Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revisiting addOns

NOTE: Looking for help on something that's been bugging me since I started the whole AH thing. The way I keep track of what I have is by using altoholic to add to an item's tool-tip how many of those that I own. When I'm going through my trade skill window I can see how many of each I have. The problem is that this doesn't work with enchanted scrolls since they're counted as spells in the skill window. Does anybody know of an easy way to do this with enchanting? Like when I mouse over an enchanting skill's toop-tip it tells me how many of that enchant I have on a scroll. A giant box of cookies if you know how!

Alright I've officially got my addon situation sorted out, but the daily process/method still has work being done. That won't likely be set in stone until I'm back working in all the markets again. Good news is I'm using the same ones as before without much change needed at all. All of the developers have done a great job in keeping them up to date with all the old functions (and a few new ones I'm still discovering). Most importantly, all of the abilities they give relating to playing the AH remain. So here's my run down of all the tech I'm using complete with links and a description of how each one works.

Zero Auctions:
The quintessential auction post/cancel addOn is still around. If you're familiar with Quick Auctions then you already know everything about this one. But if you're not the short and simple version of it is this lets you set price thresholds for selling any item you want. It will also scan all of your auctions and cancel any that you've been undercut on and can post all that you have in your bags in moments. I could not possibly live without this one. If you're new to it you can find my original Quick Auctions set up guide here.

This is a great tool to have when you need to buy tons of different materials but can't remember how many you already have. The simple thing that I use this addOn for is to see what I have already in the guild bank, other toons, on the AH on which toon and in my bags. Different server? No problem. Different guilds or factions? Still not a problem. Coolest part is that you can even search everybody's stuff including banks, guild banks, profession CD's etc.

By search I mean like google style, just type it in and you can see who has it. So if you can't remember who you gave that odd random mini pet to you can find out. You also get notifications in your chat box when something like an alchemy xmute CD is about to be finished. Very important.

Mail Opener:
It does exactly what you'd think it does, it opens the mail for you. But it's more than just simply saving you a click here and there, no it will open ALL of the mail for you. And the best part is you can tell it to keep doing it so you can collect all 400 mail you have while you're afk. The only problem is the 50 mail cap on the mail box, but you can avoid this by either waiting 60 seconds or reloading your UI and starting it again. More on that later.

The once and great king of AH addOns. These days the main thing I use it for is the ability to sort listed auctions how I want be it by price, item level, etc. It also has the 1 click bid, buy out, and cancel function which is amazing. Lastly it has the appraiser tab which works like ZA does but requires more attention spent on each item being sold. This is perfect for things that have a constantly changing market value and need some extra hands on time. While this one isn't essential to the AH baron, it's still a great tool to save some time here and there for sure.

This one is just my personal preference here. It was also the first addOn that I ever installed way back when. It just combines all of your bags, both personal and bank, into a single window. And it also adds to an item's tool tip how many you have, on what toon, and if they're in their bank or not just like altoholic does. The only feature it's missing is telling you what's in the guild bank. If it had that then I wouldn't need altoholic. Suffice to say if you don't like having to sort through 5 bags this is perfect for you.

Works with mailOpener for the auto collect feature among other things like choosing what kind of mail you want to collect, like only sold auctions or collect all canceled auctions. Very nifty.


/console reloadui
Does what it says and reloads your UI. This is what you want to hit to "refresh" your mail box if you're having to collect more than 50 mails at once. Get the first 50, hit this, then repeat.

/click StaticPopup1Button1
This is the macro you use to hit the confirm box on the AH when posting auctions since you now have to actually hit a button instead of afk posting 1000 auctions. I bound this to Control+Mouse wheel up/down. So when posting auctions I just hold down the control button and scroll the wheel up and down a bunch and this takes care of it.

/run local i=1;local n=1;while n ~= nil do n=GetAuctionItemInfo("owner",i);if n~=nil and strfind(n,"^Glyph of") then CancelAuction(i) end i=i+1 end

The classic cancel all of my glyphs macro. I haven't personally tested this with cata, but I don't see why it won't work. You can also change this to cancel any broad group of auctions like flasks or enchanted scrolls. Just change where it says "Glyph of" and replace that with "Scroll of enchant" or whatever you need done.

Ok I think that sums it all up. An AH baron is only as good as their methods and tools. These are just the essentials and recommended addOns so don't go thinking that these are the only ones worthwhile as there are dozens out there to check out. There's plenty of people that recommend ones like auctionator or auction lite, though I haven't had the time to try them out and learn them personally. As always find out what works best for you and your methods.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have an addon suggestion that is general in purpose but is useful for us goblins nonetheless:
    Bankstack. Instead of using Bagnon or a similar addon that modifies how your bags are displayed, this addon simply sorts your bag, bank and guild bank intelligently and with one click if you use Fubar, Broker or even via the minimap. Since picking up the addon I have yet to lose something in my bags or bank, outside of initially when I didn't know understand the addon's sorting logic.
    Can be found on WoW Interface.

  2. For enchanting, I've just used a pen and paper. :P

    Although, there might still be a way to do it with Altoholic if you go into an individual character's Altoholic window.

  3. On a same note, instead of Bagnon and/or Altoholic, I only use ArkInventory. It does everything: sort the items in your bags (you can create custom groups beside the default ones) and grouping them all of the same category in one place, for easier finding; search field inserted in your bag interface that will highlight the object you're looking for; search item function that will return item count and location (bags/bank/alt name); tooltip info for every item stating count of the item and place of it (self/alt/bag/bank/equiped); automated stacking for loose items in your bags and many more.

    For enchanting scroll business I strongly suggest ScrollMaster. It does exactly what you're looking for. Cheers and welcome back :)

  4. Have a look at BaudManifest. The best bag-Addon in the wordl!

  5. @Dan
    Totally agree with you on bankstack. Best addon for sorting and mass-moving stuff ever.

  6. @ Dan
    I'll definitely give that a try. I wouldn't mind not having to sort my enchanters bags every time I restok myself and such. I'll give an update after I check it out.

    @ Archangel
    If that scroll addon works you get cookies. And not just any, I'm talking about the good stuff! Question on Arkinventory though. Does it also add in the item tool tip if you have any on the AH currently and search through guild banks as well? Those are the 2 most important features of altoholic. If it can do that I'll list it as another alternative.

    @ Edgar
    I'll look into it.

  7. For scrolls as well as all other professions, I'd recommend my :) It's not finished yet but the current state is very usable.

    In regards to the line;
    "Works with mailOpener for the auto collect feature among other things like choosing what kind of mail you want to collect, like only sold auctions or collect all canceled auctions. Very nifty."

    This is no longer true. The original version of MailOpener relied on Postal to do the opening but it has been heavenly extended ever since and has an improved opening mechanism of it's own.

  8. I use Auctioneer, but I also have Auctionator installed, which I use to build custom shopping lists. For instance, a list named "Truegold" brings up the mats needed to create that item, so a quick click brings those items to the buy window. Much faster than any other method I have found. I also have lists for each type of ink, containing the herbs needed for that ink. Auctionator plays well with Auctioneer, simply adding another tab at the bottom of the auction pane.

    Question: Do you know of a way to get Altoholic to work across accounts? I want to put my bankers on my second account, but the share-account feature does not seem to work well for this. Suggestions?

  9. @ imraith
    I don't know of an addOn that works across accounts, that's something I've never had to look into. For the custom shopping lists, can't you do the same with a snatch list in auctioneer?

  10. @Imraith
    As a multi-account user, the account sharing module of Altoholic is useful, but it does not automatically update. The best addon I use for managing alts across multiple accounts, besides Altoholic, is ZeroAuction's mass mailer. This will become MUCH more useful once guilds hit level 17 for instant mail across accounts within the guild.
    I'll have to check Auctionator out; the lists seem to be much more useful for me since I usually only buy materials that the character I'm currently on can use.

  11. Seems Archangel beat me to the cookies. I had the same problem with enchants and scrolls. Scrollmaster solves this nicely. Tells you how many and where the scrolls are (ie. in the AH or an alts bags). It is also nice in that you can restrict which enchants are shown to the ones you are selling. The developer of ScrollMaster (sapu94) is working with a team to develop TradeSkillMaster which will do all trades.

    @ Imraith Dos Santos: I have the same problem with Altoholic (two accounts). Also, the shopping list plan in Auctioneer is gold. I use it for almost all my mass buying. I find it way more efficient than Snatch because Snatch is one big list. I can have individual lists for each of my crafters/goods. I generally put the items I buy less frequently in Snatch.

  12. Im using the exact same addons - Bagnon, like you say personal preferance and ive always just like different bags for different items.

    I would say the rest are addons I class as my vital addons for autioneering.

    Props to zerotorescue for develping 2 of them aswell!

    xoxo anaalius

  13. Sadly, I don't believe ArkInventory keeps track of the items you have on the AH. I might be missing it, but I just checked and couldn't find any. I find it very helpful mainly for the auto sorting/stacking function. I was surprised when you asked if it tracks the items listed on AH, cause I just realized I don't need such a feature in my daily business, beside the scroll market. And in that case, ScrollMarket covers that. Tracking the scrolls on the AH that is.

    Anyway...I love cookies :)

  14. * I meant ScrollMaster.

  15. I'm a little surprised that KTQ wasn't on this list! I had a question about KTQ as well, not sure if you use it but I'm assuming you do. If not, I hope someone else here can help :(

    I want to start using KTQ to queue up glyphs that specifically use a certain ink. For example, I am currently swamped in Inks of the Sea, and want to make 8 of each glyph that use Ink of the Sea, but don't want to do "/ktq queue 8 glyph" and then just delete everyone that doesn't use it. Does anyone know of a way to do this?