Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend discussion: 4.1 and you

Since last week's discussion entry did fairly well I decided to put up another one of the same vein for this week. Same deal as last week. Keep the discussion polite, constructive, and try to add in your own thoughts to each comment. Think of this as just another thread on a random forum about making the wow gold.

The topic for this week is how has 4.1 effected your market of choice BESIDES not being able to get free gold anymore. I'm sure that one thing that has hit all of us. What I'm mostly looking for is smaller things that we may not have noticed or thought about right away, but now that they're happening we can see them with perfect hindsight. As with last week I'll go first.

For me the biggest effect that I'm feeling is the sudden lack of volatiles. Obviously this is due to the shuffle nerf, but that's going to be the very absolute base starting point of any problem that's come around with us. The sales of pvp plate gear have gone way up and I'm almost of of materials for them even with over 5 full stacks saved up in advance. And accordingly the price on them has gone up as well so I am able to take advantage of that which is a great thing for sure.

They're not going for double the average price from last week which was only 200g or so. Now they're a steady 400-450 because not many people are able to craft them with the lack of supply.

How can a drought in supply be turned into profit? Simple. I start doing my elemental xmute for fires instead of air and put a pause on that stokpile. I already have a semi decent amount of them hanging around, but being able to keep selling the pvp gear at such huge profits is going to bring in much more gold than something that I don't need right now.

Sometimes you just have to make a judgment call and weigh what is going to profit you more, selling something now or something else later. Yes it is very important to stokpile for the long term, but you never want to miss what could vanish tomorrow.

So what odd changes in your markets have come around since the patch? What are the problems that they've caused? What possible benefits can be had from them no matter how big or small?

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  1. i more created problems for most of the others in my markets. since i learn from the best i stocked up on mats well before the patch. tuesday morning before the down time i emptied the ah of all the cheap trade goods(ore, herbs, gems, enchants). which when 4.1 went live cause huge spikes in prices locking out a good amount of my competition giving me 1 on 1 time with a few markets while everyone else was playing catch up. since the shuffle has died for so many i noticed a spike in enchanting mats prices and fewer competitors for many scrolls, leg armors(even the rare cata, epic wrath ones)

  2. @ Anon
    I saw a big increase in enchanting mat prices as well which I'm doing my best to capitalize on. I bought up the cheaper scrolls and have sold enough to make all of my money back and a small profit on top of it. Now I have a dozen or so scrolls to sell that are already paid for.

  3. Not sure what is different about my server but elementium ore is cheaper than ever, 21g a stack today for 100 stacks and lots are less than 30g. Gems have been selling like crazy, 70k or so in last couple of days. I havent changed what I do. I prospect elementium(as I always have), make meta's with majority of common gems and take the others to do cuts and sell. I dont get what I am missing other than maybe price of ore varying on other servers? Enchanting mats I havent touched in some time but I may.

    Glyphs also selling very well. My competition keeps leaving so only two other regular posters who go to bed early, thanks undermine journal.

    Other profs I leave alone as I am otherwise doing raids etc..

  4. Chant mat prices are being funny and hard to predict... well impossible... dust fell in avg price. and GCEs have risen... heavenlys are also on the rise....

    the GCEs are a bit surprising, and the heavenlys, not so much with the shift to Troll Hole dungeons vs. the old heroics... Dont have an explanation for the GCEs to go up and the dust to go down though....