Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Report: 3-8

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 985,000
Total sales: 289,000
Weekly profit: 105,000
Current gold total: 1,090,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Yellow, blue, meta, common gems:

Engineering & mining:

Another week goes by and another fist full of changes have been made to how I do my reports. And with me experimenting in so many markets last week I'll be giving you my report on what's still hot and what's not.

Detailed Recap:
Alright first thing is first. I've changed around how I do my reports a little once again in my ongoing effort to perfect them. I'm still having issues with auditor only tracking my spending for a week long time frame so I'm just giving up on that. So no more reports on my spending each week, you can just assume that each week the total I spend on assorted things is "a lot." I've also split up my gem bankers across two different toons in the interest of keeping bag space open.

I'm now using my scribe to help with moving all of the shiny rocks in addition to Stokpile. So for this week the total amount sold between the two isn't entirely accurate on a per market basis but the bottom line is correct. I changed this around a few days into the week so Stokpile still has a bunch of sales from them in his mySales section.

Now that that is out of the way, here's the run down on everything that I started looking into lately and how well they've all done.

Enchant weapon - blade ward: The ulduar 25 enchant recipe is still selling well. It was a bad choice when it was current content and is still a bad choice now even if you can't afford the 20k enchant. But it's still selling because it used to be purple and expensive. They're still selling for the same price of 550g now like they were last expansion.

Enchant weapon - blood draining: The same deal with blade ward, but I've only sold one of these this week. I'll keep a close watch on it this week, but if I don't get another sale I'll be removing it from my inventory.

Boe pvp plate gear: Still going amazing, standard inventory. I'm keeping 4 full sets of it crafted in my bank with a few extra of the leg pieces. For some reason the legs are selling twice as fast as the rest of the gear so I suppose there just isn't that many other options to get something decent for this slot. One short note on the other sets of boe gear. I looked at the prices of them over a few days and the standard material costs and none of them seem to be worth crafting at all. I'll keep looking but it doesn't seem to be promising.

Enchant weapon - major spell power: This is another bop recipe from TBC that's easy to farm up from these mobs. I got it and made a pair to throw on the AH. A few days later they have both sold along with another towards the end of the week. Standard inventory.

Beer-basted crocolisk strength food: I crafted 4 stacks of these and sold them all in a few days for a nice profit. Standard inventory, works great with a chef's hat.

Enchant chest - stats: This is a simple trainer taught enchant that gives you +3 stats to chest instead of the world drop 4 stats. I had to farm ZF for a couple runs to grab some shards, but it definitely paid off and I sold 3 of them for over 150g each. It's a very nice alternative if you can't find the world drop or have no luck finding cheap LBS's to use. Standard inventory.

Enchant boots - Assassin's step and Lava walker: Just like the bracer enchants, these were a fail. I'll most likely sue them on my own shoes once I get a nice pair. I did manage to sell one of the though. I'll revisit the high end market once prices crash with 4.1

Ok that takes care of that.

Since hitting a million gold I decided to splurge on maelstorm crystals and picked up the few recipes from the vendor just so that I don't have that on my mind anymore. That was a hefty chunk of change dropped in a matter of moments.

I picked up a very large stokpile of pyrium again so it seems the bots aren't going away for a while. I am sitting on 2k ore and only using it as it is needed. Still hoping to get epics out of it.

I seem to be damned lucky with chaos orbs. I manage to get at least 3 every week and sell an epic dps chest piece for 10k every time. On that same note the plate boe gear is going amazing still and the legs/chest are still selling much faster than the rest.

Another thing that I'm experimenting with this week are the rare quality NR level leg armors. They cost me at most 48g to make so I'll set my threshold to 60 and a fall back of 120 to see what happens. I'll laugh when they sell for more than the epic NR leg armors and if they sell at all I know it's going to happen.

Speaking of leather working, I've officially raised my price on the profession bags by another 30g. With the massive influx of ore and leather scraps the demand for them is going up accordingly. Since borean leather is usually very high and never sells at the ridiculous prices these things fetch a pretty coin. I remember starting these things in wrath and farming the walrus rep for the LW bag. My starting price was 100g per bag and it has been going up ever since. Love these things.

I'm also going to craft a few of the rare enchant recipes that I've been picking up lately with cool sounding names and weapon effects. The only problem is that they all use primals and the supply for a few of them is non-existant, namely airs. So I took some time to farm up the mats to make the moat extractor toy. While I was at it I crafted a second one to try and sell along with a pair of delicate arcanite converters. The converters need a recipe sold out in winter spring and are used in a few things here and there. So I figured why not I'll give it a shot since I got the mats for almost nothing.

I'm trying out these odd enchants because I do get the occasional sale for Death Frost which does have a pretty sweet looking spell effect. So I'll be crafting sun fire and soul fire and see what happens with them. If nothing else the time spent farming is worth the ability to try out a few new shinys to sell. That and with any spare primals I can always just xmute a few primal mights to sell which are always good money, but only if you can get the mats. I doubt they'll sell at all honestly because they cost a few hundred to make, but hey you never know.

Thanks for stopping by!

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