Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old markets are thriving markets

NOTE: I edited in a short section on JC as I've been experimenting a bit before I wrote this entry.

Seeing as though prices on most mats are still ludicrous I figured I should write a bit on old markets that are still around and as healthy as ever. So for those of you that can't or won't make the several grand investment into working the new gems, enchants and such, this is for you. Note that I have yet to touch alchemy outside of metas and am not ready to tame the glyph monster just yet. In fact, unless herb prices -drastically- drop I probably won't be getting into glyphs at all. I'll be giving a listing of each profession and what I'm currently doing with them that doesn't require huge investment costs in leveling and materials. Enjoy.

This is still my favorite and most profitable market. Said it before and I'll say it again, get in on this! Twink enchants are still going strong. However there's a few new additions to this list. Mongoose and berserking scrolls are selling several a day everyday for me and more than doubling the material costs. Mongoose for 480g? Yes please. Berserking for 450? Thank you much! The only ones that are selling slow are +4 stats to chest and icy chill.

Granted icy chill was always a slow seller, but nobody else makes them so it's worth having one or two hanging around. So here's the old enchants that are selling very often. Unfortunately essence of air is basically non-existant so I can't comment on the agility scrolls, but I'm sure they're awesome as always.

1h Mighty Intellect
Major mana
Major health
Life stealing

I've been having decent sucess with NR level meta gems, this is mostly due to the high prices of current metas. Here's the ones that have been selling most often.

Insightful earthsiege
Chaotic skyflare
Eternal earthsiege
Austere earthsiege
Beaming earthsiege

I'm sure you know where I'm going with this one. Enchanting rods, fool! Still constant sellers and even more so now as there's even less competition than before. The list is short, so here's the ones that I'm selling still. Note that I'm not making elementium rods just yet as they're still selling at a loss

Eternium rod
Adamantite rod
Fel iron rod
Titanium rod


As I mentioned in the conversion entry, regular to heavy is still strong along with the rest of the vendor exchanges and mining bags.

Arctic fur (bought with heavy borean)
Heavy borean leather
Heavy borean armor kits
Mammoth mining bag

Not much being sold here other than the obvious sadly. With the price of NR eternals down so low you can make a killing with selling the specialty cloth to people leveling tailoring through that range. And the bags of course are still impossible to keep in stock. Unfortunately bags have a retarded long crafting time.

Netherweave bags
Frostweave bags
Ebon/Spell weave cloth

Same as before with a few small items having a solid niche market for fun and profit.

Fused wiring
Pet bombling
Lil' Smokey
Smoke flares of all colors (don't ask me why)

Ok that basically wraps it up. I'll be updating The List once I start working my way around the JC racket and see what's what there. Granted not everybody has an enchanter to make easy money, but there's still plenty of ways to generate income with other professions that don't need you to farm. I'm guessing that the markets will have normalized for the most part fairly soon with another big drop in prices a month or so later. Here's to hoping it comes sooner. Anybody else making good money with other old stuff?

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  1. Stok - loving the timeliness of your post. I'm largely working within the old markets due to lack of supply on my server. They're definitely still there and doing nicely. : ) I recently posted here: on tackling the glyph market's crazy pricing. I'll provide proper feedback soon but at first blush glyphs are selling for the seemingly insane prices of the upper hundreds.

  2. On my server (and others including gevlon's), only Ethereal ink based glyphs (and maybe one blackfallow ink glyph?) are made using cata herbs. The rest are made using either northrend or old old world herbs, making the price much cheaper. There is gold in them glyphin hills.

  3. Um, their are no tailoring specializations anymore, just thought I'd let you know. Also Adamantite Frame's. I sell them for 135g each on my server and they sell fast. I don't know why they sell so fast since it's a bc mat but I can never keep enough in stock. (and 135g is a HUGE profit for these things)

  4. Agree about the insane herb prices; however, I have compensated somewhat for that by raising my fallback to 299g ;p

  5. @ hiru
    Ah thanks for letting me know. I just crafted a ton of spellweave while afk and sold them all over a few days time. Good to know about the frames, I'll give that a go again on my server.

    @ Foo
    On my server there's almost no supply of herbs aside from NR or Cata and like silver leaf heh. So unless I'm just missing the supply on my server it's not a good market for me to get into.