Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Key Ingredients

With every expansion and patch release with large AH effects there's going to be a different set of professions that work extremely well together. I don't mean in the old school meaning of leather working and skinning work together to craft "free" gear. I refer to the large amount of synergy that you can get just by having access to certain professions to both cut down on material costs and greatly increase the amount of markets you can work with. To really set up a large empire on the AH you'll need at least one of these listed pairs on your own toons, but the more you have the faster you can hit the gold cap.

Today I'll be covering what I feel are the most potent profession combinations to have as your disposal. Each section I will go over what will work well weather you're a millionaire, just starting out, or somewhere in between. Just remember that the more gold you have the more you can make and, as always, YMMV.

Jewel crafting + Alchemy
Taking care of what is in my opinion the best profession combo first. When certain rare gems are high in price you have the option to xmute anything that you need. Then there's the obvious meta gem xmutes which sell great raw as they do cut. The meta xmutes gives you another option to move all of the common gems you get from prospecting. With JC you can sell the appropriate common gems and xmute meta gems to stokpile for when they're good to sell while making some extra cash from cut rare gems.

Key Abilities:
- Transmute shadowspirit diamond
- Prospecting
- Rare gem transmutes

Jewel crafting + Enchanting
This one is fairly simple, but no less potent. You don't have to cut gems to make a profit from JC as you can use it to fuel your enchanting markets. You use your JC to craft a ton of leveling gear and use your enchanter to DE it into raw materials. The materials can then be sold as is or you can get into the scrolls. Personally I have good luck flipping GCE's late at night because they tend to spike up 20-30g then before they go back down to the normal price range. Using 3x carnelian to make the spikes to DE into GCE's can save you up to 20g per essence that you use on a scroll. Needless to say this is a HUGE advantage over somebody that doesn't have this capability available.

Key Abilities:
- Disenchant
- Carnelian spikes
- Assorted crafted greens

Blacksmithing/Engineering + Mining
This is the only crafting/gathering combo you'll see in this list, and as you'd expect, it's not because you can farm the materials on a single toon. It's because the ability to smelt your own bars is a very potent and very underestimated method of cutting material costs. On my server bars sell for 6-8g each while the ore sells for 2-3g each which means that if you can AFK smelt a bunch of ore you are only paying 4-6g per bar. With pvp gear needing upwards of 15 bars to craft that can save you up to 60 gold per piece.

Also this gives you the ability to play the material conversion game with the bars using any excess that you may come across when you're busy building a stokpile. You are doing that aren't you?

Key Abilities:
- Smelt Elementium
- Ebonsteel belt buckles
- Boe crafted gear

As for the professions by themselves, they all have their pros and cons. Alchemy, enggy, and smithing can make some gold here and there on their own, but nothing astounding. BS does well with the buckles and crafted gear while alchemy has to rely on it's CD which is rapidly going down in value. Meanwhile JC and enchanting are absolute powerhouses on making profits all by themselves, so suffice to say if you want to make it big you'll be needing them both.

The rate of sales for gems are just so insane this expansion. Being able to supply yourself with alchemy while turning your excess commons into mats for scrolls takes the synergy of those three professions on the AH to a much higher level than any other.

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