Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New or noob? Moron or Uninformed?

If you're a long time reader, you know by now that I'm not as nice a guy as I come off as. If you're a newer reader... I'm not really as nice as I come off as. From me making comments like people who buy heavy leather when they can convert normal for cheaper are mouth breathing, power drooling, inbred halfwits you can get the idea from there. However now that cata has been about for a bit there's a lot of genuinely new players so I feel it's time I gave this subject a visit.

New players simply don't know what's what. They don't know that if they wait till the middle of the week they can sell that stack of wool cloth for triple what they can today. Why don't they know this? Because how would they that's why. They don't know what a proper rotation is and might not even know what a rotation is. For these people there's plenty of resources and now almost all of the in game tool tips are very new player friendly, which I think is a great thing.

Then you have the noobs. These are the people that have been playing since TBC and still don't know that throwing dots on a target that needs to be sheeped is a bad thing. The people that piss and moan about having bad gear being the reason they're doing 4k dps at 85. Simply put, a new player doesn't know any better while a noob has no excuse to NOT know better. Next time you're in a group with somebody that's still new to the game, give them a little slack eh? If they're a tank and aggro is low, give them pointers or references. Don't wig out and rage quit, that's rude and accomplishes nothing. But if they've been a tank since WotLK give them hell!

When it comes to the AH and farming or not to farm here's what I have to say. If you happen to enjoy farming then go for it! If you go and zone out farming before going to bed I have no problem with that. We're cool. If you think that farming ore is the best money maker you have then you are a complete fuckwit! If you have a non gathering profession close to max you have no excuse to be poor what so ever. Unless it's engineering, then I can cut you a break on that one.

If you say that you don't have the time to play the AH but somehow manage to have enough time to farm 9 stacks of ore then you're just an absolute moron. If you say you don't have a decent amount of start up cash then either you can't afford to repair your gear or you're also lazy. You can start making money with only 100g and expand from there. Or if you're truly out of cash then yes you have to farm, but don't go thinking that you need thousands to make thousands or I'll brain you.

The difference is that a new player wants to learn. The game is new and different and has that novelty feel to it. If they need help they go looking for it, but hopefully they learn that trade chat isn't a great source. A noob just doesn't care to learn. Simply put, if you take the time to learn you're not a noob, you're just new. As I've said in the past, merely by reading my blog you're going in the right direction and are not a moron. A noob has no interest in learning or getting better, only looking cooler.

A new player should be allowed to join a raid if they've read about the encounter. Just because you don't have an achievement doesn't mean that you're just another fail baddie. You never know what a person's skill level is until you see it for yourself. Like it's been said a billion times over, gear score item level e-peen does not show skill nor does it even show your potential skill. It just shows how good your gear is. That's all, nothing more.

The moral here is don't look down your nose at people that genuinely don't know better. I wouldn't know much about the AH if somebody hadn't told me. Just as you wouldn't ever think that a vendor sold item would sell on the AH for 10g not even 20 yards away from the buyer. There's many things in the game just as in life that you'll never notice, no matter how obvious, until they're pointed out to you. And that's my goal with this blog, to point out the not so obvious parts of the AH game.

What you can take away from this is that if you're legitimately trying to get better then you're already a step ahead of half your server. This isn't a huge secret, it's just not pointed out to you until you stumble upon my writing. In short, treat people with respect until they prove that they're a noob, not the other way around.

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  1. arkraven - saurfang EU (this time hiding on Moonglade)March 9, 2011 at 11:12 PM

    love it fuckwit, not heard that name being called for a while!

    by trade i am a healer all my toons have a healing spec (if poss) i enjoy healing.

    but i have just rolled a pally and strated to try out prot, actually tanked my 1st inst last night, i said be4 we started i am new to this tanking crap give me a sec to get a bit of aggro,

    no one died ( i think more to the imba healer we had more than my aggro managemet, buthey) but the group took it slowly for the first couple of pulls let me learn which buttons i needed to mash witha pull. and i enjoyed it not as much as healer

  2. though I personally dislike the word "noob"...



  3. Just a note on the vendor items. Ever try selling dust of disappearance lately? They sell out like crazy, and all the time for about 15g and above. I just buy them on my goblin toon for 10g and make a no hassle 50% profit easily. It just amazes me how fast those sell. Same with copper rods and vendor pets/bags.

  4. Actually a new players *is a noob. A long time player who still acts like a noob is a nub. Noobs can still learn, nubs either can't or won't learn.

  5. @ Hiru
    I'll give that a shot. I sell 4 copper rods a week so I'm sure I'll get a few giggles.

    @ Jinx
    I don't like it either, but it's the word of choice. Sort of a PSA to make sure to use it properly.

    @ Ark
    That's the good part of being semi early in an expansion as a lot are still learning the new stuff. But a few months later and people that are tanking their first time might not get as much slack. Hence my thoughts on new vs noob.