Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The other night the enchanting materials and gem markets crashed in a few spots, namely shards and dust. Meanwhile infinite dust has rocketed up to 10g each with a few pages up. Shards have been cut in half and celestials have dropped 20g and hypnotic dust is down under 10g ea. The same thing happened with raw gems where prices are now down to 30% of what they've been for a while. I wouldn't mention a price drop if it weren't for the fact that there's tons of them in that price range with the crafted versions having a drop in price as well.

This is probably because cata has been out for a while and more stuff is getting DE'd instead of being put to use. Hell the last few heroics I've done everything got DE'd minus a single piece of gear. That leads me to believe this is happening, or is about to happen, across all of the servers. Also as more gatherers are out and about instead of leveling they're farming ore with the same thing going for skinners and herbies. So prices have taken their initial dive which means that their getting closer and closer to leveling out to their normalized prices. Even if you've been making a killing flipping and selling your over priced wares, this is still a good thing.

Oh noes what to do!?

Don't worry, I got this. With this being the seemingly new price I'm expecting that it will hold steady for a week or so before any more major drops happen. So I'm busy buying up all of the cheap stuff that I can and selling it all at the new low market values. However I'm only going to be buying a little bit more than what I need instead of creating a massive stokpile to fill my bank. Once things start to go down again little by little, I'll only buy materials as I need them instead of in advance like usual. This will prevent me from having to sell at a loss and will keep my weekly income in the black.

I suggest you do the same and keep a close watch on the market to see how prices are fluctuating on your server, but I wouldn't be surprised if you experience the same thing as I am right now. I remember once in WotLK the epic gem market crashed -hard- over a weekend on my server for no reason and the same thing happened on numerous other servers. Why these things happen I can't say with any certainty other than sheer coincidence. But when something is expected it is not beyond some measure of control and potential for profit.

In the mean time however I'll still be buying up carnelians to craft JC fist weapons to DE as that still doubles my investment even after a large price drop of celestials. The same goes for flipping jaspers and zepherites every day. They're neeed for the JC daily where you have to cut 3 of a certain blue or green gem and turn them in. Note that you have to actually CUT them, you can't just buy the pre cut gems and complete it. And since it's only ever these 2 gem colors you can take control of the market fairly easily.

They get as high as 80g each when dailys reset. With this you can try buying them at normal prices and list them in the morning as singles for a mark up or in stacks of 3, the exact amount needed, and a larger mark up. Try both and see what people are most likely to pay for them.

If there's a large amount of miners lowering the price of ore, most JC's are probably prospecting ore and likely have a few already in their bags. If this is the case selling them as singles would be best, but if ore is still priced high selling them in 3's would be the way to go because people mostly won't have any spares or a stokpile of them in advance. Sadly for me there's usually not many of these raw on the AH so I'm not able to be a good goblin and stokpile them for myself, but it does make prospecting a stack of obsidium ore seem much more promising.

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  1. They nerfed the JC daily? I have had to cut 3 Nightstones (purple) several times on my JC and since it's has the lowest chance to get with prospecting and sells for around 80 g each fairly regularly, I'll be delighted with the change! I have blue & greens coming out of my ears.

    OTOH, my realm is still behind yours. Most crafted items are selling for way below the cost of making in JC & Tailoring so I'm sticking to selling the mats.

    Thanks for the great blog! I enjoy your writing style and insightful information

  2. AFAIK, nightstones are still used in JC dailys, although not as often as jasper and zephyrite on my server. Flipping them is still decent gold, and your advice on 3-stacking is dead on.

    My server is also lagging behind yours. Enchanting mats are still flying off the shelf, but competition is catching on. Rare gem prices still fluctuates wildly; I am averaging 3-8 rare gem sales a day.

    Debating how much uncut shadowspirit metas to stock up. They are still relatively expensive (225g+) on my server.