Thursday, April 7, 2011

Epic Gems - Fallouts, Stokpiles, & Reminders

EDIT: Come 4.1 uncommon gems will no longer vendor for 9g and instead will sell for 75 silver. So get your prospecting and such done asap and dump your stokpile of them if you have them while the getting is good. So ignore any advise to stokpile them or rares for right now. I'll be giving my thoughts on this tomorrow.

Aloha all, it's your not so friendly goblin Stokpile here with a friendly reminder. With all of the big talk going around about epic gems and wanting to pile up now to make a fast 400k tomorrow. Now as with any patch with big potential for easy profits, it's far too easy for us all to forget the hidden gems right beneath our noses. You see what I did there?

OMG I am so funny!


For you long time readers here's a Stokpile 101 pop quiz. What was my most profitable market during wrath after enchanting? Can't remember? Here's a hint. It's the same market now that people say is in the gutter. Ok enough of the guessing game, the answer is rare gems. Yes rare gems, the same ones that everybody is all poo poo about. The reason that this market wa so profitable is the same reason as glyphs, the same as second best enchants. Not everybody has thousands to spend. Not everybody wants to spend hundreds on an alt or an off spec.

People buy the enchant mighty stats because they can't justify the several thousand for the top end version. So these people are looking to save money or just not spend as much even if they're rich. I'm in the same group, I know I'll be replacing my epic boe chest soon (ish) so I'm not spending 10k on an enchant even though I'm about to hit 2 million. It's just plain silly. Granted we always want to get as much profit as we can get from every single sale, but that is no reason to not selling something because you can sell something that's worth more. If there's a market for something, you need to be selling it. Let me divert the discussion with absolute ninja like precision to explain my rationale on this.

Turn the clocks back to late ToC era where people were throwing purples on their 6th alt with leveling suddenly being made amazingly fast and easy, relatively speaking of course. Casters were among some of the most popular alts to have and so there were two prime enchants that were more popular than any other options. 30 spell power and healing 29 spell power. With the price at the time of golden pearls being so high, 30 sp was quite expensive, especially since it was extremely rare to find somebody that even had it. Even though it was only a single point better than healing power which was even a third of the price of 30sp. Personally, I sold both of them.

If somebody wants to save 200g they're going to try. And when they go looking they'll see a healing power scroll and buy it. So the question is, why aren't they buying it from you? Sell it. Sell any option you can because people WILL be looking for it. Yes denial of service can get you some extra coin here and there, but that only works if the buyer can't go somewhere else. But when they have that option you want to make sure you are the one that makes it available.

Ok back on topic.

First of all think about how the prices of cata started out. Everything was insanely expensive and most people couldn't afford much of it. And so they all turned to third best and second best if they're a big spender. When epic gems come out every single JC and their mother will clamor towards it, casuals and goblins alike. So depending on how easy you can acquire them the prices can come down pretty fast. But they'll still be extremely expensive compared to 20g rares and 9g commons. Now since people will be going so hard for the purple shiny gems a lot of people will be forgetting all about the rare gems since they're just oh so terrible and non profit now. Sarcasm.

So what am I stokpiling in anticipation of epic gems? Rares that's what. They already sell very well now and once people are geared up in purples on their mains with epic gems, a lot will be low on funding. But they'll still NEED to have gems for their alts, but at a much lower cost. The same thing happened in wrath with epics. The prices on rares held steady for a month and all of the AH players got out of them and went full force into epic gems.

However in addition to rares I'm trying to keep all of the bases covered. Here's the short version of what I'm doing in preparation for epic gems. Nothing of which I'm suggesting for you to do by the way. Do what you feel is best until we get more info.

- 2k pyrite ore
- 1 bank tab of assorted cata herbs
- tons of assorted rares
- 6 stacks of each colored common

A month later after epic gems came out the demand for rares hadn't changed much at all, but the supply sure had. That's when the price of cut gems went up a good amount because nobody was bothering to sell these old crappy non purple things. The same will happen again, that I'm certain of. So when they go looking for something in the lower price range, sell it to them.

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  1. So, Stok - you see this as an opportunity to better prepare for whatever is going to happen when epics come out? Interesting.

    No chance 75s becomes the new vendor price, though. Maybe 5g, maybe 3g, but not 75s. They only have a short time with this on the PTR, so they're exaggerating the drop to see how it affects the markets more quickly.

  2. Wouldn't the fact that the uncut gem sells for 5g keep the floor price of ore up? just wondering.

  3. It would keep the floor price of Obsidium up - at 30g/stack. I don't see any way that uncut gems are left with a 5g vendor if cuts are dropped to 75s.

    Blizz isn't a bastion of geniuses, but I'm pretty sure the uncuts will go for less than the cuts, unless they're targeting something in particular.

  4. Isnt the difference in Cata that we look back on WotLK and how epic gems later popped outta Titanium, and we predict the same for Pyrite? This is causing HUGE numbers to stockpile the ore now. This means that there will be a larger volume of epics on day one, helping to bring down the prices for a large supply item...after that initial epic gem supply shallows, and a later rise in Pyrite, who knows how it will go. Was there this same stockpile gamble going on with Titanium in 3.1/3.2 era WotLK?

  5. @ Tyberiuss
    The stokpiling craze for titanium was the same, except it only started when epic gems were CONFIRMED to come from titanium. As of now, there is absolutely zero info on epic gems and the logic that pyrite will give epic gems is VERY weak at best and downright retarded at worst. Stokpile it at your own risk.