Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Report: 1/11

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Starting gold: 440,000
End of week total: 425,000
Weekly profit: -15,000
Trade skill increases: enchanting-max, tailoring-max, smithing-max, leather working-500, mining-450, JC-515, inscription-450

Not that organized or in depth as before I know. I'm still sorting out which bankers are dealing with what and of course I had to buy a few pricey purples for my DK chica which put a damper on the total profits obviously. Along with old world and 310 flying. Also the profits aren't 100% accurate as I've leveled a few of my toons so their questing gold and rewards threw a wrench into the mix. In other words take this weeks profit report with a grain of salt, but the sales and market research are worth paying attention to.

And here's a (bad) screen shot of a few vendor pets that I remembered to screen cap when I collected the mail.

Detailed Recap:
Alright this is going to be a fairly long one as I'm recapping everything from the last several weeks of my assorted AH playing. During my vacation I didn't have much time for the AH game, but still got quite a bit done.

I've gone through over 6 full stacks of enchanting vellums, so that should give you a good idea there for the enchanting market. As you may have guessed from my recent posts, twink enchants have been booming along with goose and berserking. In fact, I've been selling a boat load of formerly high end WotLK enchants. From staff spellpower to power stats.

The enchants from cata that I've been having good luck with so far are Hurricane and heart song for weapon and Intellect to off hands. Those have been getting me about 200-300g profit each. They also gave me 3 skill ups each to boot. But those are currently in decline but do have their price spikes again. Just the other day in fact I sold a hurricane scroll for 1k gold which was about 400g profit. Not bad if I do say so myself.

I also bought a maelstrom crystal for a cheap ass 1k gold and crafted an enchanted lantern. It hasn't sold yet horde side with only 1 other person selling one. So it looks like this isn't that great of an idea currently but I'll try selling it to the alliance and see if I get any takers.

I've once again emptied the AH of borean leather for a solid week. It's up to over 1g each for a single piece of regular leather. Go me! But with that I've also gotten back into selling the LW crafted bags and am getting 100g+ for the mining bags. But far slower sales for the skinning and scribe bags so far. I'll be keeping a few of them to be listed as no competition is a good thing... for me that is. The tanking leg armors are selling for a very nice 100g+ profit while the dps ones are selling at a loss.

That's most likely (almost guaranteed) because of where they fall in place of leveling up LW. It stays orange for a while and is almost a promised sale at some point so they both make a decent bit back. As to why it's one and not the other I'm not sure. One likely answer is that the AP armor is learned after making 5 of the stamina armors. So people will keep crafting the AP armor until it turns green thus flooding the market.

Also I've gotten back into selling the vendor pets from dalaran. Buy them for 40g from the vendor and AH them for 200g each, got several sales already so look into this if you haven't.

Tailoring is slowly being leveled and keeping itself afloat with nether and frost bags along with ghostly spellthreads. Decent profit on them, but the market is still a bit shaky on it. However converting cloth into bolts is very profitable and I can't guess why that is. Bolts sell for 60g+ and the cloth to make them is only about 40g total. Towards the end of the week I got my mage up to 84 and maxed tailoring by making dream cloth and tons of spell threads. I crafted a few of the epic ones once I got the pattern and sold one of each that night and the rest the following day. The stamina ones sold for 850ish and the spirit one sold for 1,100 and change. Not bad for 1 out of 5 possible week long CD's. If you'll be working the epic threads pay very close attention to the volatile markets as they're quite volatile.


For me the volatile air cloth is far far too expensive to be worth making as it's over 1k gold (airs at 33g+) and the threads sell for less. That and I need the airs to make hurricane scrolls. The chaos dream (the one with the orbs) is a great money maker to craft the dream cloth if you just CBA to spam trade with "will work for food" posts. The good thing of the volatile markets is that they stack up to 200 instead of 10 or 20 like before. That means that people will sell under market price fairly often if you'll buy out their stack of 132 volatiles. And since you're a good lil' goblin (you did race change your banker didn't you?) you can buy them all up and undercut without fear.

I've barely touched BS as the ore is insanely pricey still, but it went down some for a day or so and I snatched it up while the getting was good. I maxed it out by crafting the epic dps chest piece as I had the orbs already. Unfortunately bars are quite a bit higher priced than the ore and I don't have a capable miner just yet. So the buckle market is still a ways off. I did buy a few pyrite bars at 50g each when somebody dumped a few and made a nice 80ish gold profit per buckle which sold that night.

My miner is a lowly 73 and getting them high enough to max mining will take a long time, especially since I hate questing in NR. Once they're able to smelt pyrium I'll be back into that market full speed. Though later on the prices of pyrium slowly dropped and I started to stokpile a bit of it and once again buckles are impossible to keep in stok.

/happy dance

As for gems, I only have 4 recipes so far (mastery, strength, haste, hit) but they're selling fairly well with a decent profit. However the red gems are constantly shifting in price up to 100g drops so I'm getting out of that for a while to let it level off. The yellow gems though are pretty stable and make good profits along with the blues. I'll be picking up an orange and purple cut next, but haven't decided on which ones just yet.

Lastly on JC I haven't even touched meta gems yet. Since blizz made the main melee dps gem completely worthless and totally fuckered about with the rest it's still having extreme price shifts. Since so many people aren't sure what they should be using and there's still plenty of people dumping under material prices this market isn't worth getting into just yet. Although blizz has stated that they'll be reverting the change to the melee dps gem so it will be worthwhile again. As it is now, having more blue than red gems is absolutely retarded even with hit being blue.

This all translates in to me spending 15,000 gold on:
Max enchanting
Max black smithing
Max tailoring
Max jewel crafting (close enough)
500 skill leather working
20k darkmoon card
10k epic belt
10k epic chest piece
Stokpile of materials

At the end of all of this I've managed to max out BS, tailoring, enchanting, and almost done with LW. That combined with the buying of epic gear for my DK and starting to stokpile all of the new materials, the fact that I'm only down a few grand isn't too bad at all. Personally I think I'm doing very well already with all things considered. Easily the best spending decision I've made hehehe.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm having the same problems with my JC/BS character getting him from 65 to 75 NR just isn't doing it for me anymore. maybe I should pick a different line through NR questlines to get me motivated again

  2. Meta gems on my server are selling great. I only have the dps gem(54crit +3% crit damage) and the healer one (54intel, +2% mana) and I sell about 5 of each everyday on average for about 400g each. I didn't think the dps gem would sell since it's so messed up but it does, and very well.

  3. After a month sitting on the sideline of the glyph biz.. got back in last week.. dumped roughly 12k on herbs.. got a nice return.. as glyphs are 100-400g.

    Dae... stop by for a chat. Ty for the AH inspiration too :)


  4. Wow DMC are only 20k on your server but 10k for the epic plate gear?
    On my server DMC are running at ~30k and the craftable epic plate gear is around 5-8k depending on the piece.
    Been looking for a darkmoon card but I just refuse to pay 30k, if they were 20k I would drop the cash in a second.

    Been making huge bank on Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, Goblin Barbecues and flasks mostly, belt buckle market is superb right now.

  5. @ Onnes!
    Add Kalimah, I pop over to that area now and then =P

    @ Anon
    You should've seen the prices before they droped. DPS chest epic was 20k, cards 40k and belts at 15. What kind of cash are you making from the BBQ? Is it worth getting skilled to that point?

    @ hiru
    I'm astounded the dps gem is selling at all. I'll consider getting it then.