Monday, January 24, 2011

Report: 1-25

If you've ever wondered why my weekly reports are so long it's because they, well, cover an entire week. As the week goes by I write into a draft entry what I'm doing, buying, noticing and so forth. Then once the weekend comes around I edit it around and such in case I contradict myself or get an idea Monday, write about that, then go with it and make a decision on it Friday. In other words, they're as close to live moment to moment market updates that I can give.

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week total gold: 517,000
Current gold total: 582,000
Total sales: 231,000
Weekly profit: 65,000
Amount spent on Stokpiling: 161,000

Break down by profession
Gems, LW, & misc: 46,000
Tailoring & vendor pets: 16,000
Enchanting & smithing: 113,000
Glyphs & inscription: 36,000
Engineering & mining: 20,000

Notice the new additions to the professions? That's right, I'm starting to work glyphs and enggy gets it's own section now that it's making me some noticeable bank. Same goes with mining as it's worth mentioning due to it's profit even though it's not technically a crafting profession and only works in material conversions.

And holy mother of dog shit have I been stokpiling this week! Read on!

Detailed Recap:
My constant ever present M.O. has always been to stokpile as much and as often as possible. And that has never been more prevalent than now. I must have bought a few thousand ore to shuffle around. And I'm on one of those weird servers where it's 100g/stack and DE'ing anything but the spikes is a loss. I've also dropped at least 10 grand on volt life in anticipation of the patch and new alchemy trinkets. With all of the prospecting I've got about 80 raw metas hanging around. I really hope the new cuts are fairly easy to farm up.

I also sold out of the old enggy pets and spent another few thousand on mats to craft 30 of each. I also am starting to stokpile inks again as I'm finding that late at night is when a few stacks of old world herbs show up for good prices. Also on the prospecting note, I'm going to need at least another week or two so that I can move all of the common gems I have that aren't metas. I bought tons this week that's going to take me a while to move.


I managed to finally sell the enchanting horde pet for a small 200g profit. Considering the time it took to sell I'm not going to bother with it as the materials are still falling slowly. I would imagine that it can fetch top coin on the neutral AH though. At the start of the week I ran out of infinite dust and had to go back to DE'ing old WotLK JC rings. But when I ran out of abyss crystals that basically put a halt to that market. I've since increased my buying price to ensure that I can stay in the market. Some profit is better than no profit after all.

I've also been having some good profit from shuffling obsidium ore as I detailed in yesterday's entry. I have a stock of 2 stacks of raw metas that I'm holding onto while the rest are selling for an easy 80g profit. I'm still banking on being able to acquire the new meta gem cuts soon after the patch comes. But if not I can still make the money back with selling current meta cuts and raw gems easily.

Later on in the week I decided to pick up a round of vendor pets from the stormspire out in the nether storm. I set my mage's hearth right next to the vendor hoping to get my full mini pet business back into full speed once again, especially now that the high end enggy pets are going well. I wound up selling about a dozen of them at close to my max price by the end of the week. Good call on my part.

Also I've sold a pair of Elementium Deathplates this week, one for 10k and the other for 12k. That makes it 3 sold for over 10k at roughly 3,000 gold profit on each in a 2 week span. A very good profit margin as truegold is down to about 750 each and people are "selling" their orbs for 200-250 in trade while crafting for others. It seems that once again epic dps plate is a great seller. Thank you goblin death knights? Suffice to say, anytime I wind up with 3 orbs I'll be crafting one of these right away.

I'm finally getting back into the glyph business, not nearly as hard core as I was during WotLK. Due to the changes in how you can convert inks it's far more complex than it was before. To ensure that you're not losing money you basically have to buy herbs of each level to get your inks. Instead of buying a million of the newest ones and trading them down at the ink vendor you have to mill them all individually which makes for a lot of extra time. Add into that the constant lack of supply and high prices of them and it just isn't worth it for me anymore.

The NR level herbs are still around in a good supply now and then so it's even more important to stokpile them than before as supply dries up often. This also means that the total income from glyphs will be a lot smaller than it could be since I'm only working with IotS glyphs. But with the new high prices on glyphs it gives the potential for some really huge nights of selling. In fact on my first night of selling I pulled in over 5k gold from glyphs alone. Not bad for a one night stand. Towards the end of the week I started watching the supply and just said the hell with it and started making glyphs of all kinds when I could.

I finally managed to come into a huge supply of ore to prospect, so much so that I dropped a whopping 6k in a single night. That sure took some time to sift through. But it's all good, I managed to walk away with a dozen red rare gems, 50 greater essences, 6 blue necks, and almost a stack of every other color rare gem. In fact I wound up buying so much assorted goodies that night that I did several cancel/post cycles in a row because I kept getting more and more stuff to craft and sell in addition to numerous gem cuts being sold out.

I'm apparently being camped on my vendor pets market. So much so that they're down to 80g each and as low as 60 the following night. Why you'd camp this of all the markets out there is beyond me. I find it hard to believe that it's that profitable. Maybe they want the laughs all to themselves? Maybe they got offended at me laughing incessantly at the idiots that pay 500% more than the vendor cost and want to stop the mean man from doing laughing at people that don't (should) know better? Who knowsh highlander!

I'm starting to consider leveling up inscription high enough to craft the boe blue relics. I currently have him leveled up just enough to make the new warrior glyph and that's just from making fortune cards which I'd make anyways. I won't have to level my warrior as my other toons can buy the vendor reagents and just mail them off which is a plus. There's that and it would be nice to be able to say that I have all professions running at their maximum potential. But blah, warriors, blah inscription. Lots of effort.

After leveling up my shaman and maxing out mining I was finally able to smelt a ton of cheap pyrium ore I've been piling up so I can have a decent supply of buckles on hand. And by the time Saturday rolled around I had already sold off the 3 stacks that I had crafted. The same goes for elementium rods as most of the BS people out there have finished dumping their rods. The added benefit of being able to make hardened elementium bars which are selling for 20-80g profit depending on the
time of day.

I'm stokpiling volatile life as well because when the next patch comes there will be 3 new epic alchemist stones which requires (along with a few herbs) 50 volatile life. They'll each have a primary attribute of agility, strength, or intellect as the current one only has stamina. This means that oodles of alchemists out there have not crafted their stone and will be in a rush to grab the mats for their epic trinket.

Currently volt life is going for 8g and under so I'm buying up everything at that price and below in hopes of being able to double my investment by listing them in stacks of 50 when the patch comes. So far I've spent maybe 10k on them so far and I'm really hoping that I'm not just buying stuff to feed my volt air xmute for the next decade.

Last note is that I'm starting to get in on crafting the Tranquil mechanical Yeti pets. The globes of water are the hardest things to come by, but can be farmed relatively easy in un'goro crater and I'm told they get fished up fairly easily also. They sell currently for 400g each give or take and that's almost 300g profit. I actually went out and farmed the materials for my initial pair as I only had a few of the elementals on hand. One sold that night and the second sold the next morning. There isn't a lot of competition selling these for two reason.

The first being the obscurity of the materials, I mean globe of water? Come on, most people don't even know what that thing is, let alone what it's used for. The second is the sheer complexity of the materials needed which is why most enggy pets sell so well to begin with. The plans for the pet are learned by an easy quest chain in winter spring started by this goblin. Here's the material break down to craft one.

- 2 Globe of water

- 4 Thorium widget:
12 thorium bar
4 runecloth

- Cured rugged hide (requires 250 LW):
Rugger hide
Refined deeprock salt [deeprock salt, needs salt shaker]

- 2 Truesilver transformer:
4 truesilver bar
4 elemental earth
2 elemental air

- Gold power core:
Gold bar (makes 3 per craft)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I wish i had your level of sales to be able to stokpile. It seems whenever I try I just end up in a losing battle of spending more than I'm making.

  2. Well glad to see the machine is rolling and you seem to be having fun with the game... A break is often a necessary thing to come back and enjoy things like this game again. On the crafting Inscription relics.. run the numbers for your server, but you should be able to get good returns on them, its a fluctuating market on my server, but i still get steady gains from them. However my main business is impatience for the next darkmoon fair, since I can sit on the BOE trinkets, i make a good profit between fairs.

  3. @ dale, you have to play with markets and be persistent and patient... I can not tell you how usefull my spreadsheet has been for my business... its not a matter of level of sales or any other single factor IMO, its a mater of playing the game, and accounting for all the factors. I know exactly how much I will pay for all my mats, on spreadsheet, then use those numbers to make the max cost for my "LEET LOOTZ" that peeps buy. i then take that number x 1.05 for the AH cut an i know when i can not sell w/out possibly losing... the prices are my max and i often get mats under, so my profits are better than minimum... I also monitor the cost of someone else to buy mats on the AH, so all my milling is pure profit. takes a basic understanding of some algebra and spreadsheets, but it really is pretty basic. but my profits are in KNOWING the numbers.. and patience.. a willingness to tell a potential buy "no" what i dont tell them is i am a greed goblin and want a greater profit for my time and your laziness... in my markets it has worked well, but it is a different strategy from Stokpile's in several ways. Know your numbers... Lil Sparky's Workshop is an addon that may help you and is a lot less work than the spreadsheets, but less intuitive and flexible... mehhh.. GL buddy

  4. How much time do you spend per day between crafting and posting on average? I have been trying to tie into every single market in some way and it seems like I spend the majority of the time in game either buying materials or crafting without much time to actually play the game. With a bank of around 150k, I might still only average 10k-15k per week in sales using glyphs, some blacksmithing, and a few enchants here and there, with my JCing/LWer still needing to be lvled up.

  5. @ Dale
    If you're not making crazy weekly sales of course you can't stokpile EVERYTHING. But you can however stokpile things that you're actively selling.

    @ Achieve
    I never got much into cards because It's a bit too risky for me. That and I don't like selling in which seems to be the best way to get sales on such high priced (20k+) items.

  6. @ Leggo
    I spend about an hour in the afternoon and an hour at night. I do my buying while in que for a dungeon as dps and craft while I'm canceling auctions. The key is multitasking really. In dalaran I can make buckles while at the AH and you can do jc/lw anywhere. Do it in between pulls in a heroic or any time you have a spare few moments. There's always time, you just have to find it.

  7. I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you're back for Cataclysm - your blog is by far the most informative and useful I've come across. I was an avid reader during WOTLK, and when I saw "Stokpile" in a blog roll yesterday, I was over the moon! Fantastic stuff.

  8. Ah..maybe I should switch to dps then. Being a tank, I have very little time between queues. Enchanting/blacksmithing being on my main character, doesn't give me much to work with while waiting on everyone to get ready between pulls, other than DEing items here and there.

    Anyhow, I love your blog. Looking forward to learning much more about the AH pvp.

  9. Like you mentioned I'm also scanning regularly for older herbs to keep my glyph business going.
    It's funny how you can impact the whole market when going on a buying spree.
    Lately the outland herbs have been hovering around 3g per herb with narrow supplies.

    Well here comes the interesting twist as Cataclysm herbs get cheaper on my server.
    Yesterday I snatched stacks of twilight jasmine for around 110g / stack.
    With inferno ink selling over 100g a piece and minimum 1 inferno ink guaranteed per stack, this is now the time, where the Cata ink is very cheap and can be exchanged into other inks.

    By the way: Do you deal in darkmoon cards? I've been shying away from producing these - to much luck involved for my taste.

  10. As for me and the darkmoon trinket market, its prolly an anomally to the server, it had free horde transfers to get people off for a reason, but it has a voracious raiding crowd, and the aver prices of trinket and decks and cards all factored into my cost, and such, its a solid business, but the economy is huge, BoT trash runs all the time in trade chat with peeps going for the sole intent of getting BoEs to sell on the AH or in trade, 20K for valor boots seems to be the common number in trade but i have seen them lower. Over all there are pleanty of people here to buy the wares, and it seems everyone that had trinkets sold out of 3 of 5 already. Only AGI hurricane and Earthquake trinkets on the AH atm... but i sold my last earthquack for over the current cost of mats, and its the lowest seller. the rest are huge profit margins. on average the cost are about 100% return or more. will wait and see what the market does with the next fair, that's what i am interested in. its a curriosity thing, and I dont think i can lose. More patience would have probably gotten me about 10K x 5 on the tsunami decks if i still had some to sell.