Sunday, May 1, 2011

I have 2 million gold

Yes. Really.

Full screen image.

Somebody out there has over two million gold and plans to do absolutely nothing with it but make more. Even more unbelievable is that that someone is me and actually does have a life. Be afraid, be very afraid. Much like my other success entries, this is where I allow myself a bit of a pat on the back and to brag a little. But fear not, as always I will give you a few keen tips on how to make the wow gold. I'll skip the whole defending the fact that I have a life and a job etc outside of the AH because that's not necessary. And if you think that, well, stop being jealous.

How I did it can be summed up in one word and one word alone: Persistence. Don't give up, don't lose sight of your goal, and don't compromise. That is probably the best advice that I or anybody else can ever give. If you want to hit seven figures then you have got to keep at it every day and that is just what I did. Stick out every drought in every market because no matter what, they will pick back up eventually.

To date, my most profitable markets have been rare gems and enchanted scrolls. Knowing when raids let out the most throughout the day is very important to working these markets so ask around on your server. Talk to guilds that are known to down more than 2 bosses a week, ask in trade or just watch trade chat if pugs are fairly popular and successful. By successful pugs, I mean that they get through at least 3 bosses or else there won't be much gear handed out that needs gems and enchants.

Anytime a patch is coming, be damned sure to keep a close eye on the changes. Check up on the patch notes every day to see if there are any potential changes coming that could effect the AH. And don't just look for ones that say "Enchanting materials are changing." Everything effects everything on the AH, it's one big ocean out there. An effect on gems will effect enchants which will effect farmers and so forth. With every change to professions (and sometimes even classes) there will be a market and supply shift.

Speaking of classes, keep up on what the "flavor of the month" class and spec is for pvp, usually in 2's. If the community decides that a certain spec is OP faceroll easy, start to sell resil/stat gems that match up with them. Even if they're not really that broken, do it any ways and reset prices if you have to. People that know nothing about pvp but still want "lulpwnface" will clamor to these things even if they're a terrible option. Don't judge their purchases, just make sure they purchase from you!

So what's next for Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny? First, I'm going to mix myself a sweet gin and tonic. Then I'm going right back to work making pretty pictures IRL. And I suppose I'll play the AH until I see 3 million. That's right I'll be sticking around yet. Though I will say this: the day blizz recycles another piece of old content is the day my account is deleted. But until then yours truly will be hanging around to provide you with quality content every week day.

Now don't you have some gold to be making?


  1. Mondo grats Mr Stokpile - mondo grats! : )

  2. Massive congratulations Stok :)

  3. Big Gratz from me too :) I really must knuckle down & get my head around your methods - mine work but I'm sure I work harder not smarter :)

  4. @ Mogul
    Mondo thanks!

    @ E
    Massive thanks!

    @ Nev
    There's always ways to cut costs and to cut time. If you ever find yourself idle waiting for a que or a raid to start, do some business. Do you spend an excessive time changing toons? Then maybe you should condense your bankers or use one of your crafting toons to do the banking for that market. Doing that saved me a ton of time working enchanting and gems.

  5. Grats Stok! I saw this get posted yesterday, and it was a dead link?! Glad to see you put it out!

    Sorry to hear that you will leave, as you know as well as I that Blizz is gonna recycle again....blah.

  6. Congrats Stock! or Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!
    You deserve every single coin ;-)

  7. @ Alto
    I don't mind vanilla content coming back as probably 95% of current players have only face rolled through it if that. But that's still very poor form for a game developer. If they bring back Kara though I will nerd rage something fierce!

    As for it being posted earlier, I was 10k shy when I was writing it and accidentally hit publish instead of save >.>

    @ Torgal
    Danke! And my how many coins there are to count...

  8. Big gratz, Stok! I mention you in my last post as one of the few that I would listen to when it came to the JC vendor nerf.

    Going for 3 mill is most deffo the way to go as long as you have fun doing it. I'll set my goal @ 3 million once I reach my first, but i've been spending too much time auctioneering, so I could very well put it off for later. Time tells.
    Have fun!

  9. "Though I will say this: the day blizz recycles another piece of old content is the day my account is deleted."

    Can I haz ur stuff!?


    Gratz! Your blog has been and continues to be a great resource for my own gold making.

    Try not to be disappointed when they remake old content. Honestly it makes sense since these areas become part of the living changing world instead of just dusty memories. The more areas they manage to bring up speed with the current story line the better. I think it would be awesome if they make a concerted effort to keep every area up-to-date. For instance when I decide to pwn Molten Core with my 85 I shouldn't find Rag (or other old nasties) in there, but some other baddie that has filled the void after Rags defeat.

  10. @ Grazy
    Thanks a lot! I'm still having fun with it all and I'm glad to hear that you are as well. Good luck on your goal of 3 mill, it's a long road but a fun one.

    @ Double
    If they're going to recycle old content they should do a tad more to update it than what they have been with is 90% scaling it all up. But seriously though, fuck kara. That place can just go die... again?

  11. Is it possible to have 11 chars in a server?

  12. Guess I'm a bit late but big gratz from me as well. You've been my inspiration it all started with. Unfortunately, I lost my drive when I realised I would have to level most of my profession chars to 84. But that maybe history as of the latest patch :)
    Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch No 2
    (yikes, the Germans are coming xD)


  13. Gratz to the two million. It really suprises me how your server can be so different to mine. I will never be able to make nearly as much gold in so short time. I have about 1,5 million gold. But it has taken almost the double if not more time. The prices on your server is ridiculous. There will be people that will tell me to learn how to make gold, but after som research i realize that it really is different from server to server. My JC and Enchanting market have been really unprofitable the last couple of months. You may say go into another market then. But what is there? maybe some small markets that never will make nearly as much. I have been making my gold through gear and shit but it takes alot more time. I can't compete with you atleast...

  14. Congratulations Stokpile. You deserve that Gin & Tonic.

  15. @ Jinx
    You don't need to get everyone to 84, not buy a long shot. Almost every good market is learned all from the trainers. Enchanting needs 84 for the maelstrom enchants which isn't a giant market right now. JC just needs the daily done which needs you to be level 80 and have high enough JC skill. In fact the only one that I can think of that NEEDS 84 is BS and LW.

    @ Raven
    Different servers are indeed different. If you're really having that bad of a time with jc and enchanting you might have to look into cutting costs on mats or perhaps you don't have the ore supply to fuel the shuffle. That isn't very uncommon anymore so that is very likely.

  16. I laughed when you said you will quit when Blizzard recycles old content. I will never understand why people hate recycled content. Never. It's like trying to understand religious views. I wish people would just make sense.

  17. impressive ! for gold makers