Monday, April 11, 2011

Report: 4-12

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 1,491,000
Total sales: 328,000
Weekly profit: 152,000
Current gold total: 1,643,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Yellow, blue, purple, meta, common gems:

Tailoring, misc glyphs & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Engineering & mining:

Another week goes by and another market gets invaded by Stokpile. Mwahahahaha! And in other news, the great Zurathustra is in a raiding guild once more O.o

Detailed Recap:
I am now joining the ranks of the many AH barons out there that are building an army of xmute alchemists. Me and my gf are leveling a pair of goblins together and I decided to take herb/alch for mine. And when I saw the huge excess of herbs that I wasn't going to use (and too lazy to AH) I decided that I could use a third xmute toon.

I remembered that I still had skinning on my mage from way back when and have since started to power level alchemy on them as well for another CD to use. I had a decent amount of low level herbs to send over, but the rest were farmed on the AH so that's a few thousand gone from this week's profits. But once it gets to cata levels I can start making a lot more cash back from it even if I only use the living elements xmute.

I'm also getting into working the pvp leather gear. I know I said it was a fail on my server, but prices of leather have finally gone down significantly and the dumpers are mostly gone. It doesn't sell nearly as fast as the plate gear does, but it still sells none the less. And keeping track of it isn't difficult at all so it's worth it to have a set hanging around.

I've also started raiding again. I know, finally right? I walked into the guild not knowing anymore than what tank spot videos told me and held a top 10 dps slot every pull. And I even got a helm upgrade, shame it's a friggin tank piece. Anyways, I mention this bit from my personal fun time area because that means I'm going to have to change around my posting habits a little. Raid invites go out at 830p server time and end at around 12ish. That means I'll miss prime posting time.

So to counter that I'm listing my auctions at around 8p and once more at midnight just before I log off. But since I keep extras on me at all times this can be as simple as logging onto a banker and hitting post. I don't necessarily have to do a full cancel, craft, post cycle every time. Sometimes just listing up a few of your wares will suffice. Though weather or not I do a full AH cycle depends on when I notice what time it is because I'm bad like that.

It's been another long and crazy week for work. Combine that with an actual raid schedule I'm not able to hit the prime posting times again and probably won't for a good amount of time. Blarglelele!

With the announcement of the nerf to the shuffle, I've taken to stokpiling a shit ton more than I usually do. I'm buying up as much ore as humanly possible so that I'll have a very large stokpile of "free" rare gems to outlast just about all of my competitors when prices on them shift down. I've dropped well over 20k in the last two days into ele and pyrite ore to prospect along with buying out a ton of VE that's under 10g each.

Over the weekend either somebody got desperate or just made an "oops" with the AH pricing. I saw somebody selling the 50 agility recipe for a mere 300g. Naturally I decided to buy it and flipped it for 3k a matter of hours later. Made me smile.

I'm buying the VE because most of it comes from prospecting pyrite ore and not many people will be doing that come 4.1 so it should go up in price. Even if that's only for a day or two like it was with VL for the alchemy trinkets it'll be worth it. Along with VE and rares I'm also trying to pile up a decent amount of enchanting mats for the new heroics and the explosion of demand for enchants.

Even though the price of enchanting mats will go down there will be an initial demand spike and I think it might outlast the price fall. Or more accurately that I'll go through my stokpile before price changes become an issue. It's a big risk, but I love the enchanting market so I'm taking it. And naturally this is putting a rather large dent into my profits for this week. But with a small dose of luck it will all be made up once the patch comes. As is always the case, big risk means big rewards. And with my massive stokpiling I'm taking a huge risk that has the potential to allow me to completely own several markets for a long time if things pan out the way I'm hoping they will.

Aside from all of that though, spell threads finally picked up a bit this weekend to the point that it was profitable to sell them. I think I'm just going to stokpile the dream cloth and eventually get into selling the 26 slot bags. After I make a few for myself of course.

LW is still doing great with the profession bags and I've been getting fairly decent profits from the agility pvp gear. Pretty odd that this market has been in the dumps for ages and suddenly is picking up. Not entirely sure why that is. Is a new arena season starting soon or something? I don't know.

Thank god for cross faction trading. I managed to get a few stacks of LBS alliance side for a little bit over my normal buying price. After begging my gf to head to a neutral AH I was able to finally craft enough twink scrolls to be happy with them. I'm down to only a few shards, but plenty of GEE, dust, and crafted scrolls. I still can't find any essence of air to save my life though. But I can't really complain too much, I seem to have at least one up at all times.

And as a closing note, I've managed to acquire such a large stokpile of mats that there's barely anything that I need to buy. Out of all the materials in all of the markets here are the only things that I'm short on.

Essence of air
Large brilliant shard
Primal air
Savage/borean leather
Righteous orb
Infinite dust
Crocolisk tail
Arctic fur

You may also notice that they're mostly things that I always buy no matter how much I have stokpiled already. As for absolutely everything else I have more than enough to cover a full month of buying absolutely nothing with high rates of sales each and every day. Stokpile actually has a big enough stokpile. That's never happened to me before...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Essence of air and LBS.. no problem..

    however I like to play w/ silly markets for amusment and profit factors...
    Can never seem to get enough spider's silk at my prices... and wildvine though I have a bit now... is often hard to get enough and keep in stock.. at least at my threshold...

    The worst lately has been primal might markets... primal water and primal air for me have been rough... They both got reset to much higher prices, but primal mights keep selling at the old prices... and when Say reset its been almost 2 weeks of waiting out the primal water to fall back under the 60gold buyout I had.. from where it got reset to 300gold...

    All I can say is... "the nerve of that goblin... wish I had enough of a stockpile to play at that game, sounds like something I would do if I was not using every one of my primal waters to make primal might"

    Goblins are not scared of large numbers because at the end of the profits tally its all percentages and you want that number as big as you can get..

  2. @ Achieve
    I'd love to be in the primal might market, but the price of air is far too high along with water just like with you. However the primal airs I can use now for a good profit margin where as the mights I can use later for a questionable margin. This I'm sure is just server differences, but for me it's a better investment of time/effort to make the enchant scrolls.

    Plus I have that market on lock down.