Monday, March 21, 2011

Report: 3-22

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 1,216,000
Total sales: 295,000
Weekly profit: 39,000
Current gold total: 1,255,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Yellow, blue, meta, common gems:

Tailoring & vendor pets (and assorted glyphs):

Enchanting & smithing:

Engineering & mining:

Has not been a good week for yours truly. I spent the last half of the week wracked with migraines and was basically bed ridden. And when I get them not only is the pain nightmarish, my vision completely goes to shit. So naturally I wasn't able to work the AH too often.

Also the numbers from my sales aren't entirely correct. I accidentally disabled it towards the end of the week and didn't catch it until the following morning. So I'm missing several thousand from each of my primary markets.

Detailed Recap:
I spent a ton this week on non AH related stuph. I geared out my pally for tanking again in purples and good blues so that cost a pretty a nice 34k. I also found THREE of the world drop enchanting recipes that I'm missing which literally cost almost as much as the gear. I got riding skill to gloves, restore mana prime to bracer, and lesser block for shield which now gives 10 parry rating. Naturally I made a few scrolls out of them to see if they'll sell without any advertisement for an acceptable price on each. I'm now down to only 9 more with all of the world drops being from TBC not counting the ones that aren't in game. Here's to hoping AQ 40 is kind to me next reset.

To top off all of that spending, I fleshed out the rest of my main's bank and personal bags with illusion normal bags and other worldly enchanting bags. Still not enough room.

Mechano hog! I sold two! And not only did it sell, it sold for double the materials + vendor goodies. It took a while, but all I had to do was advertise it in trade when I was banking from that toon. I'd handle my normal business, link it in trade and simply say "-item link- for sale." Since nobody else is putting these on the AH I'll be keeping one around. I had one in my bags for a while and didn't advertise even though people wanted one crafted, but then I realized that it isn't the sort of thing that you'll typically find on the AH. Hence the need for a short advert in trade chat.

Pic related, me not giving away free shit.

I had to go and buy another dozen or so stacks of croco meat to make some strength food. Thank god for the chef's hat or I don't think I'd be working this market. And I once again had to buy another handful of copper rods from the vendor to sell 20 yards away for an absurd mark up.

Gems have still been treating me very well. With a moderately steady supply of ore to prospect and cheap raws on the AH this market isn't going anywhere for a long time. Not until epics are released at least. This is not a market that one can own or control to any real extent if you ask me. There is such a huge supply of ore and gems and it has the demand to match it. It is quite the healthy market and that means that it's rather easy for anybody to work, especially since the entry cost is just a few days of time to get some gem designs.

And after spamming trade off and on for a week or two I finally found somebody to do blade ward! I got 7 scrolls made and if I had the mats I'd have them make another 20. About time!

On the topic of enchanting, the price of maelstorm crystals are already going down in anticipation of the coming patch. How are they looking on your server?

However LW and tailoring has been in the toilet or weeks with anything from cata. All of the rare leg enchants and even the epic ones are always under material prices. I have no clue how this can be maintained considering the prices on leather have not budged a single gold since I started to stokpile all of it. The only possible explanation is people farming leather for free. While sure it's good money after TB there is no way the money is THAT good. However that doesn't explain why the tailoring goods are so low.

I tried another few new things this week. I went into cobalt gear and embersilk bags. Sadly the cobalt gear was a fail and the embersilk bags, just like frostweave in wrath, are barely BARELY over material costs. So one was a loss and the other is just plain pointless.

Also one of the key steps in my AH method is doing two cancel/post cycles in a single session. This came up several times throughout the week with the mechano hogs. Somebody else started to list one and after I'd advert it in trade and sign off, they'll hop on and undercut me. 20-30 minutes later I get back on the enggy banker and undercut them again but without saying anything in trade this time. It's such a simple thing to do but it works wonders to make people think you're off for the day.

An enchanted scroll that I've noticed is selling amazingly well as of late is weapon: exceptional agility. It's the WotLK version of a 1h agility enchant that takes 4 shards and 4 eternal air. The reason is that the best enchants are still out of the price range for most, but there are still better alternatives. Both hurricane and avalanche are rated (much) higher so I can only assume that without them being stupid and/or lazy this must be selling to people that want to level in style.

Leveling in style is what I refer to as putting high quality enchants on all of your gear as you go from 1-85 along with picking up the best boe blues that you can find along the way. This is definitely something I'm going to try with my girl later on because it does seem like a lot of fun. Lets be honest, full heirloom gear with full blues and enchants? Come on man, shit will just fall over when you so much as look at it! So it'll be fun to faceroll leveling once again and not have to worry about money and just splurge. I haven't done that for a leveling toon since my DK which is a little depressing now that I think about it.

I also sold something the other day that I made on a whim. It was a scroll of enchant weapon winter's might. It adds 7 frost spellpower which sold for 80g. That was an odd choice since there's other scrolls up that are better and cheaper. Regardless of that I made a few more and hope to see a couple more sales.

I also picked up a ton of cheap etheral ink so I made a round of those glyphs to be sold on my tailor. I figured why not because those glyphs tend to sell rather quickly. And handling 100 auctions in glyphs isn't that annoying at all so there's no real reason not to. And on the note of that banker, I noticed why my income was so low on them. My dumbass has been completely forgetting to refresh my stock of vendor pets! Fail! I was completely out of everything except albino snakes so of course the income was low.

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  1. The reason I never leveled in style was that in the time it takes to go back to a main city, find all the updgrades and then enchant all the upgrades is I could have gained another level in that time frame. Its not a gold issue its a time issue.

  2. You have it nailed Stok

    I love leveing in style. I start out w/ the /roll toon, log off and then mail them all 22 slot bags and a big gathering bag if they are going that route. more bags for the bank, heirlooms and stacks of enchants, stam for boots and bracers, agi/str gloves. add 150 HP to any baby toon and you are locked... long leveling sessions of tons of quests before your bags are full. thats about day one. I still camp around and do the AH business etc... as i am on other toons crafting, i look for stuff to make for the new guy that is not a chest/shoulder weapon. Often just buying the stuff from prof levelers on the AH, the gear is cheaper than mats and I DE'd most of what I made. lvl 12-15, BGs for honor, this will get you pleanty to gear up @ WSG @ 18. Instance 15-18, gear and chant stamina, go BG again with 2x the HP of most players in the bracket... Oh, and run a main into Old hillsbrad.. go to old southshore inn and buy about 20+ stacks of rumsy black label rum.. its 15stam... 20silver each.. cheap and instant. (you dont have to sit down and "eat" it)

    Now at level 10 you take a break and level profs if they will give you a reasonable buff in BGs, i found out my level 10 rogue could level 225 mining for 7 stamina from toughness without ever leaving Org. and then 8 more stam for going engineer since I did not have the heriloom heads. (goggles) so 7 stam for toughness, 8 stam on engi goggles, 7 stam to boots (or minor speed or hit) 7 stam if your cheap or 9 stam to boots, 15 stam for the Rum... yeah, you got a ton more stam and with heirlooms and such you can rock the BGs... if your tank is terrible in instances.. just pull of healer first, most will heal you if your pulling off them and keeping things moving in the dungeon, when you can solo instance mobs you can be a little cocky. I try to not to be arogant though, just move the run along, if the tank wants to be "THAT GUY" (lookup wowcrendor on you tube)... Its fun for me... my hunter was often top damage in BGs, sometimes by 50-100% more... it is fun... and if you go in there... you can inspect other guys... and see new markets for crafted goods. Spidersilk drape and boots for casters for example. there are tons more. and the low level enchants... there is a market for them, just depends on your competition and server size.

    Simply put, I twink all the way up. Out DPSing DPS as the healer... RAWRRRR!!! Topping damage done in a BG... Heh, thats fun... A little planing, and i dont care about the time it takes to be twink, I enjoy the results... tanking an instance and watching you healer repeatedly dps as you chain pull like budweiser clydsdales, because you are the only one they every have to heal, your in control, need little healing, and its moving fast and under control. W/e you do, you know w/out a word that you left an impression on the players your running with. "THIS TANK IS AWESOME" as an 'extra pack of 10 mobs shows up that some how got pulled and you just round em up, the healer stops dpsing and everyone gets to go NUTS with mad AOE and then loot... those things wipe many groups, loose hunter or warlock pets that dont know how to "jump" or gnomer is famous for it on the "ramps" your on one level and something on the other level agros, and pulls 9 more as it heads to the group... RAWR...

    It is fun, it does take time, but time i will trade for fun... and for gold.... .... lots and lots of gold, otherwise it just for fun.
    Almost to 550K...