tailoring is plain worthless imo. This will also free up a ton of volatiles to be used elsewhere.

Next is smithing. I'm going to stop selling enchanting rods completely and only sell one set of pvp dps gear at a time instead of the normal 2 sets of dps and 1 set of healing. Too much inventory space is needed to keep a few hundred bars and several stacks of volts hanging around.

Leatherworking is also going to be cut down to just the profession bags from wrath. The constant supply droughts on cata leather and the inability to stokpile it is a major hassle, especially when you want to sell the hides for a premium in addition to the leg armors and pvp gear.

Enchanting is going to be the only market of mine that remains entirely untouched. This is for two, technically three, reasons. The biggest reason is that my main is my enchanter and enchanting banker. Duh. The next is that it is still the most fun to play around with, especially now that top end enchants have a market. Lastly of course is the fact that it is as awesome as JC profits with less effort involved. I'll still be listing in this market at my semi usual times, if nothing else it will remain twice a day whenever I get around to it.

As far as spending goes, I intend to buy anything and everything that I damned well please. When craftables come out in 4.2 (which has been confirmed) I'll be the first one to pay 10k each for the "fire lands thing of crafting things" and the associated recipes. Any of my alts that I enjoy playing regularly will be decked out in whatever boe purples I can find and the same goes for my GF.

I'm basically leaving the Lunch Money bank perpetually open for any and all purchases. I do however wish there was something really significant and memorable that I could buy like I did in wrath. I'd love to buy a max level guild, but I highly doubt that would be possible due to all of the members that would have to be considered.

What would you do with two million gold?


  1. Similar to Gevlon's experience with The Pug, you could pay a wage in gold out to people for their weekly earned Guild XP or something. You couldn't buy a level 25 guild, but you could certainly pay a lot of people to level one up for you. If you wanted, you could be completely uninvolved except for inviting and paying people out, or you could get involved and start some easy farm raids for some of your alts or something to help generate more guild XP. Or at least, provide a bonus to people for starting those raids (as it hugely increases guild XP gain). Soon enough, you'd have Lunch Money at level 25. Could even pay people to perform the Stay Classy achievements to unlock the last guild bank tabs, which would be extremely useful to your own purposes. That's what I would do with 2 Million gold.

  2. thatguy/Cogglamp from MTankadin.comMay 4, 2011 at 7:41 AM

    Congrats daemonym! That's a big milestone.

    Maybe you could do a "Brewster's Millions" type of thing and see how quickly you could blow it.

    I think I'd be hard pressed to actually spend 2 million gold without blindly just giving it away. I'd buy a Swift Spectral Tiger, Lightbringer's Tabard, and a Love is in the Air Rocket. Then I'd probably hit the AH again because I'd be pissed that I spent my gold.

  3. A spectral Tiger would be the only thing I can think of that would really cut into it, other than that I've already got everything I need pretty much so the gold just piles up for the fun of it, it's like a high point score on an arcade machine!

  4. The timing and content of this post is very interesting to me personally since I'm getting close to reaching a milestone myself and started thinking about what I could spend it on other than material things in-game. For instance, I thought about organizing a mass raid of 200-500 players to attack the opposite factions major city and paying each a fixed fee for participating.

  5. @ Joe
    I'vr actually considered that. But there's a few things that are making me hesitant about ti all though. One is I'm nervous about adding other people into the guild in general, second I like keeping it as me and my gf only. Lastly that is a ton of work to keep track of things that I really don't think that I have time for.

    @ Thatguy
    Thanks a lot! As for how fast I can spend it, there are 20 pages on the AH during prime times, so I'm sure I could make mining profitable on my server for that time by keeping the price at 200g per stack hehehe. Unfortunately you can get banned for things like that O.o

    @ Sahiel
    That exactly the same way I look at it. At this point, gold has zero value to me what so ever, I just collect it because it's fun. The other night I dropped 50k into my raid guilds bank as a motivator to down council in T4W on 25m. Which by the way is a ton harder than on 10. We've spent several full raid nights wiping at 20% or something absurd and finally got them down with only 2 deaths. So gold still has a use for me.

    @ Anon
    On my old server there was a guild that organized something they called "Lagforge" where them and two other full raid groups would go to IF and just hang out for an hour killing everybody in sight. It was pretty hysterical honestly and I think there's a few vids of it floating around on the tubes. If you do it, definitely get somebody to record it because it would be too funny not to!

  6. I like the video game high score reference by SAHIEL... on point with that...

    The PVP world epics sounds fun too...

    I have the 1million gold goal.. but what do i do with it? I have no idea... I already do what i want, when i want and get mad about it later so, Thatguy has that poin nailed of spending it and then getting mad and going back.. i do that weekly...

    I guess the best part about having 6 figures in gold... It's way more relaxed for me.. I never worry about the cost of repairs, Gems, enchants... or the raids fish feasts, or cauldrons... I just foot the bill on all of it.... The hard part is not being a complete and arrogant arse, and getting elitist about what I have and "they" don't... to them, the gold is a big deal and they hoard piles of it...
    their great 5 didgit piles... and somtimes 4 digits or barely 5...

    I will hit 85 soon, and I will pimp out that toon with some epix... gems enchants etc... that will be fun and what else am I going to spend it on?


  7. @ Achieve
    Saying it's about the journey is 100% right on. I completely stopped caring about money once I hit 50k. At that point the gold in and of itself had zero meaning to me. I kept at it for the fun and to see if I could go that far. Obviously I can.

    As far as being elitist, I'll never forget what it's like having to do dailys on a pvp server in TBC or farm primal air in nagrand. So I feel a bit silly when people say "Oh well I only have 40k gold, that's not really a lot compared to you."

    At this point in the game, 50k might as well be a million, you can do whatever you please if you do it wisely. I think 50k is a ton of cash even though I just donated that much. Sure it's a drop in the bucket, but it's mah buket!

    But when somebody says making gold is hard or that they just can't, that's when I'll call them a moron. But if you think 50k or even 20 is a lot, I'll still agree with you. 20k is even a lot for me.

  8. Just wondering, do you transmute your common gems to rares? and if you do, which ones do you go for? I've been transmuting cardinal rubies to inferno's and that seems to work out well.

  9. @Stokpile - Tracking the actual guild XP wouldn't be that hard. In the guild roster pane, you can use the pulldown for Guild Activity (Weekly) and do a weekly payout, or you can do Guild Activity (Total). Weekly might be a pain in the ass, because you'd have to check it like Tuesday night or something (you'd have to confirm when it resets, I've never checked) so you don't miss anything. Alternatively, you could use the total amount and do that weekly, just track it in an Excel spreadsheet or something. Type in Joe's XP, subtract what he had last time you checked, then pay out on the difference. You could use that to do paydays bi-weekly, monthly, or maybe based on every 5 guild levels or something like that.

    Going through the guild roster and collecting total XP numbers on a monthly basis wouldn't be that hard, just add a new column to your Excel spreadsheet each week, have it find the difference between last checkpoint and this one, and calculate the payout. Next month, just add a new column and repeat. It takes less than 6 months to get it done, so if you did monthly payouts, that's 6 times you've got to go through the spreadsheet. Remember too, you'll have a lot of people that join with the intention of earning money, but dont, while some people will go all out doing it. If you set a minimum amount to get your payout, that'll save a lot of time in terms of figuring out payouts. And once you've got a level 25 guild, you can kick everyone and be done with it. Hell, you know what, to save yourself work, you could contract out the tracking. I'm not on Ysera, nor do I intend to be, but if I were, I'd take a payout to join your guild, build a GoogleDoc or something to share with you, serve as a payroll department, and tell you who to write "checks" to and how much.

    I also really like the idea of doing it monthly, because then you can send the checks out on the first of the month, which completes the metaphor of something quite similar to welfare checks.

  10. @ PC upstart
    The only rare gems that I xmute are reds and oranges. That's entirely due to their rate of sales. I sell more of those two colors than any other by far so if I don't xmute I'll never get enough from only prospecting.

    @ Joe
    Like I always say there's a large difference between "hard" and "overly time consuming." I know it wouldn't be hard, as in difficulty, to track who I owe how much to. But the actual process of it would be rather lengthy unless I did t monthly as you suggested. My main issue with monthly payments (as hysterical as it would be) is that I doubt I'd get that many people to come work for me. Bi-weekly might be another option as I could definitely deal with the hassle that way.

    Though what would be perfect is an addon that works just like auditor does and spits out how much gXP who got in a given time frame. Or one that adds it to their guild note in the same way that EP/GP does. So that way every week I could just ask the automated payroll department how much I need to cut a check for. I'm sure such a thing might exist or will in the near future. Perhaps I should go looking.

  11. Gold doesnt have much value. I post less often, I am in less markets. Just glyphs and gems. I have been buying stuff like crazy since I hit the million. Have bought a couple of vial of the sands mounts for a couple of people, I have all the mounts I can buy etc. i have gone back more into playing and posting less. Posting time is way down thanks to undermine journal. Getting the glyph market every night from 10 till morning is an easy chunk of gold. Not sure If I will ever stop the process but I am at 1.8million liquid.