Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Convert to goblinism and profit

Like they always say, old tricks are the best tricks. So today you'll get a nice list of old silliness that still works by simply right clicking or hitting a craft all button that the buyer usually can do themselves. Some have small profit margins, others are huge but as always YMMV. Last thing to keep in mind while reading is that this is only going to be a solid method while prices are still high. Once prices normalize this won't be viable for the most part, but you never know. Always keep an eye out for these people.

Borean leather --> Heavy borean leather. Must have LW

I took advantage of this big time in wrath to the point that I destroyed the LW market for anybody needing heavy borean. I was making almost a grand per day with this lovely trick. Just buy a ton of plain borean leather and have your LW turn it into heavy then profit. I generally buy normal borean at 50 silver each and sell the heavy for 8g, basically doubling my investment. With any spare heavy you can turn them into heavy armor kits or mammoth mining bags (sons of hodir revered) which still sell for a nice profit, especially since there's little competition with them now.

Abyss crystal --> infinite dust/cosmics. Must have enchanting

The abyssal shatter enchanting skill can make you a nice return depending on your server. Personally I'm using the crystals on berserking scrolls, but if you don't feel like working that market or just want a great laugh give this a try. Just buy the crystals and smash them into lesser mats to sell.

Lesser celestial essence --> greater celestial essence. No profession needed.

This one just astounds me. Why do people buy greater essences? Because that's what the recipe needs of course! Who cares that you're throwing away 20g by doing that amirite!?
Yeah ok I'm not even going to bother with a witty comment on that one. I'm buying lessers at 17-22g each and turning 3 into greaters (which you don't have to be an enchanter for) and selling them off for 70g each. Nice return and great laughs for that. Also works with NR materials.

Small heavenly shard --> large heavenly shard. No profession needed.

Same thing as the essences, buy the smalls and make them into larges for profit.

Void crystals --> large prismatic shards. Must have enchanting

Same thing as the abyss shatter, but with TBC mats. Buy a void crystal, I pay 3g ea, shatter it and sell the 2 large shards you create which I get 4-5g each.

Carnelian --> Carnelian spikes. Requires both enchanting and jewel crafting

The DE info on wowhead is currently incorrect and this will DE into 2-3 greater celestial essences instead of lesser. It takes 3 jeweler's settings and 3x carnelian which on my server totals about 60-70g to craft. The fun part is that almost all of the time you'll get 2 greater celestials which I then turn around and sell for 70-80 each. Printing money just like the start of wrath. A nice little fringe benefit of this is that these are a great way to level up your JC skill high enough to do the daily quest for tokens. And in case you're wondering, you need to have 475 skill in JC and get the quest in Org right next to the trainer. Good stuff.

I haven't tried breaking apart primals from TBC or eternals from wrath, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if that or the reverse can make a profit as well. That's all that I've done so far that are tried and true. Some have faster rates of sales and profits than others, but it all depends on your server's prices. Regardless of all that, I'm sure no matter what one you're on there's plenty of morons that want to give you gold for being such kind hearted (yet not so bright) people. Give it a shot.

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  1. I love the Carnelian spikes. they cost about 75g to make and 90% of the time I get 2-3 greater celstial essence, which go for about 75g each on my server. The profit margin is HUGE for those, and the demand is really great atm.
    Great post as usual.

  2. Great post!

    I've been doing the Abyss Crystal trick, buying up any that show up in the AH under 10g. There is a fairly strong supply, almost always some are listed below 10g.

    Note that at 22g / 70g, the lesser-->greater play doesn't sound very good to me. Factoring in a 5% AH cut, that's 50s = waste of time. Besides, on our server, there's no real arbitrage to be had, and if anything, greaters go for less than 3x the price of lessers for some reason. Less bag friendly.

    I've done the Carnelian spikes trick a couple of times - but the market for Greaters on our server isn't super (they're 45-50g each), while carnelians go for 20g each. Add the "painful" trip to the anvil and it makes the effort iffy (compared to other money-making opps). Still, it IS a great tip as there will be times when this is a quick, sweet way to make money (I'd think it's a better opportunity when the server's crowded, i.e. on weekends).

    Keep the ideas coming!

  3. Also check out creating alchemist stones and disenchanting them. (Requires alchemist + enchanter)

    Good tips, I've covered these kinds of 'old and reliable tips' in the gold guide and I find that these are what starting players should absolutely master before going into heavy crafting strategies. If you don't take the time to learn supply and demand with these tried and true methods then you won't be able to grasp it later on.

  4. @ midas
    I reference the celestials because it's worth a few easy gold on my server, but I'm sure there's a few people out there that can find a good deal on.