Sunday, April 17, 2011

What DON'T I sell?

Every AH baron out there has their own master list of their markets. Obviously I do too and I even have one for everything that I buy. But today I'm going to list the opposite with a few explanations of why I don't work those markets entirely or very rarely. The reasons that I don't work a particular market are generally the same few over and over again, but I'll be giving the reason why regardless along with a brief once over on any reason specific to that market.

Tailoring made bags.
These used to be a favored market of time, but have since been phased out of my normal AH rotation. The main reason is that they require a ton of afk crafting time as each bag takes a full minute to craft the bolts and then the bag itself. And since these things sell so damned fast if you don't make like 100 all at once you might not be able to keep up with it and you'll lose the advantage of selling all of them. In other words if you only craft a few dozen at a time you won't be getting much gold on the return. Most of my afk crafting time is spent either smelting, crafting gems to vendor, or making tons of buckles.

Raw materials.
The only raw mats excluded from this are hard ele bars and the occasional GCE. The reason that I don't work this market should be obvious, I use every scrap that I can get. While it is profitable to convert all sorts of things from greater > lesser or normal leather to heavy or even buying greens to DE. The fact remains that adding in the extra step to craft scrolls or gear and what not will add much more value to them at a very small time cost.

Huge amount of inventory to manage. Having to scare off all new 20 hour campers once a week. Takes as much time to work as every other market combined for much less profit. Simply put, I just don't have the time for this monster. It's great if you want to play the AH seriously but not have to deal with massive lists of things to buy and craft.

Dark moon cards.
This market, like glyphs, requires a rather large inventory of herbs and time invested to mill them. Also a good amount of afk time to craft all of the inks is needed as well. Normally that won't be too much of a problem for me and I'm sure I could squeeze this into my AH schedule without much of an issue. The main reason that I choose not to work these is the RNG involved. I tend not to have great luck when it comes to these sorts of things and the last thing I want is a 50k investment rotting away in my bank. I'm sure that the numbers are mostly in favor of profits, but I am a bit too worried that I'll hit a strong streak of bad luck and lose a lot on it.

Vial of the sands.
Well for one thing I don't even have archeology trained on a single toon. But even if I did have the recipe I don't want to drop that much in vendor mats when I see the price of it drastically falling as each week passes by. I always see the same few people posting in trade chat throughout the whole day that they're selling or crafting one and I don't want to compete with the trolls with such a high investment type of item.

Cloth pvp gear.
These have been flooded at dumping prices almost since release and show no signs at all of going back up. Simply
not worth it.

Rare quality leg enchants.
Same thing as the cloth gear, these are always being sold at dumping prices. But even on the odd day where they're profitable, I can always get a better profit margin by making something with heavy leather. Turning it into heavy is even more profitable for me if I just hold onto it until I need more for hides or gear.

Primal might.
I don't sell these partially because of the other uses I have for the mats and partially because of supply issues. The primal airs are always in short supple and fetch a great price when turned into enchant scrolls and even when sold as is.

I'm sure there's a handful of other obscure or niche markets that I'm forgetting to mention in here. Maybe something like cooking recipes or faction specific items, but that covers the majority of it all. Anything not mentioned here that I don't have in my master list you can just chalk up to laziness.

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  1. hmm... Nice post... share your view on most points. Markets and servers are all different and probably change some things up for me... but glyphs and DMC... yeah, HUGE time sinks...

  2. Just coming back after a 1 year hiatus.
    Your blog is a great resource to use while I get back into the game.
    I never liked the glyph game anyways...

  3. @ Achieve
    That's true about the glyphs, but the same can also be said about JC in it's current form sadly.

    @ Anon
    I'm glad I could help! I'd highly suggest you go through my entries on my best selling items and the profession overviews. Those will be some of the best resources you can get when getting back into the AH game.