Monday, April 25, 2011

Random screen shots #83

Aloha all it's been a while since I posted a ton of random screens and they've been building up. As usual, no real gold tips just a ton of random giggles for you all today. Also it appears that the patch is going to hit tomorrow, so get your tank gear ready for randoms and sell your crafted epics asap.


Contrary to popular belief, I have actually convinced all of the auctioneers to give it to me as protection money.

No camper is safe when banker girl is on the watch! Om nom nom!

Never before has avian genocide looked so bright and colorful.

A few random enchant scrolls that you wouldn't think sell but still do.

People just love the Stokpile.

Mind you the vendor sold mats are 12.5k and as low as 11.25k if you're a goblin...

Time to buy!

The potential hazards of stokpiling when blizz nerfs a vendor price =(

If you want a GEE or any other essence you have to go through this guy who likes to keep the prices high. Or just ya know, go through the alliance AH like I do. And who says you can't make money on my server? This person seems to be doing just fine since they've been at this since wrath (I think).

Organization. Sometimes I lack it.

Enggy still makes the bank.

Erm, wtf?

Gems, I has dem!

Came across this gem of NPC banter while leveling my goblin. Maybe I am and maybe you should!

It's always nice when the healer appreciates good dps.

Stokpiling done right...or terribly wrong.

Sometimes LW does fetch a good price afterall.

Quite possibly one of the funniest things I have seen in wow.

I love it when I get to take a screen like this.

What happens when I'm done buying.

While grinding rep in the netherstorm, I came across a completely random boat that is literally out in the middle of nowhere.

Yep, they still love me!

Not bad for two pieces of tank gear, unbuffed, and not using any CD's. Oh and the tank gear. Did I mention yet that I'm wearing tank gear to DPS with?

As sad as it is, I gotta admit. I lol'd.

Something random I found in Shat that I've never seen before. Any idea what this is?

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  1. The last one appears in Shattrath when Kael is killed in The Eye. You would also have had a buff from Al'ar while that was up.

  2. edit: not Al'ar, Ad'al (the main Naruu). The flames are meant to be like the Phoenix Al'ar

  3. Sorry for the post spam!
    But if you're having trouble organising, try ArkInventory. You can set up filters and sorting etc to shift your inventory into separate spaces which is will only show what you want in each area. Well worth looking into if you are willing to give it a small amount of time to set up.

  4. Is that from Japan?

    Best. Troll. Ever.

  5. ArkInventory Seconded! Took me awhile to get everything configured, but it has been well worth it. The faq page for it does a decent job of explaining everything you need to know, as well.

  6. tsunami... priceless

    boats... what about the one in the tunnel wall going down to CoT?....

  7. Just a heads up - Goblins with the level 24 guild buff can buy the mechanohog parts for a good bit under 9k, not 11.25. Add in the titansteel and it's still possible to make a profit from selling them at 10k.

    And yes, this is a great flipping opportunity for moving horde->alliance.

  8. Question.. are you using OneBag? That's my bag addon of choice. I've used lots of others, and while they are very configureable, I've found OneBag (and it's sister OneBank) work best for me. As to finding and organizing.. BankStack keeps everything nice and neat. BankStack also make refilling stacks of stuff from your banks a single click. OH! and no setup needed, which is nice.

  9. @ Deathspiral
    Ah yeah I forgot about the vendor discount, good call though.

    @ last Anon
    The bag addon I use is bagnon just to have everything in one frame. I'll have to check out bank stack though.

  10. The patch hasn't fully convinced me to resub, but to be perfectly honest I still keep all of the blogs that I used to read in my reader as a reference so I can cram if I have to when, or if, I choose to resub.
    As for organizing bags, I don't use any addons that modify the appearance of my inventory - I use BankStack which quickly and logically sorts my bags, bank and guild bank. Guild bank sorting can take a while, especially if you shuffle lots of stuff in and out, but it's something I'll do after I do a big move in or out - one of the first AFK things I'll be doing once I do resub. My personal guild bank is shared with a trusted friend, but with me leaving the game for an unknown amount of time, I took everything out for safe keeping.
    As a personal note, I'll remain subbed to each Warcraft related blog I'm currently subbed to until the day I remove the game completely off of each PC I own.