Sunday, April 3, 2011

The odd enchant scroll

NOTE: The enchanting formula for weapon - executioner is most likely going to be removed from game come patch 4.1 when ZA gets upgraded. I'd highly recommend that if you have an enchanter to go farm the recipe before then. Even if you're not interested in collecting all of the enchants like I am, you can still sell it on a scroll or in trade. The short version is that this enchant may become a vanity item of sorts. How else can you be looking all fancy without having your weapon enchanted with something that can never be gotten again?

If you've ever checked through the enchants I mention on The List that I sell (and they do sell) you'll see some very strange ones pop up. Ones that I'm sure most haven't thought to put on a scroll. Just to give you an example, let me give you a handful.

weapon - executioner
boots - 5 agility
weapon - deathfrost
chest - 3 stats
weapon - winter's might

Using the above enchants, let me do a solo Q&A that I'm sure the average reader would be wondering. Do they ever sell? They sure do. Is the profit good? The mats cost almost nothing so yes again. How often do they sell? Only once every week or two. Is there any competition? Zero. Who would want these things? Damned if I know. If these things sell do damned slowly, why even bother selling them or collecting the mats? Because why not.

Your average AH player tends to ignore the slow sale items and focus primarily on the mid to and high volume markets. While this is indeed a great strategy and is proven highly effective, it a mistake if you want to hit the big time soon. As you're heard me say many times before along with every other gold blogger out there, diversity is king. When it comes to gems and epics, it isn't that easy due to deposit costs. But you really need to think of scrolls the same way people think of glyphs with the blanket approach.

An enchant scroll takes a deposit of a single silver coin. So what's the point? The point is simple; profit is still profit. If you buy one stack of the materials needed, you're good for a month or three. Just because I always tell at you to stokpile, that doesn't exactly mean a whole bank tab of it. It means enough to last you a long, long time. Take death frost for example. It is extremely uncommon to find an enchanter with this outside of the month surrounding the event and it looks pretty damn cool. If you buy a stack of primal water and shadow, that will last you a long time.

The other reason a lot of people avoid these types of markets is the added time. This is not a valid excuse. If you don't want to bother with a mechano hog because it sells so slowly you're forgetting something. You're forgetting how easy it is to add another section to your choice AH add on and the 1.4 seconds it takes to post it with a macro. It takes almost no time to add an item to be sold and takes only a few minutes to buy the mats and craft a couple dozen of them.

This is one of the several reasons that I keep working with so many odd things. Although I don't work glyphs because a dozen random things doesn't take nearly as long as several hundred. Simply put, keep your eyes open to trying new things. Don't shy away from things because of the time investment. You need to look at every market logically and in the simplest of terms. Gold.

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  1. but the glyph market is so good. granted there is a lot of time investment in the milling, but I just pay a guild member to do it for me. Well on my server it's a good market because I'm the only major supplier of glyphs. Every since cata came out I have been slowly raising my fallback price every couple of weeks. I stated at a 95g fallback, and now I'm at a 415g fall back price. And since my server is full of people who just undercut by a silver or a gold, they have helped encourage the high glyph prices. I sell at least 3-5 of my 415g glyphs everyday, and a ton of others in between (25g-415g). Now if someone can get a glyph for 200g on the AH they think that's a good deal. Funny considering it cost me practically nothing to craft them since I make all my money back selling the darkmooncards that i get with the inferno ink.

    Also those slow seller high profit scrolls. I should probably get back into those. thanks for the reminder stok :).