Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Report: 3-29

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 1,255,000
Total sales: 265,000
Weekly profit: 126,000
Current gold total: 1,381,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Yellow, blue, purple, meta, common gems:

Tailoring, misc glyphs, & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Engineering & mining:

Another 100k profit in a week, not bad. At this rate I'll be up to two million in just under two months.

Detailed Recap:
Ah, doing much better this week, I only missed one full day of posting! I also managed to sell another motorcycle for my full price of 17k which had a rather nasty AH cut. Hard ele bars have been also selling so well that I've gone through my entire stokpile of normal ele bars so instead of prospecting this week I had to go and smelt well over half of the ore I picked up over the weekend.

I also noticed that I wasn't crafting any of the major agility enchant scrolls for any gear. So I went and crafted a set of each and wow! They've been selling constantly for some really good profits. The main ones are for gloves and cape which is good because they mostly need cosmics which I have coming out of my ears. Naturally I have added them to my list of standard inventory.

On the topic of enchanting, wrath weapon enchants have been selling so much that I've ran out of abyss crystals mid week and had to increase my buying price again. Hopefully when maelstroms go down in price this market won't entirely vanish, I'm making such great profits here. I also came into a nice supply of cheap primal airs which is great because all of those mid range enchants have all been sold. I am sure though that a few of the wrath enchants will still sell regularly because there isn't a cata equivalent of them. Namely stamina to bracers and any of the staff enchants even though cata ones can be cheaper and are always better.

Due to a consistent drought of supply for cata dust most of my stokpile has been used up. Because of that I've taken to adding the DE bit into my ore shuffle out of necessity. You know it's necessary when you go through 800 dust in a week's time frame. Something must have changed, because the rare quality procs of the jewelry have been selling VERY well. I mean surprisingly well, I've gone through all of the necklaces jasper rings, and everything. Definitely makes the shuffle much more profitable than before.

I sold another pair of random enchants from TBC this week. This time it was greater agility and executioner to weapon. And once again I don't have much idea of who is buying these things, but I'm not complaining. Each of them sold for a smooth 100g or so over material prices. On that same note I've sold a few more scrolls of enchant winter's might.

I've still been doing great with boe pvp gear from BS along with any crafted epics that I happen to get orbs for. But oddly enough I'm having a hell of a time selling the blue pvp belts. Also the tank belt seems to sell much faster than the dps chest piece. Next time I get some orbs I'll craft the tanking chest and see how that goes. Though I'm not too pressed because once easy epics are available the price of truegold will likely follow the crystals down in price. Not nearly as much of a drop because crafted epics always have their place, but enough that it makes me worry.

Over the weekend I sold yet ANOTHER mechano hog for 17k! This is definitely getting to be fun.

Since I started crafting the JC gear and selling the rares that proc I've had to shuffle who does what gems again. I've moved the purples over to the potato and make a few more gem bags. WTB 32 slot gem bags dammit! Dear god when epic gems come out I'm going to need a whole banker dedicated to handling them.

Random thought. On Saturday I sold several SETS of twink enchants. By sets I mean one enchanted scroll for every slot that can take an enchant. This also includes several extra fiery and crusader enchants. I sold several of stealth, 4 stats, crusader, spellpower everything. Strange coincidence for that many to sell on the same day to different people.

Also gems are really starting to drop in price. Reds and all sub 100 and the rest are in the 20-50 range but metas are still holding strong at 200 and up. However there are a few assorted caster cuts that fetch a good price most of the time. Looking forward to the influx of gear with the heroics to give the market a little boost.

And as my final note for this week, I'm branching out with my smithing markets to include the pvp plate caster gear. I have a ton of volt water and nothing to use them on so I might as well give this a shot. They're typically all over 100g which is a 50g profit before the AH cut so even a few sales will make it worth my while. With leg armors that use them being nigh worthless 5/7 days the water piles up fast with nothing to craft with it.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You must be on a amazing server:p

  2. Sure, because it couldn't be his depth of knowledge or breadth of experience. Yeah, that much money, MUST be the server...of course.

    Instead of snarky comments try reading the blog (from the start, I'd suggest) and put some of his knowledge to your own use. Not EVERY tip, trick, or guidance will work on your server but you WILL learn something if you care to.

  3. As Thomas said to Anon, it's slow and steady, trial and error, and building a routine and efficiency...

    All of that has an opportunity cost... And opportunity is not bought with a mountain of gold, its time and effort, trial and error, consistency and practice... it is not an amazing server or or market or luck


  4. As I like to say, chance favors the prepared mind. It's all about market share and diversity. I am not the only one that sells gems or scrolls, but I am one of the few that does more than buy-craft-post.

  5. I have been making a lot of gold, But there is no chance you can even make near that much on my server. I usually don't blame the server. I know people hate when you do that. The different is that your gem market is 30-50g a gem and metas at 200g. My server is around 20g for a gem and 100g for a meta. The enchanting market is nearly destroyed. The only markets that really works are the tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking. I may pull in a steady 50-60k profit on a good week but usually less. People say go to other markets. I do but the gem market and the enchanting market really has the potential of bringing in the most gold.

    I know you know much more than me about the whole AH game and you have an amazing blog. But it's not that i can see that your server has a whole another economy. And yes i blame the server in this case. With your prices you can spend less time and get more gold. But because there is probably the same demand on your server as mine. I'm not able to get this high amount of gold.

  6. I mean, The demand is probably the same on my server and yours. The only different is that you get higher profits and then you get a better g/hour then me.