Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hooray for patch day!

So patch 4.1 has come and is shaking up the markets all over the place. The most noticeable effect was of course the nerf to the shuffle, so no more free money and such for us. In all honesty I'm so glad this came through as there is going to be a massive wave of people leaving the JC market. Today I'm going to cover some of the major effects that this patch has had already including the shuffle. One last note on the shuffle note though, I won't be going too in depth with it because I've already covered the wide range of effects that it will be having in older entries.

How did I do?
I wasn't around most of the day, so I only had a patch "night" explosion. Regardless of that though, I made well over 50k in a single night from all of my markets. Makes me wiggle. That and I managed to sustain 20k dps on chimeron until death strike spam became a priority. Loving these buffs, the frost rotation is so much more fun to play and is a ton more fast paced than before using frost presence.

What's hot?
Second best enchanted scrolls. Things like mighty stats, avalanche, and hurricane are flying off the shelves for me and are selling at almost triple the profit as they were all of last week.

Next is any gem with agility on it. I find that a little strange as strength gems have historically been the best selling ones, even in this expansion. Regardless, delicate rubies have been selling for well over 200g a piece and I sold over a full stack on patch night.

After that are enggy and vendor pets. Yes the new achievement brought a breath of fresh air into these markets and mini fel reavers are back up to 900g and selling a ton. The cheaper enggy pets are a solid 150-300g sale on each with only a 20g investment on the mats.

Tanking enchants. Out of all of the enchants from level 10-85 ones relating to tanks are selling the best, especially ones requiring dream dust. I've sold several sets of those on patch night and they're taught by a trainer so get to it if you aren't already. This even includes heavy borean armor kits from LW.

Got lag?
Try turning off recount. My entire guild was having problems with mega lag all night, but once we turned off recount (even the updated version) it up and vanished. So if you started having lag after the patch and weren't before give this a shot.

What's new?
Top end enchants are now selling on scrolls for a consistent profit. Woohoo! On my server crystals have dropped to 850ish and I've picked up a few at 700. It looks like once more gear starts getting DE'd they may drop down to a mere 500g or lower. What are they at on your server?

The price of ele ore and bars have predictably gone up since nobody is buying it wholesale anymore. And because of the lack of insatiable demand the prices aren't being undercut nearly as much.

On the subject of ore, hard ele bars are now much more profitable than before. If these were selling at a loss on your server last week, give it 2-3 days and check back in on this market. You just might find yourself a new niche to work.

Lastly are rare LW leg armors. These things used to be totally garbage, but are now selling for triple the material costs as opposed to half. Finally LW is getting some love.

The shuffle.
Instead of saying why it's dead and the effects it will have, I'm instead going to give a few thoughts on the current state of JC. Now that there won't be any more free rare gems to be sold prices are obviously rising to match the new demand with the influx of gear, this means that we're all going to burn through our stokpiles rather quick. So now we need to find new supplies for our gems and how to go about matching them with prices. Unfortunately there are only two places we can go for gems: prospecting now expensive ore and buying raw ones from the AH. Shocking, I know.

Luckily if you've been in the JC biz for a while this won't be anything new to you. Once the prices get back onto an even keel simply buy a few gold below market price for the raws and sell the cut versions appropriately higher. However, I'd still keep your thresholds the same as they were before the patch because those rares are still paid for and can be sold as low as 5g for a profit. Once prices get low enough compared to the "new" market price of raw rares buy them up to relist later one. This will help you keep a sizable stokpile while everyone else burns through theirs in the coming weeks.

What have I been up to?
First of all, I spent about 60k on patch day. That's right, I spent every last bit of the mega profits that I had made that day. As always, any type of expenditure like this is an investment, even if it's gear. Spending on gear allows me to avoid having to do normals and skip ahead on heroics and the like, buying trade goods and such is no different.

This time however I've been buying cut gems and enchanted scrolls. Basically I've been resetting the prices on just about everything that's in high demand right now. I've also spent a good amount on crystals, but that's mostly so that I could have their groups already set up in ZA for when they become a regular sale.

The reason for buying the gems and scrolls up is because their material costs have been significantly increased and all of the ones that I bought were under the new prices. That means that if they want to keep making more they'll need more mats, but they won't be able to continue selling at that price.

That's where my stokpile comes in.

Like I wrote about the shuffle, I'm doing the same thing with gems and enchants: take the prices back up and buy out all of the cheap stuff. With my bank tab and a half full of raw materials I can out last and out price almost anybody while still turning a profit. With the massive demand from new gear, which is going to keep increasing for several weeks minimum, I should be able to make a killing by flipping all of these things. I spend a ton of gold now so I can make even more gold later, high risk high profits. Now this is exciting!

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  1. Stok - thanks a bunch for the lag tip. I'd turned almost everything off and been slowly adding addons back. I'll experiement with Recount tonight.

    Grats on the patch sales. : )

  2. The agility gems sell well because the LW crafted epics got a red gem slot this patch. I cant cut them fast enuff :)

    this is Stepnik
    too lazy to look up my google password as always. lol

  3. the crystals are selling for around 400g on my server already. There have been groups farming za and zg who dont need the gear. Big influx has dropped the price drastically 1800 --> 400. Happy times for chanters :)

  4. @ Anon
    Same on my server, they started at 1600ish and are down to the 550 range.

    @ Stepnik
    Ah well that makes sense, good to know.

    -shuffles off to gem his rogue-

  5. @ Mogul
    Here's an idea of how bad lag is for me right now with recount up. During raids on patch night the first 40 seconds of any given pull I had about 2-3 FPS when my normal is in the mid 20s range with a low ping. It was so bad that several boss pulls I died almost immediately because I couldn't see the bad stuff.

    I shut off recount and then I didn't die again the whole night.

  6. For me, Maelstrom chants are moving, the biggest one is peerless stats and then powertorrent...

    Hurricane, avalance and heartsong are moving well too... crit mastery and hast... lots of good movers...

    the thing I dont get... why did CEs jump from 20-25G to 40-45G yesterday? and heavenlys went from 15-20ish to 40ish for a bit, that i can see as no more would come out of the new instances.. but as Dust stays the same... CEs have gone way up at least for the moment...

    I run curse client and dont turn it off for a couple days after patches... there are often updates every day or couple hours for these couple days... it will auto refresh and update periodically, and on my second monitor... there it saying to update something.... :-)

  7. @ Achieve
    As with every price change, see the shuffle nerf. There aren't 500 carnelians being turned into fist weapons to DE into CE's. They went up about 15-20g on my server as well.

    As for the addons, I was just spam refreshing on my other monitor every few minutes, but even with updated recount it still lagged me out.

  8. Flipping...

    I'm the Flipping Queen and don't you forget it! =P
    A page taken "out of FLR's book". (flipping that is)
    So sayeth Stokpile.

    <3 Fickle Little Riddle

  9. I did much the same, happened to be around when the server came back up Tuesday so I bought out basically every rare gem on the AH, relisted at much higher and kept buying out the people who significantly undercut me. I already had around 300 of each colour, added a ton of cheap gems to that and now by day 3 i'm already 40k into profit and sitting on hundreds more gems to sell! Yay for patches!

    Malestroms are carying wildly on Medivh though, Horde is pretty small so one hour they're 400g, 2 hours later they're all back to 900g, decent profit if you can catch them at the right time to flip or make the enchant scrolls.

    -Sahiel (MTadin!)