Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updated best sellers

Since hitting a million gold I've drastically changed how I work and what I work with. As you've seen in my business reports over the last month or so, I've started working with a lot of random things. Some have been great and others not so much. That in mind I decided that with that and all of the recent market shake ups that I should give this subject a much needed update.

I'll be covering each of the primary markets with what is selling the most often and any other items worth noting due to high profit or niche markets. As per usual with this type of entry, there will be very little explanation in each section. For all items mentioned here you can (generally) assume that if you craft and list 5 on the AH, at least 2 will sell before they expire.

~ Weapon - Crusader. The recipe is no longer dropped by the old mobs and it very well may be out of game.
~ Chest - mighty stats
~ Chest - powerful stats
~ Gloves - mastery
~ Gloves - haste
~ Gloves - major agility
~ Cloak - protection
~ Cloak - stealth
~ Weapon - berserking
~ Weapon - massacre
~ Staff - greater spell power
~ Bracers - major stamina
~ Bracers - critical strike
~ Boots - earthen vitality

~ Brilliant
~ Bold
~ Reckless
~ Artful
~ Adept
~ Potent
~ Veiled
~ Purified
~ Burning
~ Agile
~ Puissant
~ Fractured
~ Rigid
~ Solid
~ Sparkling

~ Bloodied pyrium gear. Make sure to watch the market for at least a week before crafting anything!
~ Ornate pyrium gear. Same as above.
~ Ebonsteel belt buckle

Leather working.
~ Mammoth mining bag
~ Earthen leg armor
~ Dragonscale leg armor
~ Icescale leg armor

~ Mechano hog. Niche market with no competition and huge, albeit slow, profit margins.
~ Personal world destroyer

~ Netherweave bag
~ Powerful enchanted/ghostly spell thread

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  1. Crusader is confirmed as out of the game. I can't figure out how to post my screen print of the GM conversation that confirmed this for me, but nonetheless, it is gone.

  2. bahh. crusader gone.. that stinks... will have to watch for that one at any price on AH i guess