Friday, May 13, 2011

Going to rift

Remember when I said I was going to be sticking around for a while? Well I lied apparently. Wow just can't hold my attention that much anymore. I raid 3 nights a week, do auctions occasionally and the rest of my time is me afk or gearing up umpteen alts with my gf. Not that interesting, especially for a monthly fee. I suppose you could say that the straw that broke the camels back was having my account locked for the third time in a week because I have to reset my router daily and that gets blizz to thinking I've been hacked into.

Meanwhile a bunch of people I used to run with and had fun playing together have gone to rift including half of their guild. So my wow account is officially canceled (again) and I have started up Rift and this time it seems I'll be gone for good.

I'm glad you all kept on reading and if you have any interest in playing Rift you can look forward to me doing the blog thing on there. Same place, same schedule.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, it's really sad to see you go, you had the best blog content that I've read, always to the point and always giving great tips, not just vague articles like most others! I'll miss your advice, hope you return one day!
    Have fun in your new game and good luck!

  2. Stok - been a pleasure mate. You've run a really great blog! All the best with Rift.



  3. scrumpyraven - kilrog (formally arkraven)May 14, 2011 at 2:11 AM

    so long and
    thanks for all the fish

  4. Indeed;

    So long,
    and thanks for all the fish

    Sad to see such a great blogger leave, but I guess
    that it's not worth playing a game you no longer

    Best of luck in Rift, and may you continue your economic blogs for us to read ;)
    (I'll read regardless of it not being about WoW)

    So long!

  5. Sorry to hear you arent enjoying Wow anymore, I will definitely miss your writing, the series on undercutters was especially helpful to me in keeping my glyph market dominance.

    Hope to see you enjoying RIFT and putting out more quality articles. I tried RIFT but it didnt hook me well enough to switch from wow just yet; the lack of addons put a big damper on it for me.

    (any chance you could toss up the second part of your shuffle article?)

  6. End of an era. (Also I'd be scared if I was playing the AH on any Rift server you're on.) I'll update the Directory.

  7. Good luck stok. I've had a great time reading the blog posts. Maybe I'll hear from you again on a rift blog when I'm done with everything and start going into rift.

  8. Always a bit sad seeing an excellent blogger such as your self quit, but I wish you all the best in Rift and life.

    Best blog I have read since I first read Hit the Cap which got me into gold making.

    so long

    xoxo anaalius

  9. All things change. The good thing is that you will keep on blogging. Maybe you will inspire me to try it out. The way the toons look turns me off though.

    Have fun and good luck reaching your new goals!

  10. Sorry to hear you are moving on but everyone has to do what they enjoy.

    Best blog I've read about making gold. Period. Always well thought out sensible stuff that is actually relevant.

    Cheers Stok, I have more than a few hundred thousand I would never have got without your blog. Cheers.

  11. You will be missed; I was so excited to see you come back for Cata, but if it doesn't hold your interest there's no purpose in staying when there's something you'd rather be doing!

    You will be missed by me, and I'm sure by many others.

  12. Best of luck, Stok! Your posts will be missed for sure.

  13. Sad to see you go Stok! By far one of the best, if not the best gold blogs around.

    Good luck with RIFT, maybe we'll see you return in the next expansion? ;]

    What do you plan on doing with all of your gold? Giving it to your girlfriend or keeping it safe, just incase? I've often wondered what I'd do with mine if I ever quit.

    Take care! x

  14. Thanks for all the tips, it has helped a lot and made the game much more fun.

    Any chance you can put up one more 'stock pile this' list before you go?

    thanks and enjoy Rift.

  15. Stok,

    We have had a few great comments back and forth, and I really enjoyed EVERY ONE of your posts. A great has moved will be missed!

    But wait....are you leaving blogging or just WoW? As a fellow Rifter (not much, but I still login here and there), are you starting a Rift blog? I would love to know!

  16. Now that you are gone, any suggestions on other gold blog that is as great quality as yours?

  17. Anonymous,

    You won't find one. If you do, let me know...

  18. Sorry to see you go. This was one of the few WoW gold blogs with good original content.

  19. Obligatory: Can I have your stuff? :P

    But in all seriousness, enjoy Rift, it really can be a lot of fun and especially so with a lot of friends. Your blog has consistently been one of the very best AH blogs i've read, and even if it's not WoW related i'll continue to read and see what you think of Rift, hopefully we'll still see you around MTadin as well a little bit :)


  20. You'll be back soon enough. Breaks are great, but they always do return quickly. Rift will die out like all the others.

  21. More than any other blog out there I have been challenged, educated and entertained by yours. Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into your blog over the years.

    I hope you enjoy Rift. If not, I sincerely hope you find your way back to WoW.

  22. Can't blame you. Rift rocks! :) Going back there myself too once they add cloaks and capes to the game! And LFG tool.

  23. This blog had so much great, relevant content, not falling to the level of all the sponsored gold blogs out there. You were an inspiration and incredibly helpful, sorry you're leaving.

  24. Noo, the best gold blogger is leaving wow... again.
    I was so happy that you came back for cata and now your leaving again.

    But if you don't enjoy the game anymore there's no point in playing it.(although judging on how good your blog is one would assume you loved the game, but it turns out your just a really good writer).

    Now what am I going to read everyday? no other gold blog out there post as much as you do and has good information.

  25. Fickle Little Riddle here. I'm going to take the liberty of answering some of your questions, give my thoughts on some comments and give all of you an update on Stok's doings. Who else better than the lady he spends his time with? I have the inside scoop! =)

    Is he gone from WoW for good? I highly doubt it. We both needed a change and Rift is offering that. It's a breath of fresh air.

    Is he handing his WoW gold over to me? No and I wouldn't ask for it or take it if offered. I bit of a secret... It was my gold making way back in the day of our playing that sparked his drive to play the AH. The crazy amounts of gold I was making with JC to be exact.

    Not to feed the Annon Troll, but have I to say it. NO Stok didn't get a perma-ban. If he had I'm sure there would have been a ranting post for you all. Stok is an above board player.

    There is a LFG tool in Rift now. Just added in a patch a few days ago.

    We are very much enjoying Rift. Even for being shortly out of Beta, the content has a solid foundation. Yes we are both hitting the AH right out of the gate.

    I feel that being the AH players we both are that Rift is giving us a very unique opportunity. Getting in on the ground floor level so to speak with the game being so new. I predict serious domination in most markets by Stok. We play it smart and each do different professions thus giving us both access to many more materials and items. Which in turn opens the door for those niche markets we are fond of finding.

    Our toons are lvl 38 and on the fast track to 50 (the current cap). We are loving the rifts and invasions! We are back playing with friends in a very chill guild that is full of excellent players. Raiding will be a blast! Also loving the lack of Barens type chat in trade.

    I've rambled enough, but would like to finish this post with thanking all of you for the support you give Stok. Look for him to be posting about our time on Rift!
    <3 Fickle Little Riddle

  26. Hey all, I wanted to chime in real fast to let you all have a quick heads up on what's going on.

    First as Fickle said, I'll be keeping the blog running as I write about rift and all of my shenanigans over there.

    Second, I still have a handful of wow related entries still written up which I'll be posting in the order I wrote them for starting again on monday as per usual. Once they're all up I'll write a final entry relating to wow and the blog where you'll get the full 411 on my plans.

    Third, you all are awesome. I mean it, I'm really blushing after reading all of the comments here today. I'm the kind of guy that doesn't take a compliment very well which is why I always try my damnedest to be the best at anything I do. Words cannot express how appreciative I am of all the kind words, I mean it.

    Thank you.

  27. Dueces bro.

    Its already all pretty much said up there...

    I play to amuse myself, when you make a million in wrath, hit 2 million in cata... and been there done that with the raiding thing... I can see how the amusement button gets harder to hit.
    If thats close to your possition.. I understand completley.

  28. It's just interesting that someone who lives and dies with the game just quits cold turkey and clearly begrudges doing so (I lied "apparently"

    I am calling shenanigans on the sudden change of heart. Sounds not like someone got caught doing something they shouldn't have and doesn't want to face the music. Like say, someone losing 2M gold instantly and quitting in a rage.

  29. Thank you Stok...
    You have made me a better AH'er.
    Best of luck and hope that you do return someday.



  30. Wondered where you went. Sorry to see you go, my dps competition is no longer. Take care man.