Friday, January 28, 2011

Future patch speculations

I see a lot of people wondering if they should start stokpiling pyrium ore in the event that blizzard lets you prospect epic gems from it. There's also the question (in my mind at least) of glyphs for all of the new skills that came with cata. Currently the only one in game is for warriors which is no longer able to be learned as far as I know. I've done research for two weeks now and haven't learned it and glyph books hold nothing new to learn.

So here's my thoughts on some things that may come.

Pyrium ore. I'm stokpiling this for sure, but not right now. Prices on it are still falling bit by bit each day and I only have so much storage space. Once it goes down a little bit more I'll start filling up bank tabs of it. I would recommend you do the same only with a few caveats. First, I use pyrium bars to make a ton of buckles so I'll be using it all at some point no matter what. So if you're going to buy it up and let it collect digital dust I'd tell you to wait a bit.

Can you afford a substantial investment and not be scared? To fill out a bank tab or two it'll cost upwards of 100k and you will see absolutely zero return on it for a good amount of time. If that makes you feel uneasy or if you simply can't afford it this isn't for you. This type of investment is for the people that have already made their 214k and not for those that are still building up their funds and AH infrastructure.

So once the ore falls to about 160g/stack or so I'll fill up a bank tab and an alt's bank with mining bags for it. The draw to this is the absolutely massive profits that can be made. We all remember the price of titanium ore go up ten fold during wrath and we have a good idea that blizz likes to stick to what worked in the past. So I think the chances of this giving epic gems in the future is very likely. If not I'm going to lose an ass ton. This is leaps and bounds the largest investment and risk that I've ever taken. Exhilarating ain't it?

Glyphs. I seem to remember reading that blizz didn't want to add in glyphs for the new skills until people have had a chance to play with them as they were designed first. I could easily be wrong on this, so if you know otherwise or know the source of this feel free to say so. However it would also be very strange of them to add all of these nifty new skills that were designed in the interest of fun and not give us a chance to add any flavor to them. If I could glyph a boomkin's muchrooms to look like the extra cartoony version of the ones from super mario I totally would. Or double the damage of necrotic strike and remove the healing debuff. There's a lot they can do with any of them.

That being said I'm sure they'll add in a few down the line, but the question is how will we go about getting them? Will they be just vendor sold recipes or will they add in a new glyph research or book for us scribes to grab? Who knows. But after that we need to guess what inks they'll need, and my guess is that they'll all need the new black fallow inks to be crafted. I'm basing this entirely on the fact that that's what the warrior glyph needs. That and they're new with cata so it would make sense that they need new herbs.

So that means that I'm going to start stokpiling cata inks to craft a ton of these. Once they come out, and I'm positive that they will, the demand for them will be enormous. That demand will siphon all of the ink supply and drive the prices sky high. There's a lot of room to make some profit here be it from the glyphs themselves or ink or the herbs. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Appreciate the ideas. I agree that it's likely Pyrium Ore and Blackfallow Ink will spike in demand when epic Cata gems and Cata glyphs emerge.

    Blizz has a little more control over the Ink spike than the Ore spike, though. When they put in the new gems, they'll have to do it all at once. In terms of glyphs, though, they could trickle them in slowly.

  2. @ Midas
    That's a good point about the glyphs and is a real possibility. However it seems to me that sending them in slowly would be a bit odd as there's only a couple dozen new skills. However they may only have glyphs ready for some and decide later on that skills X,Y,Z could use one as well. We shall see.

  3. Are you starting to save your jewelcrafting tokens for the epic recipes already?

    Honestly, I've been a little disappointed with the jewelcrafting profession so far. Up till the end of Wrath you could make a lot of easy money. But so far the prices for rare cuts have been low across the board. More importantly: The volume of sales is still very low. I hope this picks up in the next weeks - it's pretty obvious that rather few people are raiding right now.
    So I picked up recipes for all colours and put them on sale, but I'm hesitant on learning new cuts.