Monday, March 14, 2011

Report: 3-15

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 1,090,000
Total sales: 242,000
Weekly profit: 126,000
Current gold total: 1,216,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Yellow, blue, meta, common gems:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Engineering & mining:

Another week and another round of 2 week sales experiments to cover. Read on! And at this rate I'll break 2 million gold in no time flat.

Detailed Recap:
Ok just as last week I'll lead off with all of the new random enchants and crafted items I've been trying out and how
well they've done.

Enchant weapon - blood draining: Over two weeks I've sold only the one so I won't be having anymore of these made. As expected though it's counter part blade ward has been doing great. Removed.

Rare quality NR leg armors - I've only sold one of the dps versions and none of the tanking versions. I suppose there just isn't a market for these on my server. Removed.

Enchant weapon - Major Intellect: Yet another world drop from TBC that can be easily farmed off of these mobs. This one has been doing relatively well considering the small target market. So far I've sold two of them, one per week and that's good enough for me for an old enchant. Especially since it's only sold to people leveling I would assume. Standard inventory.

Enchant weapon - Soulfrost: By god one of these actually sold! I was honestly expecting this to be a loss but lo and behold one sold just a few days after I listed it for double the material costs. I'd keep this as standard inventory just for the heck of it if primal water was a bit easier to come by. Regardless I'll add it to the list but only craft it when I can.

Enchant gloves - superior agility: This is another twink enchant that drops from AQ but can also be gotten from the keepers of time at exalted. It takes 2 primal airs to make which is the down side, but the tup side is I've sold both of the scrolls I've made so far the night they were crafted. Standard inventory.

Pack of endless pockets: Yes this is the profession bag that I always recommend against crafting due to people leveling up LW and dumping them. But I decided to make a few with all of these people crafting DM cards. And to my surprise they sell and very well, in fact they usually fetch 180g on the AH. Regardless of the reason they make me some easy money and that makes me smile. Standard inventory.

Enchant gloves - Major spellpower: Yes this is yet another enchant from TBC that I'm trying out. And yes it is yet another that is selling well, don't ask me why I don't have the faintest idea. In any case, the semi hard part is finding the primal mana needed for it, but they're is such low demand and gotten so easily while questing in the netherstorm that the prices are usually cheap. Standard inventory.

On the JC front I've once again increased how many red gems I list. I'm now listing 8 int gems up from 6, these are almost impossible to keep around. On the flip side I've barely had any sales for green gems outside of puissant cuts. Along with the red int gems, any if the purple and orange caster cuts are also selling at a huge pace. One day this week I sold an entire stack of int gems in a single day. There is no reason to undercut by more than a gold or two for this market because they sell that incredibly fast. And on that note, here's something strange that my girl noticed the other day.

Somebody bought 3 of her raw meta gems from the AH for 230g each. Moments later that same person listed 3 agile cuts for 110g each. Ok so maybe they used those metas for something else? Wrong. They had no other meta cuts up before and the agile ones were the only thing they had up. Either I totally missed something or they totally failed at looking into a market before trying it out.

I've also been taking the time to gain rep with the horde expedition to get the recipe for the mechano hog. Overall the rep grind wasn't bad at all since I was able to do the NR heroics fairly quick since I have a heal button on my engineer. That and having a nifty arcane mage help me blow things up before I died was a nice boost. I was already halfway through revered from questing thanks to all of the other factions counting as rep for them. I've seen numerous people asking in trade for somebody to craft it and vial of the sands has been selling very well I've heard so I figured I'll give it a shot. If nothing else I'll have a passenger mount for my DK which will come in handy for AQ runs.

Since Org is sorta kinda right next to the neutral auction house (portal to Hyjal and then fly over) in Winterspring, or Ratchet if you don't avoid the barrens like the plague, I'm starting to try and sell the enchanted lantern mini pet on there. It's horde only so I should see a sale at some point.

I'm also doing damned good on collecting enchanting recipes. I only have these left:

Two of them are from ulduar and 4 are from AQ 40. The world drops are of course the problem, but I just wish I knew where the lowbie gathering enchants came from now. The raid drops will come eventually even if it's a year from now, but I really want to get the battle master recipe as I wouldn't be surprised if it sells.

I decided to pick up a chopper and vial of the sands for my DK chica for the practical uses. It makes it easy when me and my girl go to very obscure places and I'm reading on wowhead where we need to go. That was a nice 80k-ish sink into my profits which did hurt admittedly.

As a random note I've sold out of strength food and copper rods. And speaking of vendor sold stuff, on a tip from a commenter I decided to sell a few dust of disappearance. I got a few sales that same night which was pretty funny. Though I don't think I'll keep selling them because the deposit is rather high compared to the small profits you make. Totally good for some laughs though!

Towards the weekend I hopped into a raid for Uld 25 and bought the blood drain recipe for 10k. It dropped twice but didn't manage to get the blade warding one which is ironic because it's the one I mainly wanted. On alliance side I see the lesser block recipe up but for 35k, screw that.

Tailoring has been getting lower and lower along with vendor pets so I may just abandon those markets all together aside from dream cloth. All just so I don't have to bounce around toons so damned much every night, if load times weren't so bad this wouldn't be an issue.

As a closing note I've once again increased how many gems I list at a time, I mean damn I can't keep these things up! I sold 12 brilliant rubies in the time it took me to do a speed run of heroic SFK for god's sake and the same thing goes for any of the caster mixed color gems. I am now listing 3 of every gem (meta included) and 10 of every red color, up from 2 and 8 respectively and I also increased how many I keep on hand appropriately.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. On the Dust of Disappearance bit: I bought a hand full from the AH for 8g each. With Ink prices much higher and the vendor sold dust being at 10g with exalted rep, do I miss something?