Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The new list (Cataclysm)

Voila! The fabled master list of Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny is here at last! I said a while ago that I was working on it and I think it's finally complete enough to share. The most noteworthy change between this list and the previous one (aside from the obvious cata stuff) is that the vanilla enchants of healing power and 30sp are no longer good investments with the change to intellect. So far I have sold only a pair of healing power and 30sp scrolls. If you already have the recipe great, but don't go dropping 10k on it. Yet all of the NR enchants are still going strong.

As before, this is a simple list of everything that is worth selling that I'm currently dealing in. Nothing special and no explanations, just a massive list of all that is profitable. Apparently I've set a trend with this so called "master list" thing. Whatever you see listed here I am either crafting or having somebody craft for me to sell and it all makes a profit. Anything from 5 gold to 500 gold. If you're looking for a simple list of what you can sell to make gold, look no further.

And to answer the constant question I'm seeing all over of "what cataclysm enchants are profitable" I've marked all of the cataclysm items I sell with a star. Also I've made a note under each section how much of each of the crafted goods I try to have in stock at all times.

(2 rods, 2 pyrium gear, 60 buckles, 10 weapon chains)

Titanium Rod
Adamantite Rod
Ebonsteel Belt Buckle*
Elementium Rod*
Pyrium Weapon Chain*

Elementium Deathplate*
Hardened Elementium Girdle*
Hardened Elementium Hauberk*
Elementium Earthguard*
Elementium Stormshield*

Ornate Pyrium Belt*
Ornate Pyrium Boots*
Ornate Pyrium Bracers*
Ornate Pyrium Breastplate*
Ornate Pyrium Gauntlets*
Ornate Pyrium Helm*
Ornate Pyrium Legguards*
Ornate Pyrium Shoulders*

Bloodied Pyrium Boots*
Bloodied Pyrium Shoulders*
Bloodied Pyrium Helm*
Bloodied Pyrium Breastplate*
Bloodied Pyrium Gauntlets*
Bloodied Pyrium Legguards*
Bloodied Pyrium Belt*
Bloodied Pyrium Bracers*

(6 profession bags, 10 blue leg armors, 4 epic leg armors, 6 heavy armor kits, 4 normal armor kits, 2 armor sets)

Heavy Borean Leather
Heavy Borean Armor Kit
Mammoth Mining Bag
Trapper's Traveling Pack
Twilight Leg Armor*
Scorched Leg Armor*
Savage Armor Kit*
Heavy Savage Armor Kit*
Dragonscale Leg Armor*
Charscale Leg Armor*
Icescale Leg Armor
Earthen Leg Armor
Frosthide Leg Armor

Bloodied Leather Belt*
Bloodied Leather Boots*
Bloodied Leather Bracers*
Bloodied Leather Chest*
Bloodied Leather Shoulders*
Bloodied Leather Helm*
Bloodied Leather Legs*
Bloodied Leather Gloves*

(20 NR level metas, 80 cata level metas, 100 inferno ruby, 100 ember topaz)

Transmute: Shadowspirit Diamond*
Transmute: Living Elements*
Transmute: Inferno Ruby*
Transmute: Ember Topaz*

(40 bars, 8 stacks of food)

Beer-Basted Crocolisk
Copper Rod
Smelt Hardened Elementium*
Titansteel Bar

(4 of each pet)

Obsidian Hatchling
Albino Snake
Calico Cat
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling
Brown Rabbit Crate
Cat Carrier (Siamese)
Mana Wyrmling
Parrot Cage (Senegal)
Red Moth Egg
Winterspring Cub*

(40 wires)

Delicate Copper Wire

Jasper Ring*
Carnelian Spikes*

(4 of each)

Steady Dream Emerald
Puissant Dream Emerald
Regal Dream Emerald
Sensei's Dream Emerald
Piercing Dream Emerald
Vivid Dream Emerald
Nimble Dream Emerald
Zen Dream Emerald

(6 of each)

Brilliant Inferno Ruby
Bold inferno Ruby
Precise Inferno Ruby
Delicate Inferno Ruby

(6 of each)

Quick amber jewel
Fractured amberjewel
Mystic Amberjewel
Smooth Amberjewel
Subtle Amberjewel

(4 of each)

Timeless Demonseye
Accurate Demonseye
Etched Demonseye
Glinting Demonseye
Guardian's Demonseye
Purified Demonseye
Shifting Demonseye
Sovereign Demonseye
Veiled Demonseye
Retaliating Demonseye
Defender's Demonseye

(4 of each)

Artful Ember Topaz
Fierce Ember Topaz
Inscribed Ember Topaz
Keen Ember Topaz
Polished Ember Topaz
Potent Ember Topaz
Reckless Ember Topaz
Resolute Ember Topaz
Adept Ember Topaz
Willful Ember Topaz
Deft Ember Topaz
Fine Ember Topaz
Skillful Ember Topaz

(6 of each)

Stormy Ocean Sapphire
Solid Ocean Sapphire
Rigid Ocean Sapphire

(6 of each)

Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond*
Burning Shadowspirit Diamond*
Agile Shadowspirit Diamond*
Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond*
Austere Shadowspirit Diamond*
Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond*
Ember Shadowspirit Diamond*
Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond*
Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond*
Relentless Earthsiege Diamond
Insightful Earthsiege Diamond
Chaotic Skyflare Diamond
Austere Earthsiege Diamond

(3 of each)

Ink of the sea Glyphs

(40 netherweave bags, 10 gem bags, 10 imbued nether bags, 10 rare spell threads, 4 epic spell threads)

Netherweave Bag
Powerful Ghostly Spellthread*
Powerful Enchanted Spellthread*
Bag of Jewels
Imbued Netherweave Bag

(20 bombling and smokey pets, 6 world destroyers, 5 yeti, 10 de-weaponized pets, 40 fused wiring, 2 choppers)

Pet Bombling
Lil' Smoky
Fused wiring
Personal World Destroyer*
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion*

(4 of each scroll, 1 of each maelstrom scroll)

Enchant Weapon - Berserking
Enchant Gloves - Armsman
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spellpower
Enchant Weapon - Mongoose

Enchant Chest - Greater Stats
Enchant Weapon - Crusader
Enchant Weapon - Lifestealing
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect

Enchant Weapon - Agility
Enchant Weapon - Strength
Enchant Chest - Major Health
Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon

Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility
Enchant Weapon - Icy Chill
Enchant Boots - Minor Speed
Enchant Weapon - Unholy Weapon

Enchant staff - Greater spellpower
Enchant - Hurricane*
Enchant chest - Major mana
Enchant off hand - Superior Intellect*

Enchant bracer - Precision*
Enchant boots - Precision*
Gloves - Precision
Enchant weapon - Black magic

2H - Massacre
Gloves - Armsman
Weapon - Deathfrost

Bracers - Speed*
Bracer - Superior spellpower
Boots - Haste*
Chest - Mighty stats*

Gloves - Haste*
Boots - Tuskar's vitality
Shield - Major Stamina
Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina

Gloves - Crusher
Cloak - Stealth
Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality
Enchant Cloak - Wisdom

Enchant 2H Weapon - Mighty Agility
Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Agility
Enchant Weapon - Blade Ward
Enchant Chest - Stats

Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower
Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect
Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost
Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility

Enchant Bracer - Dodge*
Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower
Enchant Boots - Mastery*
Enchant Gloves - Mastery*

Enchanted Lantern
Enchant Cloak - Major Agility
Enchant Chest - Mighty Resilience
Enchant Gloves - Major Agility

Enchant Boots - Major Agility*
Enchant Boots - Assassin's Step*
Enchant Boots - Lavawalker*
Enchant Bracer - Agility*

Enchant Bracer - Greater Critical Strike*
Enchant Bracer - Greater Speed
Enchant Bracer - Major Strength*
Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect*

Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina
Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats*
Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike*
Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery*

Enchant Gloves - Mighty Strength*
Enchant Weapon - Landslide*
Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent*
Enchant Weapon - Windwalk*

Enchant Weapon - Executioner
Enchant Cloak - Titanweave
Enchant Shield - Lesser Block
Enchant Boots - Greater Agility

Enchant Boots - Agility
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit
Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Spirit
Enchant Chest - Exceptional Spirit*

Enchant Boots - Greater Spirit
Enchant Weapon - Icebreaker
Enchant Gloves - Minor Haste
Enchant Cloak - Greater Speed

Enchant Chest - Super Stats
Enchant Gloves - Blasting
Enchant - Heartsong*
Enchant Boots - Surefooted

Enchant Gloves - Agility
Enchant Cloak - Lesser Agility
Enchant Boots - Greater Stamina
Enchant Bracer - Deflection

Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina
Enchant Bracer - Greater Strength
Enchant Weapon - Superior Potency
Enchant Weapon - Greater Potency

Enchant Weapon - Potency
Enchant Weapon - Blood Draining
Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina
Enchant Cloak - Lesser Agility

Enchant Shield - dodge
Enchant Chest - Greater Dodge
Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Where from do you still get the Essence of Air for the Agility enchants ?

  2. @ Arch
    I buy them from the AH if/when they're available. The drop rate is so low they're not worth farming by any stretch.

  3. How many 475 JCs do you have? Would need 2+ at this point right to have all those cuts?

  4. @ Anon
    I mentioned at the beginning that everything here I craft or have people craft for me. So the answer would be "However many are on the server."

  5. Runescroll of Fortitude 2*
    on my server the price of inferno ink is 110-130g so for a stack (20x) is around 2500g is still worth it? (people is going to buy a buff that will cost 'em 120g+ each time?)

  6. Hi

    Just wondering if there is a special reason you don't craft any other BS items such as the PVP armor or something like that.
    Is it not worth it on your server?


  7. I'm actually surprised by some of the stuff you have on here. I am high-pop server and there is very little gold to be made in JC. I think it is because almost everyone has one. It isn't unusual to see the cut gem sell for less than the raw gem and most cut rare gems sell for less than 20g. Enchanting scrolls usually sell for less than they take to make, so I just sell the raw mats.

  8. @ Xylaria
    You guessed, the blue crafted gear is still being dumped for either material cost of 10g above. After the AH cut it's a loss and that's not including the 2 hard bars you need to learn it on your own.

    @ Anon
    YMMV as always, but there's a good number of cata scrolls that are selling at a loss on my server as well. Gems fluctuate a lot but are generally profitable, but this is mostly because ore prices are still high unlike some servers where it's a profit to cut and vendor from prospecting.

  9. Why do you not sell Destructive Skyflare/Shadowspirit meta gems? Currently these are extremely popular for arena/BGs for the RNG spell reflect and I don't see many people selling this cut on my server. It may reduce in popularity once the 4.0.6 metas for +primary stat/+crit damage designs come out but for now I sell at least a few each day.

    Just something to think about.

  10. do you have any idea how to "dominate the market" or create a sort of monopoly on the AH? im wondering if say, u chose to try and create a monopoly of pyrite ore and it worked? the owner would be incredibly rich

  11. I am cente from TSM and would like to make your job as automated as possible for future generations using our addon.

    I'm hoping you still read these even though you've gone on to rifting. I would be exceptionally interested in how you mule and post exactly. If one were to accumulate every single item on this list the items would have to be spread out between numerous characters or constantly in a state of rotation on one mule's mail cycle. I would die to see this list sorted out in bag/gbank/bank spaces presented in a 100% crafted state. Showing screenshots of your bank space and bags would help tremendously. Just a suggestion for a weekend post in the future that would probably help a lot of fans as well.