Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Report: 1/18

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Starting gold: 425,000
End of week total: 517,000
Weekly profit: 102,000
Amount Spent on Stokpiling: 95,000
Trade skill ups: alchemy - 525, engineering - 500

Break down by profession
Gems, LW, misc: 46,000
Tailoring, enggy pets: 23,000
Enchanting, smithing: 96,000

And another long report this week. I've been working my way back into tons of new markets and changes are happening daily so I've got a lot to say. Once my shaman is done leveling I'll have them handle the enggy and misc markets to make thigns a bit more accurate

Detailed Recap:
I dropped another 4k on maxing out alchemy so I could do all of the transmute snazzyness which is yet another necessary investment. I'm sure that I'll more than make that up with meta gem sales once I acquire the new cuts in the patch. I also dropped about 2k or so on leveling engineering up enough to make the mini fel-reaver. I figured they've been going for a few hundred over material costs and I have good luck with the older pets so I'll give it a shot. A few hours later after crafting my first pair of world destroyers I sold one for a good 150g profit and sold the other shortly after.

The bonus is each one crafted gives me 5 skill ups so it's a nice way to max out engineering if you're interested. But even better than that was me logging on the following morning and seeing that I've sold 4 of them for 150g profit each. The fact that I listed them for 600g below the only other seller probably helped that a bit. I've since raised the price to 1,000g in hopes that they'll stay a hot commodity at that price. I'm going to look into finding a gnome that can make their version and have a pair made to test the waters. If their sales are as good as the fel reaver I'll be back for another dozen.

I also leveled engineering because it was a good excuse to level my enhance shaman and skill up mining at the same time. Hardened elementium is regularly going for at least 50g over material cost so this may be a good way to make some easy money with any extra elementium bars that I pick up.

With JC it seems that the obvious gems are still obvious. Strength and intellect are once again fetching a high profit with equally high competition leading to large price swings. While this is great for a small boost of income, it's not for those that want high consistent profits due to the massive amount of competitors out there. They don't have to be goblins, just a jeweler that happens to know a str/int gem cut and they list tons of them every day. The key here is to watch closely as there will be luls here and there in sales. What I do is keep a pair cut and have my threshold set around 170g rather than my normal 15% minimum profit.

Because of this my best gems have been the off the beaten path gem cuts, especially mixed colors. Artful topaz is a great seller and has been going for triple the raw gem price lately. The same goes for blue hit gems and yellow haste gems. After doing a significant amount of reading on EJ it seems that any DPS class that buys a haste or crit gem are definitely Doin' it wrong (tm). But hey who am I to judge? They make me rich and I'm completely ok with that. I think my next pick will be puissant green gem thingy. I got a number of green rare gems and have to off load them somewhere.

I ended up buying the cuts for haste and mastery and even though they have lower sale prices, are the most consistent sales I have in gems. Once I get a handful more cuts this is truly going to be a profession to rival my enchanting market I can see it now.

Prospecting has been going shockingly well. Buying ore at 90g/stack is either a huge over all profit or at worst, a 1g loss. The raw gems are going for on average 18g and change with some going for 80. Red commons double their value by turning them into greater celestials. And any spares I get are turned into meta gems with alchemy.

Speaking of alchemy, I'm finding that xmuting elements is a far better investment than truegold. Life goes for about 5g while volt air (while xmuting in uldum) goes for 30-40 and is also used for hurricane scrolls. The scrolls give me up to 200 profit each and the xmute itself triples my investment. The truegold mats only leave me with about 200g profit with no procs and that's as high as I can usually sell a CD for. Unless you're notorious for tons of procs, take another look at what you use your xmute CD on. I personally prefer a higher profit margin than a higher item price tag.

Leg armors have been in a real flux lately with the changing prices on savage leather so I backed off of those for a little while. They're being crafted a ton, but sell just as often so it's more a matter of when to sell rather than if. The profession bags are still going strong with the exception of pack of endless pockets which I've stopped crafting. I never made any during wrath because it was a highly crafted item to level LW. I tried it again with cata as there were none on the AH for several days and decided to give it a shot. Thus far I've only sold one for 37g and another for 80g while the rest sell for up to 150 a piece. So I'll be keeping a single one crafted for the odd times where prices go up and I can catch a nice profit.

The volatiles are slowly starting to creep down in price from 20g to holding steady at 15ish with a few going steady at 10 and under. So I'm going to be using most of them for dream cloth CD's until they level off before I start to stokpile them again. The earths seem to be a major "choke point" in that so many things use them be it for skilling up or for gear enhancements at 85. As such whenever I see these at 10g I buy everything I can but never a copper more. Granted I only use them for a few things personally, but I use them a lot.

Belt buckles are flying off the shelves at a nifty 50-150g profit which is sucking up my supply of volt earths along with the dream cloth requiring 30 of them. I'm still not getting into crafting elementium rods as those are still getting dumped and the bars are going up and down almost hourly.

However out of curiosity I bought a few extra stacks of bars when they were low as they're needed for buckles and made a pair of rods. I set my threshold price high then lo and behold they sold that night for 150g profit. I looked and there was only one other person selling them. So I'll be keeping a pair on me for when that happens. I also crafted an elementium deathplate with the orbs I've acquired through my daily heroics to see how that does. I know the crafted epics were huge sellers back in WotLK so I figure I'll give this a go. Especially since orbs are BoP there's nothing else I can do with them.

The epic dps plate chest wound up selling for a 400g profit 2 days later while the rods are selling for a good profit only when there aren't others on the AH. So I'm expecting the elementium rods to be another hot selling item once people are done dumping what they have. I'm getting tempted to try and flip all the ones I see that are under material cost since mine are starting to sell regularly.

As for tailoring, bags sell the moment I list them but the spell threads are too risky to craft for the same reason as the new enchanting rod is. However WotLK epic threads are going well as are the new epic ones made with dream cloth. I've stopped crafting frost bags because the dust needed is for one, non-existent, and for two simply give me a much higher return with enchanting. So tailoring is still a niche market profession. If you can get a firm hold on the market it's all you'll ever need to get by but won't make your filthy rich.

Enchanting scrolls are starting to come down in price and materials are in the process of leveling off instead of plummeting. This is a good thing as I've got plenty of dust to use and the only worthwhile enchants barely use any of it. I'm hoping that the dumped scrolls will either be bought or dropped soon to open up a few dozen more things for me to sell in this market. Still having great fun with the NR enchants and a few select twink scrolls. Sadly essence of air is -still- non existent and the drop rate is still absurdly low. Such a shame because they sell
for over 300g each.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. There's a dude in Tanaris with a book that allows you to switch Engineering specializations, and the nice thing is you don't lose the recipes learned in your previous specialization.

    As a result, I have both the Personal World Destroyer AND the De-weaponized mechanical companion recipes among others, and you can too.

    The guy is located at the quest hub by the silithid nest by CoT post-shattering.

    The cost to change is 150g I believe, and you have to talk to the book twice. Once to drop a specialization and once to pickup a new one.

  2. @ Lain
    O RLY!? This is some good news, I'll look into that once servers come back up. I have no fancy recipes so at worst I'll lose 150g and 15 minutes of time. I'm looking forward to this, especially if I can finally find the mechanical toad recipe on the AH. You shall receive cookies if I can be able to make both at the same time!

  3. Thanks for another good blog update! I have a quick question on cata enchanting recipes: I'm a JC/Ench and I've been doing a lot of prospecting recently to get enchanting mats, however I'm struggling to actually sell cataclysm enchants for any profit, which ones are worth looking into? I'm at 525 if that's any help but I haven't bought many 525 recipes as they all seem to be too costly due to the maelstrom requirements.

    I've tried Hurricane which was good for a while but has plummeted recently, I'm also going to try and get some profit on 2h mighty agility and mighty stats (seems overcrowded). Are there any other recommendations or should I just sell my enchanting mats.

  4. @ Magnus
    My best seller of the new enchants is actually mighty stats, the +15 one. I sell them for 120g each and list them 4 at once because they sell so fast. Hurricane is good, but you have to be careful as you noticed. Also there is mighty agility to 2h weapon and avalanche. Check the prices on carnelians to DE the fist weapons, you can save a ton doing that.

    As for the maelstorm recipes, I haven't even touched them yet for the same reason.

  5. Haven't seen it mentioned much, but when I saw how much Maelstrom Crystals were going to be worth, I ditched my alchemist's 2nd prof and leveled her enchanting. I made all that I spent on leveling back the same day and am making 10k a day profit on just the crystals. Also, on my server at least, glyphs are still making me 8-10k a day average.

  6. This is a beautifully informative post!
    First blog I ever followed before you quit last time, for this reason. You are VERY detailed!
    Keep up the good work.